Konami talks about MGSV’s cut Mission 51: it’s not the ending

The past year, one thing that was constantly a point of discussion when it comes to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the illusive ‘Mission 51 (Kingdom of the Flies)’, an additional mission that was cut during development. The missions unfinished cutscenes and boss battle were put on the Collector’s Edition bonus disc. and has been a controversial subject ever since. Now, with the official announcement of the Definitive Experience, Konami has responded to some claims and questions regarding this mission.

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So, according to Konami, this mission was never supposed to be the ending, but rather an additional mission that happened to get cut somewhere during development. Whether we will ever get to play it remains to be seen, though there seem to be no plans for that right now.

Source: Metal Gear Official Twitter

  • Mr.Pony

    Mission 51 has been the main argument for the “TPP unfinished story” thread since day one, thing is even if they did include it, it wouldn’t be enough. It doesn’t close all the holes in the story. And if Mission 51 really isn’t part of the “Cannon story” what then? Where do the kids and Eli fly off to? A Metal Gear disappears and no one goes after it? What about Venom then? Where is his decent into evil and why does Big Boss have him killed after all by Solid’s hand?

    • But does everything have to be closed, especially considering the game takes place in the middle of the timeline? MGS2 for example also leaves a lot of plotlines open, and that was meant to be the final game in the series.

      • César H. Sandoval

        Plus, even if most don’t like how it was executed. “The man who sold the world” is the actual last mission and ending of TPP.

        • Tom Brearley-Smith

          What I wasn’t okay with was that it was (for the most part) a rehash of the hospital prologue. What could’ve been better was you playing through it again but through the perspective of Big Boss/Ishmael.

          • César H. Sandoval

            Yeah, I think we’re the majority here when we say that “Truth” could’ve been better executed as a final mission even if it only changed stuff like the perspective of the main character as you said.

          • Alex

            For me personally, it was great even if it was all the same, because I had a totally different mindset and perspective knowing that it is actually me this time, and that I had been playing as myself throughout this whole game. It was more of a contemplative experience as you digest the shock by going through all the same motions. At that point, it wasn’t really revealed as the Medic until after, so the ‘player is Big Boss’ theme really hit hard after he flipped over that picture. You’re also thinking about the realities of everything in the hospital, things you thought of as crazy hallucinations like Mantis and Volgin were actually real and had far more context by the end. You’re slowly realizing that Ishmael must be the real Big Boss before the official reveal, etc.

      • Mr.Pony

        Yeah but MGS2 ending feels like a good climax, while TPP just feels thin. It doesn’t need to close all holes but at least make them feel special, just like MGS2 did when the player discovers that the Patriots are all dead for 100 years.

        • Aside from the discovery about The Patriots, Olga’s child still needed to be saved and Liquid-Ocelot just escaped with Metal Gear RAY (actually more or less the same thing that happened in MGSV, where Liquid escaped with the Metal Gear). But in the end, wether something needed to be finished or not is debatable but the point is, this is the way it was meant to end.

          • WitWolfy

            It wasnt the ending that pissed me or many other fans. But the lack of story, or that most of it was exposition told through tapes.

            What a cheap copout.. Just because non MGS fans moaned about long cutscenes we die hard fans had to suffer. Plus to repeat boss mission in chapter 2 killed it for me entirely. I Youtubed the ending after that and traded this POS in for ROTR when it released

          • There is no lack of story. You just have to look for it. And the tapes are no different from the CODEC in previous MGS titles (major plot points were told during CODEC as well).

          • WitWolfy

            “There is no lack of story. You just have to look for it”

            You didnt just seriously say that… Codecs are a different story.. Codecs give you the illusion of two people talking and interacting by showing their faces… The tapes I really had to force myself to listen to what could’ve been a 3-4 minute FMV…

            Tell me you wouldn’t of loved to see how they Tortured that old dude in the wheel chair. Can’t remember his name now but the spirit dude.

          • Okay, you see some pictures of their faces with minimal animation (except for MGS4). But other than that, it’s the same thing. The tapes aren’t new for MGSV either, they were introduced in Peace Walker.

          • Alex

            A lot of the great tapes painted far more of a mental image with storytelling than codecs ever did.

          • wallbreaker

            I think they are not comparable. Sahelanthropus and Eli’s dissapearence happens mid-game, there are hints that some kind of plot development is still pending regarding this (Ocelot says they are looking for their location). Liquid and Ray escaping happens at the end, its not the same to be left open than to be left dangling. Mgs2 may have felt insatisfactory to many, but I didn’t feel anything was missing.

            Consider why Kojima decided to include this on the collector’s edition. If it was meant to be open, as you claim, why would he ever include it in the bonus disc? I think it was his way of saying: “We weren’t allowed to finish this as we would have wanted, so here is to you. This is what we envisioned to be the end of Eli’s plot thread.” To me, that part is canon.

            I know this is gonna sound harsh, but you can defend the game (which is awesome) without endorsing the PR bullshit the community managers like to tell. Maybe they are good people, maybe you are friends with them, but that doesn’t change the fact that they work for Konami, and it’s their job to promote a good image of the company, even if it means twisting the facts or outright lying. I think you should be aware of that, you probably are, that they serve very specific interests, and by being friendly or inviting people to review events and such things, many times you lose perception and capacity for critical analysis. I’m saying this because I value this page a lot, and it would be a shame to see it transformed into a Konami vindication site.

            And I’m not even blaming Konami for the failures of MGSV (hell, if they make a remake of Metal Gear 1 in which they explore the relationship between Solid Snake, Gray Fox and Big Boss in a meaningful way, and the game is good, I’ll throw money to their faces, with or without Kojima), maybe Kojima overeached, he is not god as many people would believe, what I’m saying is that I don’t like the arguments of the community managers promoted here when there is more than enough evidence that suggest otherwise.

