Have your FOB staff wear swimsuits with new MGSV update

To celebrate the summer Konami is adding a Swimwear Uniform to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, that can be equipped by FOB staff. You will have to develop the items first, after you’ve obtained them as an Event Points reward. From the official website:

Show off those beach bods! Swimwear uniforms now available for FOB staff

Perfect for summer FOB fun! Your FOB staff can now wear new uniforms – swimwear. In addition to your security guards, you yourself can also dress down when infiltrating enemy FOBs. Look forward to a variety of designs as future Event FOB rewards. Find a stylish look that suits you, and show any and all trespassers there’s no lifeguard at this party!

MGSV-FOB-Swimwear-1 MGSV-FOB-Swimwear-2 MGSV-FOB-Swimwear-3 MGSV-FOB-Swimwear-4 MGSV-FOB-Swimwear-5 MGSV-FOB-Swimwear-6

* Swimwear designs are online development items. Develop them by going to [DEVELOPMENT] after obtaining them as an Event Points reward.
* To have FOB security guards wear swimwear, go to [SECURITY SETTINGS] -> [ADVANCED SETTINGS] and set the use of special gear (swimwear).
* Your soldiers can also wear swimwear when invading an enemy FOB, but neither Snake nor your avatar soldier can wear it.
* To view staff in swimwear, after equipping it, go to [FOB MISSION] -> [TRAINING/VISIT DESTINATION] and select your FOB, then proceed to training or visit.
* Mother Base staff in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (the main game) cannot wear swimwear.

Source: MGSV Official Website

  • moto hellogoto

    lol this looks like fun, but 99% of my FOB staff are dudes! 🙁

    • Jak

      Just the way Snake likes it.

      • moto hellogoto

        Fobs are total sausage fests. Since I play on the pc I might look for a mod that changes the guys into ladies.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    That’s cool and all, but I think they should stop with these meaningless things and focus on rebuilding the broken FOB menu. It takes more time to find an available FOB to infiltrate than infiltrating the FOB itself. Major illogical menu structure.

    a) Why do we have to traverse (load) all the tabs in order to get to the tab of our choice? The tabs should be moved to an up and down list and then let us press X on the tab we want to load.

    b) How hard is it to not let FOBs that are being infiltrated, appear on our list? Every FOB that appears on my list is “being infiltrated by another”.

    These are major time wasters. And I’m not even complaining about the Hand of Jehuty which if the rival catches you with it you might as well abort the mission cause you can’t do anything about it, or the lack of information about when does the rival gets alerted of your presence.

    I really like FOB, it’s the only thing that keeps me playing the single player, but damn it, it tests your patience.

  • Manu Simón

    I’d like to see a option to can rewatch the cutscenes


    “Mother Base staff in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (the main game) cannot wear swimwear.

    Too bad. I think Quiet running in swimsuit during main game would be much cooler. But wait! Quiet has already her swimsuit.:)

    Off topic,
    Someone knows a game called Spy Fiction for PS2? I just finished it and started second play. The only thing I can say about this game that its mega mega mega copy of METAL GEAR. Im serious! Everything is just copy of Metal Gear. There is Ocelot, Emma Emmerich, Big boss, main character is like Solid etc
    Story is about some virus and gameplay is a copy of Mgs2. Animations, hanging, stealth, You can even hide in locker(but just to change uniform), You can drag bodies just like in MGS2, there appears signs on soldier heads etc
    There is even one black dude who sounds just like Peter Stillman. That is probably not a coincidence.

    But thats not all. This game contains many things from other media too. Like Mission Impossible, Final Fantasy X and VII, Star Ocean 3 animation etc
    But thanks to being a copy of Metal Gear stealth is Amazing and You cant stop playing it. There is only one thing where it is not a copy of MGS. Boss battles. Boss battles sucks. They are shitty just like voice acting. But soundtrack is nice and graphic is nice too.

  • PrinceHeir

    Everyone is doing swimsuit costumes!!