            Sorry for the long rant, and sorry if that sounded harsh, but I needed to say it

          • This site is not in any way an extension or PR machine of Konami, and it never will be. If you look at the archive of articles you can see that all of the available news is reported, wether it’s good or bad news for Konami. Some people may dislike MGSV and others like it, but that doesn’t mean you are working for Konami’s PR or anything, just a difference in opinion.

            By the way, we seriously considered not even publishing this because of the shitstorm it would cause (which did happen), but it’s this site’s job to be informative and there are a lot of claims about MGSV and its missing content that seem to be based on assumptions rather than the truth. But just for the record, this is an independent fansite as it’s always been, and being in contact with Konami PR hasn’t changed this, as should be evident by the articles posted (although they are supposed to be neutral in tone).

          • wallbreaker

            Nah I don’t have a problem with the site, its pretty good (if you get what I mean), and the articles are neutral, indeed. I was critizising your point that basically mgs2 is as unfinished as mgsv, which you seem to agree with Rob (who I guess is the username for Robert Peeler). If it is your personal opinion, then fine, you’re entitled to it, but since you’re the one running the site, the fact thay your views aligned with Peeler’s on something that is, in my opinion, not comparable to mgs2 is what set my alarms off. Maybe I overeacted. If that’s so and I have offended you, then my apologies.

            And about the state of the game, it’s true many people talks bullshit about the so called cut content, and they tend to exaggerate a lot (the Internet, right?). I know most games have to cut content throughout development, whether it is because of time constraints, certain sections not fitting the game etc. This happened throughout the MG saga too. As far as I know, MGS1 pal key section towards the ending was a result of the deadline approaching.MGS2 had Snake’s escape from the Tanker scrapped because it wasn’t fun to play,according to Kojima. And I’m sure there are many examples in other games of the series we aren’t aware of. The point is, all games have to make compromises along development. I know that. Most of the times players won’t even be aware of them, and maybe the game is better for it.

            That said, it is very noticiable to me that something went astray in the development of mgsv. And the only ones who would know the details are Kojima and his team, so we don’t have and probably will never have a truthful version. All that’s left is the game, and you have to concede that certain things in-game don’t add up: the repeat missions mainly, but also Ocelot’s dialogue hinting future developments in Eli’s thread plot. Then there is the fact that they made mission 51 public. They weren’t planning that section to be left open, but then shit happened.

            I don’t know, if this happened in previous games (which I think not, at least not to this degree), they were able to camoflage it better. Maybe the open world and mission structure made these things more evident, some would say?

            My point is, in previous games, compromises had to be made, but there werent parts of the game missing. You didnt have repeat missions in peace walker. Mgs2 didn’t have to release a video showing how one plot thread ended. In the case of mgsv (which is a phenomenal game), it feels like they drop the ball rather than compromising. And I’m not sure it it’s Konami or Kojima’s fault, though I am on Kojima’s camp.

            The truth is probably more nuanced than what rabid Kojiama fans or Konami claims. But that doesn’t make a pr guy from Konami to be telling the truth, however he spins it. The argument that the series always left some things open, which is true, is used in a dishonest way here. Its not the same to be left open on purporse than to be left dangling because development got fucked up, as is to me acknowledged when Kojima decided to include Kingdom of the Flyes as a bonus (knowing that it would ve uploaded to youtube also)

          • Rob

            BTW, I’m not a PR guy from Konami. My name is Robert Peeler and I am the Metal Gear Community Manager, who worked for the Kojima Productions team in LA and in representatives in Tokyo. I work now for Konami in the same role, doing the same thing.

            You don’t have to believe me, but be assured, I’m the same person I was when I started here.

          • wallbreaker

            You seem to be a good fellow, but come on, aren’t you hired to promote a good image of Konami, among other things a CM is required to do? Aren’t you trying to promote the idea that the development of mgsv was totally peaceful, when in reality shit hit the fan and it was reported Kojima and Konami executives had a power clash? Which is totally fine in any case, it’s your job. My point is I believe the game was affected by this, and I think there are things ingame pointing to this, which you obvioulsy don’t agree with

          • Well, if you think it’s not comparable to MGS2 than that’s fine, it’s your opinion, but it has nothing to do with mr Peeler having the same view. It’s just because the reception of MGSV has some distinct similarities to the reception of MGS2. Mr Peeler isn’t the only one to point this out by the way, Kenji Yano (who doesn’t work for Konami) said the same thing. And Kojima also said he was satisfied with the game. So you would have to assume a lot of people are lying and alining with Konami’s PR. The fact that the cut mission on the bonus disc can also be seen as an indication that it’s just a regular ‘deleted scene’.

          • wallbreaker

            We are mixing things here. I’m talking about two very specific things that are jarring ingame, that imo point to the game sorta needing a few more months of development: the repeat missions and Kingdom of the Flies.

            I’m not talking about the reception in general: some people are pissed because of the medic, because of the structure of chapter 2 or because they feel the story is lacking or because it doesn’t wrap up as they think it should. Some people point out to how mission 46 comes out of nowhere.

            I’m not talking about that. The things I listed above are subject to interpretation, and could be intended to leave a sense of insatisfaction in the player (the sense of emptyness after revenge is acomplished).

            But I think the repeat missions and to a lesser degree Kingdom of the Flies cannot be interpreted this way. To me they are a result of the split that happened between Kojima and Konami. What’s the point of filling the mission count to 50 using repeat missions? And I don’t buy the argument of repeat missions enhancing the sentiment of dreariness of war, another day in a war without end etc. I personally think the argument the devs made the game bad on purporse is one of the most bullshitty there are

            And about Kingdom of the Flies it doesnt make sense to release it as a bonus if you don’t intend it to be the conclussion on Eli’s plot, I don’t believe it was released as a curiosity. And again, I didn’t buy Yano’s explanation of Kingdom of the Flies, it was an interesting read but in this regard it seemed he was doing a little of damage control (for Kojima obvs). That scene isnt a regular deleted scene. It had tons of plot development and things as early anticipated as venom being color blind were going to have a dramatic effect in that part, they sort of build up to it.

            I was mistaken in assuming you were bought by the pr though, it seems this is your honest opinion, and again, I’m sorry for assuming so

          • Fair enough, in the end it also comes down as to how everyone personally interprets the story and what it means for them, and that is why a game like this can be so divisive. It could very well be that Episode 51 was scrapped also because of time constraints (although it could have artistic reasons as well, such as the second ending distracting from the actual one, which is Mission 46). But how important this scene is depends on what aspect of the story you look at: if you’re looking at plot level it does leave some things open, but if you’re looking at the thematic level (which seems to be what drives this game and actually previous Metal Gear titles as well), this scene isn’t all that important. Would it be cool to have had the scene anyway? Sure. But the story also stands without this scene, if you look at the themes at least, which is also something Yano pointed out (you could say he was just doing damage control for Kojima but at least he had arguments to back it up, so even if that’s the case what he said made sense).

          • wallbreaker

            Great answer, pretty much agree with you. We would probably never know what the game would be like had the split not happened, whether some parts would be added or more dev time granted. I think the game would have benefitted a lot at least regarding the repeat missions, maybe they could have released Kingdom of the Flies as a DLC etc. Hypotheses in any case, the game is what it is, and I agree it stands on is own on the thematic level, and there is plenty to love, even if it’s not to every one’s taste.

          • Yeah, the situation during development wasn’t great, and we’ll never know what would have happened if the Kojima – Konami split hadn’t taken place. At least it’s a good thing he has his own studio now, so things like that should be a thing of the past.

          • Alex

            The repeat missions are just there for fun, like (non-story) side ops. They were never needed to play in order to advance the game. I never touched one until after I was all done with the story. They only indirectly broke the pace of the game (to anyone without the strategy guide) by not letting players know they are indeed not needed. The lack of telling the players is the only thing you can criticize it for (which some would say is debatable), not its general inclusion (not debatable). The game would’ve released like that even if there was no Kojima/Konami drama and he was still there today. The only thing that would’ve changed is 51 actually being DLC and not released on the bonus disc, along with *maybe more content if all the bitching really got to Kojima.

          • Alex

            He never said that MGS2 is as unfinished as MGSV, but that both are finished as intended. And in my opinion, 51 doesn’t have to be on the game disc for it to be considered part of it.

          • Alex

            You have always been super neutral about everything Boss, the one and only! Every other site, social media and youtube channel I follow isn’t anywhere near as professionally neutral as you have been, with them usually falling towards one extreme or another.

          • Rob

            “Sahelanthropus and Eli’s dissapearence happens mid-game” I would say this happens near the end, but I guess that depends on what missions/side-ops you completed and when.

            I’m sure the team wanted to finish Kingdom of the Flies and do other things with MGSV going forward, but in terms of when the game was finished, it was finished when it released, and they didn’t plan on putting out Mission 51 by release well before that (if at all by release).

            It’s not PR bullshit. I’m only speaking from experience and perspective. If I were to follow the PR line alone, I’d avoid this subject all together and just never talk about it. I’m not lying to anyone, I don’t care to vindicate Konami or anyone, I’m just answering questions about the game. No one who’s ever worked on this game told me it was “unfinished” or “needed more”. I’m very proud of what was released, and I’m sure the team is too. Every member past and present.

          • wallbreaker

            And I liked the game a lot, even if there are certain things I don’t like about it. I think its a vey good game, but that doesn’t exclude it from criticism, and I think the split affected it and this reflected somehow on the repeat missions being labelled main missions and in Kingdom of the Flies. Btw, If Kingdom of the Flies didn’t make it into release but they had a lot of the work done why they didn’t release as dlc? Why made it available as a video only?

          • Alex

            They couldn’t finish it with Kojima leaving and taking most of the critical staff. This was obvious to me since the bonus disc. Why would they spoil the whole story if they could and were going to finish it?

          • Alex

            Eli’s ending was meant to be taken as canon, but that has nothing to do with Robert lieing or misleading us. You are right its his job to make Konami look good, but he is not coming up with any excuses or lies in order to do so. In fact, he’s mostly saying all the same things I would’ve said if I were asked all those questions, and that’s me with no insight at all, just me knowing well how the game and Kojima’s intent for it was.

        • Rob

          It’s weird that so many people say that. I feel like that’s a sign of the times. When I finished MGS2 for the first time, I played MGS3, and MGS4 right after (Yes I played it later than most). I got the feeling that MGS2 was a “To Be Continued” ending that concluded in MGS4.

          I get a similar feeling for some MGSV plot points, where it concludes in Metal Gear.

          I think because Metal Gear wasn’t played by as many people, or remembered as fondly as MGS2 (lots of Metal Gear players are young and didn’t play the original Metal Gear or as often), that they don’t see them playing out the same way.

          MGS2 and MGS4 seems to me to leave a lot open, some of which even feels like they try to address in MGR.

          Personally I felt like all the Metal Gear games purposely leave threads open. I always felt like that was one of the hallmarks of the series. Imagine my surprise when this trait that they all seem to share ended up being a major criticism from core fans on V alone.

          Regardless, the second element involved here is the meta themes for MSGV. My impression was that it was always supposed to make you feel for the want of more. To make this the ‘ultimate wrap-up’ seems to misunderstand the entire point the game makes.

          • Very well said. It’s really comparable to the reaction of MGS2, it also got a lot of slack for its story, but now, a decade later, most people seem to appreciate it for how clever it was. Here’s hoping the same thing will happen to MGSV. And you are correct that MGSV gets criticized and called ‘incomplete’ for things that can be said about every title in the series. Another thing to remember is that we are now in the age of social media, which wasn’t the case for MGS2. This means that everyone has got to have a clear-cut, unchangeable opinion immediately, and it’s mostly about being angry about something. The funny thing is that MGS2’s story actually sort of touches upon this phenomenon.