    Shame not in main game 🙁

  • PrinceHeir

    Yoji Shinkawa Godzilla design 🙂

    Everyone should go buy the BD version of Shin Godzilla which is being brought by Funimation ^^



  • Danny Patten


  • Jav

    Who needs chapter 3 when they give us a swimsuit to protect our resources and staff instead of using a battle dress?

  • Coming in Chapter 3 – The swimsuit thief –
    Peace Day never came.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Also, any word on why does the PS4 run hot as hell when in the ACC? There is nothing to render there, so why does the PS4 sound like a hair dryer? And before you say anything, yes my PS4 is completely dust free. It also has it’s thermal paste replaced. MGSV is the only game that stresses it to that level. It’s getting scary.

    • BurntFM
      • Full Options

        He also stole the glasses of a good friend of us.

        • ObsessedGeorge

          Wait, these are Hideo’s Ground Zeroes glasses? If you hadn’t said anything, I wouldn’t have noticed it! 🙂

          • Full Options

            Yeah, I am not sure but in my memories, I suspect he got those as soon as Hideo arrived at mother Base after the corresponding side-op. Can anybody confirm that ? I am maybe mistaken but feel it happened like that… ;D

    • Jav

      I changed the thermal paste of my ps4 and from that moment is less loud.

    • Full Options

      Thermal paste replaced already !? At least you did not need to reball the APU yet, did you ?… ;D Only MGSV ? Not even GTA5 as well ? If it is as noisy as GTA, then it is normal, but strange otherwise.

      Mmmm, sorry, another generic question, but do you store it in a rather confined area ? Could be the summer overall temp, but it is strange it happens only in ACC.. Did you tried w/wo connecting to server, to see if there is a difference ? Other than that you are right, there is no particular reason for the console to do that only in ACC.. :/
      If you are familiar / replaced your thermal paste already, I am sure you used the best one so won’t ask if it could be that.

      • ObsessedGeorge

        I noticed a couple of months ago (with the rise of summer’s temperatures) that my PS4 got extremely loud and since my warranty was expiring in a week, I opened it to clean it of any dust and replace the thermal paste. (I’m an electronics technician btw) I use Arctic Silver 5 for my customers laptop/PC repairs, but it run out so I bought a Titan Nano Grease from a local store. It made things a little better, but it still is too much noise for a place where nothing is going on. I confirmed that it’s MGSV’s fault because a customer brought in my store his PS4 and said it gets really loud. I asked what was he doing when it sounded like this, and guess what? He was playing MGSV. And the same thing happens to both of us.

        In the FOB the PS4 runs like a ghost, which is really great because it means the game is amazingly optimized, but in the ACC, it’s Nuuuuucleaaaaaar! 🙂

        Also, I haven’t played GTAV so I don’t know about it.

        • Full Options

          That sounds weird. I have to admit that my PS4 is often noisy but could not notice more noise in the ACC (will be more attentive).
          As for a single title to be involved, mm, possible but SCEI’s TRC is very strict in order for your title to pass their QA submission stage.
          Maybe Fox is using a feature that triggers this, but this should be heavily scoped by both Sony and Konami. If there is indeed a problem with MGSV, then Sony has to publish a new TRC to force Konami to issue a fix, if the customer’s target is really at risk.
          Honnestly, it could be possible, but I doubt that the problem is centered to MGSV. Try to grab a copy of GTA5 and check, since this title is like permanently very noisy too (even longer than TPP, imo).
          Since GTA5 is older and still heating like that, I believe both still conform with the allowed processing charge specs. Good luck !

  • 🙂

    • Leguywhodrownedquiet


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      So iDroid herself liked your tweet ! Cool ! ;D

  • Tong Ninja

    Ah, the swimsuits. Reminds me of a particular side – op in Peace Walker. 😉

  • Full Options

    Heyyyy, the lovely (almost) on vacation… I want her in DS… ;D <3


  • Full Options

    Off-topic : Puzzling rumor (but with some facts)… I am wondering what type of agreement Hideo have with Konami about Koji-Pro trademark… According to the site, the Konami renewal happened last february !? What you guys think ?


  • This is fucked, they should have had customization like this from day 1. They need to allow you to use gear from multiplayer.

  • Jerry


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