          • Full Options

            Nyx, forgive me but some early MGS2 lovers, completely aware about Kojima’s pranks and style are not happy at all with what happened on V. There are some people that were perfectly confident and enjoying every second of MGS2 at their first playthrough (also like MGS4 to some extents), completely expecting and getting an awesome experience. But something is strange with the ending’s rhythm of TPP to them, me included. Not really a matter of missing story plots, but the overall gaming experience delivered that feels not like HK really wanted. Forgive that comment but you are pretty aware of my position regarding this specific point.

          • Not saying this goes for everyone but it seems to be the general consensus. A lot of reviews were complaining about MGS2’s story back then, calling it a ‘mess’ or ‘incomprehensible’. It took many people a long time to appreciate the game (of course there were also those who liked it right away but this is talking in general terms). It would be great if MGSV will also get some more recognition in a few years. Not that everyone needs to like it, but still.

          • Full Options

            I hear you. MGSV has yet my recognition but I feel all this hardly cut and weird compared to previous opuses. Perhaps it is the split that magnify this feeling and perhaps, anger and paranoia are taking over too, but still… I felt all previous opuses finishing like an awesome firework, and this one finishing slowly tired, with decreasing rhythm, story or mission gameplay-wise.
            The duel with Sahel is cool, a quiet exit too, but I think the team simply missed more time to properly polish all this. However you know what I think, I love you and your site and don’t want to ruin even an once more your feeling about V, specially if you find it awesome, because despite all I said V is still awesome to me.

          • No problem, thanks for being reasonable. 🙂 The game just sort of going on after defeating Skull Face, in stead of having the boss battle at the end as the climax of the story, was intentional. But yeah, the game did go against everyone’s expectations, so it’s expected that it got a lot of backlash. And then there’s the whole Konami situation that also reflected poorly upon the game.

          • Full Options

            In all cases, you pretty well understand / master my understanding “scheme” of the overall situation, after the tons of comments I added on various questions. ;D All the best.

          • BurntFM

            We love ya’ Rob. But some of us are on a short fuse here. I don’t wanna be triggered LOL

          • Rob

            I hear ya

        • The Omnipotent Snake

          You are definitely correct about how MGS2 had a good climax. TPP ending just felt like a phantom pain.

          • WitWolfy

            Remember all PR BS propaganda Kojima spouted about the game going to have a lot of motion capturing hence why they got Sutherland..? Well that never happened, the dude barely said or did anything.

            They could’ve used “motion capture dude x” and it would’ve been cheaper to get him to do the VA!

            Thats the real Phantom Pain.. The hole in my chest where
            my love for MGS used to be!

          • He said early in development that Snake wouldn’t be talking much, which is exactly why they used Sutherland, to register the subtle facial expressions. What Kojima said, was correct.

          • WitWolfy

            Source? I just remember Kojima babbling something the direction of.. They got Sutherland because he is a good actor and is used to playing action movies. Hence why they got him to do the motion capturing sequences.

            Only a few weeks before the game released that an unknown reviewer confirmed that Snake almost NEVER talks, and as the Internet is known everybody choose to ignore his accusations at that time.

          • From November 2013:

            “In this game, Snake is a different character than he was before, his personality has changed. He won’t be talking as much as he did before. He is a darker character who doesn’t share his feelings. A lot will be conveyed through facial expressions or grunts, instead of Snake having to explicitly communicate it through words.

            This is the reason they went with Kiefer Sutherland, who is able to give them this subtle performance, and so far they are very pleased with the results. Kiefer has been successful in conveying what they want Snake to convey through his expressions.”


          • WitWolfy

            There is a difference of not talking much, or not talking AT ALL!

            “Sutherland is the voice and facial capture actor for Big Boss in both Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, replacing David Hayter in the voice acting role. According to the 2013 pre-E3 show, he was chosen because director Hideo Kojima requested for someone who could both sound and behave like someone who was in his late forties”


          • But he doesn’t ‘not talk at all’. He talks little, but he does talk.

            Also, that isn’t the only time Kojima said it. From March 2015:

            “As we know by now, Snake won’t speak much in The Phantom Pain. According to Kojima, the character has always been an extension of the player, an alter ego. “I made a very conscious effort this time to bring Snake closer to the player’s perspective.” Kojima explained. “As much as possible, Snake will act based on the player rather than doing things like making spontaneous comments or flirting with women.” He once again made a comparison to Mad Max, where the characters around him are expanding the story.”


          • Matthew Pungitore

            Venom Snake is such a boring character. He barely makes facial emotions or anything and he barely speaks. WHy get Sutherland on the job for venom snake if he was only going to have so few lines? mGSV is filled with slaps to the face.

          • Alex

            He spoke with his face, not words. Hell, just look at the helicopter facial animations. So much is said on just the little facial ticks.

          • Matthew Pungitore

            HUH? HIS FACE? Are you a psychic? Those faces had no emotion half the time.

      • Matthew Pungitore

        YES, everything HAS to be closed. that’s how you tell a good story. MGSV was promised to be the story of a legend turning into a demon. We waited for 9 years to see big boss become a demon. We didn’t want nurses becoming Big Boss or Big Boss to ride off on a bike into nowhere while kids steal a metal gear and nobody does anything about it. the venom snake plot twist doesn’t make any sense. There’s no way to keep big boss a secret if there are 2 of them flying around everywhere. Foxhound would have caught on. And Miller obviously was upset, why would he go BACK to FOXHOUND? Why would the patriots let him back in foxhound or ocelot for that matter? You can’t keep venom snake or big boss a secret if they are training foxhound soldiers and taking pictures with time magazine and going all over the world while there are 2 big bosses. And when did Big Boss change his face? How would he get anything done with a changed face? Solid Snake and Big Boss know what the real big boss looked like so he obviously didn’t change his face. It’s an enigma, a paradox, a plot hole, an inconsistency! Not to mention the 2 skull faces. The Diamond Dogs logo all over Skull face’s helicopter and containers. And what was “Eyes on Kazuhira miller”? And why did Quiet suddenly want to fall in love with venom snake? And why does Ocelot not act anything like Ocelot? And why does Miller flip flop on personality every sentence? And Why is Skull face’s revenge plot so vague? He’s such a weak character. And what about Huey? Can we really prove that he did anything wrong? It’s so vague. And what about Eli hating big boss? We never see Big Boss do anything to deserve Eli’s hatred. Eli / liquid snake has NO REASON to hate big boss. Venom Snake tries very hard to treat Eli like a father would treat a son, but Eli is just a brat. That’s not the liquid snake that we know.

    • Alex

      It is part of the canon, that’s why they released it, knowing they wouldn’t finish it. Think of it like a short novel or comic book expansion; it doesn’t need to be in the actual game. If it was going to be finished, they wouldn’t had spoiled the whole story. And really, its just the end of a subplot, like Quiet’s last mission was the end of her subplot. Critical to the subplot, but not the overarching plot.

  • César H. Sandoval

    There’s not a point to it anymore, sure it was frustrating back then but to push them to polish a cutscene most of us already watched online and to give us yet another Sahelantrhopus boss battle seems futile by now…

    • WitWolfy

      couldn’t agree more. This game doesnt exist to me. The plotholes and weak excuse of a story is dead to me.

      • Matthew Pungitore

        I’m with you on this. I like to pretend that MGSV Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain never happened. I still am pissed and the hatred never goes away, well, maybe it will go away with time.

    • Full Options

      Ya, but you know all of them (me included) are in fact asking for the mission set around, in a possible new map, rather than just a third boss-fight with Sahel… ;D

      • César H. Sandoval

        Honestly if Konami lazyly released this as a DLC mission with they recycling the same AI from Sally’s fight and recycling another Africa map instead of the child’s new Island concept, but with the cutscenes and dialogues actually finished, and charged something reasonable, lets say 4 or 5 bucks for it, I’d probably still buy it out of fanboyism… 😛

        • Full Options

          So would I. ;D

  • Batzi

    I always knew that 51 was the ending of a subplot. People just wanted it because it was cut but don’t realize it was yet another ST-84 fight with a couple new cutscenes.

    The third chapter is Peace and that’s unlocked when nuclear disarmament happens. The cutscene was leaked online. Go watch it and let’s move on.

    • Exactly, Eli’s storyline is a subplot, the main plot was finished with Mission 46.

    • Lex Radu

      That would be Awesome!

  • BurntFM

    That is the dumbest bullshit excuse I’ve ever seen. Sahelanthropus was a major, I mean MAJOR part of the plot. The whole speech Kaz gives. The threat of the world finding out about it. The whole subplot with the children fixing Sahelanthropus with the help of Huey and escaping with Eli when he steals it during his interrogation scene that goes unresolved and not brought up again even though the tapes and calls right after that, is Ocelot telling Venom they are looking for the kids and Sahelanthropus and saying they need to find Eli because they found the DNA didn’t match Venom. That shit is so disconnected from the game without mission 51. Fuck that.

    • It doesn’t look like it’s meant as an excuse, just an explanation as why the mission wasn’t finished and included in the final game.

      • BurntFM

        Well, the fact that they say it was an “additional” mission is so crazy. There were strong hints that it would get resolved and that it was abruptly cut instead of getting cancelled preemptively.

        • To be honest it looks like it was cut pretty early in development, all of the gameplay parts are just storyboards.

          • BurntFM

            Well, I think that’s BS. I don’t understand why they reused mission as “main missions” when it was only padding to fill the chapters when you can already replay all of them. Was it early when they decided there would be just a few missions that you get the extra difficulty settings when in Ground Zeroes was an option. I’d be disappointed if that took precedent over something that advanced the plot.

          • Well yeah, the repeat missions with higher difficulty settings being listed as main missions is a bit weird, and made people think you had to play them while they were purely optional. It would probably have been better to list them as side missions.

          • Full Options

            I can’t quit thinking that if the main missions would have been dispatched over 5 chapter cards (~8 missions each), people would have better experienced the game.
            This weird chapter structure contribute (perhaps wrongly) to wondering if something is missing (not knowing if it is small or big, I think that’s part of the problem). Maybe not enough time for cut-scenes in between ?..

          • César H. Sandoval

            Kingdom of the Flies required a new map for Eli’s island and other assets that probably were not covered by the budget, so just to cut it and focus on things like the Survival and Perfect stealth missions do sounds reasonable from a developer’s point of view.

            That and the whole “Blame me” part doesn’t ring too true when Venom already knows Eli is not his kid or that the whole “color-swap” mechanic involved in him shooting the kid was mostly scrapedd from the game as well.

          • Preston M Simpson

            They shouldn’t have done the Extreme/Perfect Stealth/Subsistence missions, waste of time.

          • Rob

            I said it to Batzi but they require totally different production processes to do one or the other. Setting up the extra missions in Chapter 2 wasn’t put in over finishing Mission 51.

          • Batzi

            Moreover, TPP has alot of rehashed missions. If they really wanted to finish 51, they would have done it before working on rehashed missions. They had plenty of time to do one additional mission.

          • Well, they probably had some time constraints as well, but we’ll never really know what decisions were made for which reasons.

          • Full Options

            Because the split happened in between… (My take)

          • Yeah, but from what we know the split didn’t affect the game’s development. The staff continued to work on the game as contractors.

          • Full Options

            I hope you are right. I would like to have the confirmation from the staff that is not there anymore, if they are not bound to some possible NDA. Merceron does not look in this case :

            Merceron : We were at GDC (2015) when it happened. When we were back in Tokyo, Hideo convocated us and said “we are going to finish this game whatever it takes”.

            For me, putting the team under such mental pressure obviously impaired the title. As for when the development was effectively stopped is another mystery, probably bound to somewhere around the announce of the release date, in my opinion.

          • We will probably never know for sure, but at least it seems like they tried to deliver the best they could under the circumstances. Which weren’t ideal, of course.

          • Full Options

            I have absolutely no doubt about KojiPro, ex-KojiPro / Unit 8, doing more than the impossible to pack all this up so wonderfully and fast under such circumstances, as you said. They are all so talented professionals. We are so lucky to have them all !

          • Jak

            Yeah, this is why I won’t grouse too much. It sucks that the side ops have no depth compared to PW, and Chapter 3 is just repeating some of the least fun missions, but eh.

            We still got the loop closed, and Kojima got to bow out. I’m happy with where it ended.

          • Lex Radu

            Yeah, but the split might have been mutual!

          • Rob

            They don’t take the same amount of time to develop, and require very different production processes.

          • Rob

            I wouldn’t say super early, but early enough. It was never planned for initial release for my knowledge.

          • Thanks for the clarification!

          • Full Options

            Rob, sorry stay sure we love you all ! How do you explain that much animation, shading effort for Snake, Soldiers, Eli and the Sahelanthropus cut-scenes ? How could it not be planned for initial release, with more than 10 minutes cut-scenes ? Cut-scenes that are literally fitting with the whole game ending / story ? Sorry, but to reach so advanced stages in production, things must be planned ?? I mean what we saw is far from being just a draft.

          • Rob

            The content was 30% complete, it wasn’t in advanced production. It’s not the earliest draft, and they had every intention of releasing it for a while after the initial release, until they decided against it.

          • Full Options

            Thank you for your answers / clarifications.

          • Lex Radu

            Welcome back, Boss!

      • Lex Radu

        Hence why is also possible that Chapter 3 might have been by Kojima, since it probably wasn’t as good as Chapter 1 or 2!

        • Or Chapter 3 is simply the situation in which all nukes are disarmed, hence ‘Peace’. Maybe it’s just that, the new world without nukes, a new chapter for humanity.

          • Full Options

            *Kojimanity 😛
            As you previously mentioned somewhere.

          • Lex Radu

            Or that. Can we achieve it tough?
            No, we can’t, that’s the message, that Scene was put in the Game for modders to activate it, Peace is an illusion, not achievable in a community, Konami and Kojima are counting on it, and we should leave it that way, that’s the Message!

          • It’s theoretically possible, but yeah, in practice very difficult to achieve, which was probably indeed the intention.

          • Full Options

            We were so close… near 20 with x360s ? We may all finish stranded like Norman…

          • But we’ll keep coming?

          • Full Options

            Infinitely, like sea waves…

          • Lex Radu

            Bingo, this Mission was only made to prove a point, that not even in fiction we would be willing to unite and get rid of nukes for possibly getting more content in return!

            This is why Kojima it’s a Mastermind, but at the same time, we can prove him wrong, we have to unite and achieve this…I would be willing to do it.

            I believe that we Metal Gear informer have the POWER to Unite, YES, WE DO, but we lack the dedication and interest, we are too focused on Hating Konami, that we lost interest in truly finishing TPP!

            We are still good. We fight. We build Nukes. We betray one another. But we can rebuild. We can do better. We will. We have to.

            WE HAVE TO!


          • Alex

            I think the big problem is people rebuilding nukes after them being stolen, being uninformed of their insufficiency and uninformed of the secret ending. I think we should message every person we see with a nuke instead, inform them and ask them to disarm. The ending is triggered if everyone disarmed their nukes.

          • Lex Radu

            Exactly, we should do it the Big Boss…or Hitler way, Convince people to do it, the only way to do it, is with…ironically, with PEACE!

  • Jav

    I can’t believe they took one year to answer this.
    Now I want to know why all the repeated missions? In ground zeroes you can press a button and change the difficulty. I want to play the “ending” but I don’t want to play again the hospital prologue.
    At least give us the posibility to see the cutscenes.

    • Rob

      I’ve answered these questions a few times actually. I’m not sure why everyone is reacting so strongly this time.

      • Full Options

        I guess because a Konami’s MGS release official statement is very hot material for the fanbase. They are treating any Konami info very carefully. You can expect a lot of generic questions. Cool to have you guys available in all cases.

  • The Omnipotent Snake

    I still think it was important to clear out some plot points.

  • I like the answers. Kudos for them for doing so.
    That’s a good start for their PR and it’s fans.

    Fans don’t bite. They just need to calm down after all of what is happened. Communication is KEY to success.

    • Lex Radu

      Indeed, Konami is like Cipher, not as Evil as we think, we overreacted, i’m part of the problem too!

    • Rob

      We answer stuff like this a lot throughout the year, but it often gets buried. It’s always good to retread old ground.

      • Yeah it wasn’t posted on this site before, but it’s good to have some clarity and get rid of some misconceptions so maybe people can move on (probably wishful thinking though).

  • MarcoRM82

    well, in a certain way i feel relief,this is the truth that we needed,direct answers, time to complete 100% and move on.

  • Ok guys, we have the best tweet of the day that will destroy some of the theorists.


    • Full Options


      • Rob

        this was the last theory I thought people (besides the Maltese bros) were still holding onto. Color me surprised. I hadn’t seen anyone even bring it up for some time.

        • Full Options

          Hehehe, for me, and that was commented few days ago here, was the one of Quiet being Chico… This was a totally interstellar one… xDxD

          • Jav

            “Quiet is chico” is way better than “quiet can’t talk because of the parasites”.

          • But it wouldn’t make much sense.

          • Full Options

            In all case don’t you guys tell me Chico re-incarnated in DD, that’s all I ask…

          • wallbreaker

            I was quite impressed by the Chico is Quiet theory, the theory was at least supported by evidence that made sense before TPP came out. I think many people mocked the theory not because of faulty evidence, but due to their bigotry against trans people

          • Full Options

            Again… If someone say Chico is DD I will become dangerous…

        • There are also new theories about Kojima’s departure being a ruse, Death Stranding being connected to Silent Hills, etc.

          • AliasAlterego

            Those theories are stupid; this entire drama gave Konami extremely bad publicity and I wouldn’t be surprised if the vast majority of their investors backed out because of it.

            They would never do this to themselves just to troll people. These are actual jobs and actual people we’re talking about.

          • Yeah, but people believe in those theories regardless.

          • Alex

            The only way its possible is if Kojima has been the President of Konami all along, and all the reports and news about the new President and Kojima’s demotions were lies. Highly doubtful.

            It would be cool though if the real reason why KojiPro studio hasn’t been shown yet is because its actually Konami that he’s completely revamping. But all the new staff he’s been hiring would have to be keeping all these crazy secrets, too doubtful lol.

          • Alex

            I do think Kojima intends for Death Stranding to have indirect connections to his ideas for Silent Hills, or else why bother with Norman Reedus and similar ideas/tones. But of course, Death Stranding is its own thing and will be more of an action game despite similarities. But Death Stranding will partly fill the SH void fans have.

        • Lex Radu

          Hi, i do have a question: Are “Metal Gear Survive” and “Silent Hill” related?

          Thanks, keep up the good work!

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      Praise the Lord.

      • Full Options


        • korruption

          “An Unfinished Hideo Kojima Game”
          That’d score them a single honesty point.

        • Alex

          I don’t think Kojima approved that Metal Gear font

          • Full Options

            I know, 😀 I was about to photoshop it as well but finally believed the message on top would get stronger… Like “whatever the font, you guys won’t erase the very statement on top”. ;D

    • Lex Radu


    • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

      The speculation is finally over… Better late than never.

      Thanks Rob.

    • Alex

      Of course the Medic isn’t Gray Fox, he should’ve asked if Venom was Gray Fox. After all, the Medic could just be hallucination @_@

      I’m playing of course. But he should’ve said Venom not Medic.

      • True, the fact that he was once a medic is irrelevant, he is no longer a medic in TPP, he is an embodiment of Big Boss, and a representation of the player. If people want to distinguish between the Big Boss from the previous games and the ‘medic’, it would be best to just use the name Venom Snake, because that name is only used for this person.

  • Mr.Pony

    Also this

  • Barret47

    So…. is posible that Konami will in the future Metal Gear 1 with this mission as additional content …
    Let me dream T.T

  • Lex Radu

    You know what, they are right, their Stories are completed in the Previous Games!

  • wallbreaker

    To me, the sign the game was rushed to completion isn’t mission 51, for all intents and purposes they could have released it as dlc had Kojima stayed at Konami. The smoking gun are the replay missions, I don’t see Kojima putting such filler and low level content in the game hadn’t Konami forced his hand in releasing the game as soon as possible. And it’s not that the missions aren’t great in this replay conditions, but the fact of presenting them as main missions, each one of them numbered as if they were new missions is what seals the deal to me. I don’t see the devs doing this except under duress, its such a cheap dev choice to make that I think its not up to Kojima standards. The game would have benefitted inmensely with one more year of development

    • Rob

      I’ve never heard anything remotely indicating that.

      • wallbreaker

        So the reports we have heard about the surveillance, the changing of emails, former game devs being forced to do janitor’s work etc are all a lie?

      • Stephen Smith

        Rob, I appreciate you providing answers to the community, just telling people what you know.

        But if what you say is true, or the implications of what you say are true, that’s the worst possible scenario. Instead of low quality main story content and an incredibly important cut mission due to unreasonable constraints… the developers just did it by choice? That’s a way worse scenario for me, although it could just as easily be true. It would tell me Kojima and the team he had lost control of their project and made some really bad decisions that very badly marred an otherwise great game.

        Although for me personally, the biggest issues in the game were the lack of indoor environments, or even varied environments. Africa felt almost identical to Afghanistan and both were big, boring maps. Ah well, not everything can be a masterpiece.

  • Lex Radu

    The 1 thing that got me…us thinking that Missions 51 wasn’t a Bonus Missions, but the ending of Chapter 2 that should have been the Trigger for “Truth” is how Reminiscent is of the whole Hospital Intro, from the way the XOF soldiers being “filmed” from their perspective, and ending up getting killed, just like in the beginning, to Snake Re-becoming Color blind to Red, seeing it white, like he did in the hallway!

    It looks like a Perfect Third act to me, and NO, i’m not talking Chapter, but Act, as in Story act, GZ and the Intro acting as Act 1, GZ showing us the Characters, and their Goal, and the Intro, including the Comma acting as the inciding incident, and the first Sahelanthropus fight as the Mid Point Climax of the Story, and mission 51 the third act…and then, only then “Truth” being the Epilogue!

    It’s a shame the Structure was Damaged in the last minute of development!

    That being said, TPP is still one of the greatest Video Games ever made, that could have been THE greatest!

    • MrVux007

      I don’t think there can be THE greatest video game(but then again its up to user preference),but i agree its one of the greatest video games ever created.

  • stocchinet .

    “What a load of bullshit”

  • Missing

    Konami, just shut the fuck up and sell your IPs already. Literally everyone in the game industry is done with your bullshit.

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      It would be a dream come true if Sony took the rights to ‘Metal Gear’ and other Konami IPs right under their noses and distributed them to appropriate developers, like FromSoftware handling ‘Castlevania’, for example.

  • Full Options

    RIP Gene Wilder, putting A B normal brains in some creatures.
    If some of you did not watch young Frankenstein, please do so and please recognize the blind guy…

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      He was also Willy Wonka in the 1971 movie ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’.
      “It’s all there, back and white; clear as crystal! You stole fizzy-lifting drinks! You bumped into the ceiling, which now has to be washed and sterilised, so you get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!

      PS Thank the movie for spawning the infamous ‘Sarcastic Wonka’ meme.

      • Full Options

        Gene W was an amazing actor.

  • No Place For Hayter

    “Guy complains about missing ending”
    “They respond by saying ‘It’s not the end, this game is a prequel!'”

    How stupid can you be to miss the whole point? THEY ARE NOT WONDERING ABOUT THE SERIES AS A WHOLE, they are wondering about the single entry of TPP and its plot which other entries don’t talk about. Retards.

    “So, according to Konami, this mission was never supposed to be the
    ending, but rather an additional mission that happened to get cut
    somewhere during development.”I’m I missing something? The tweets make no mention of other missions being cut from the game Nyxus. They talk about other games in the series continuing the characters stories like Mantis being in MGS, they are not referring to TPP they are talking about the MGS series as whole. The Tweet “the ending is found in the missions within. Many threads continue in Metal Gear and subsequent games” simply refers to other games not other cut missions, the tweets themselves specifically state the game was made to end at 50 (Obviously a bullshit lie) and that 51 was possible bonus, which we didn’t get. And when they mention it not being the ending, they think they are being fucking smart and are simply referring to the whole series and not the obvious plot threads from hanging from TPP, they don’t mean another mission they mean a timeline sequel game to TPP aka MGS1/2/3/4, or did I miss something?

    • BurntFM

      No, you didn’t miss anything. You saw right through their PR talk.

      • Rob

        I’m the person you think is bullshitting you and using PR talk.

        I tell you outright, and you say I’m lying. That’s fine. The point is, what you imagine the game is missing and should have had, it never had. If you think there is more that was taken out that would give you the conclusion you want, you’re wrong.

        I’m not insulting you, I’m simply explaining to you.

        • BurntFM

          Sure. I’m not arguing your explanation. I’m not questioning whether you are honest with us. I’m saying it’s bullshit because of the obvious elephant in the room which is Kojima vs. Konami. If it was under different circumstances, I wouldn’t even bother with these things. I had the final product and life goes on. Even MGS(1998) had cut animations. I’m saying that Konami or more specifically KDE has done everything to lose fans. Only Kojima knows what vision he had for the game, or the franchise.

          In my opinion, it all lead up to this:


        • I Kissed Her From The Shadows

          You’re a badass for ignoring those stupid comments mr Peeler

        • The shades in your avatar pic are giving me that “deal with it” vibe haha. Good stuff

        • No Place For Hayter

          Don’t worry we don’t think you are directly or knowingly lying, but you seriously misinterpreted the guys complaint. The other problem being your assumption on the fact that the game was supposed to end at mission 50, sure the game was forced to end at mission 50 but I’m sure we can agree that nobody knows which mission Kojima wanted the game to end. IMHO Kojima would never leave specific story of TPP to end is such an unfinished manor with an essential end story mission to be a possible bonus.

          “If you think there is more that was taken out that would give you the conclusion you want, you’re wrong.” I can agree that it is most likely just mission 51 that Kojima would have wanted in the game, but peoples point of content is what WASN’T made at all, not just what was PULLED from the game, it’s not about what was pulled out, it is about what was not put in, all games have cut content and pulled content, obviously I don’t expect anything more than mission 51, but it’s clear that the game was not (In kojima’s opinion, and many others) not finished.

          It’s not about you lying its about you sidestepping questions and redirecting terms (Not saying it’s intentional it just makes it much harder to talk in text if such confusion is created), which is PR talk. I mean don’t get me wrong you seem like a great guy, I was just going off about the misunderstanding of the original guys complaint. The tweets were straight forward and honest but the they were on a different wavelength from the questions being asked, it seemed pretty obvious to me exactly what the guy meant, so naturally if someone misunderstands the guy to such a huge extent I suspect something is up. After all this is the internet, everything is faceless, and is taken as piece meal, knowing whether its somebody or not somebody won’t change my opinion on the subject (sure it explains it a lot more), if it seemed shady before, it still seems shady to me now.

        • Matthew Pungitore

          A LOT of us, the people/fans/gamers are ANGRY because it is as clear as daylight how unfinished and rushed MGSV is. Both Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. MGSV is NOT how you tell a story. There are huge plot holes, unanswered questions, missing links, consistency issues, continuity issues, jarring detail mistakes, and huge pitfalls with everything in this game, within MGSV as a contained story. Not to mention the fact that the MGSV ending plot twist doesn’t make any sense and is impossible to fit into the story of the earlier games. How do you really expect people not to catch on that there are 2 Big Bosses while Big Boss is currently working foxhound, the patriots, outer heaven, and zanzibar land, while Venom Snake is working for Diamond Dogs and doing missions all around the world? And what about the picture that TIME Magazine took of Big Boss? Big Boss didn’t have a horn or scars in that picture, so was that the real big boss? but how can that be if we believe the continuity of Venom Snake taking over? And don’t you think that foxhound would catch on? And why would the patriots allow Miller and Ocelot to rejoin foxhound anyway after everything they have fought through in MGSV? It doesn’t add up. And how do you explain the double Skull Faces? We see Skull face get into the jeep and drive away and then we see him back in his original position getting attacked by metal gear. And what about the plot holes with Eli and Tretij? They just took the metal gear? And then what? It’s never mentioned again! And how did Big Boss meet grey fox or sniper wolf if he was in hiding? Konami and Kojima really messed up the entire metal gear series with MGSV.

        • Daniel Lousada

          Really? So, an information that was shown in the first mission (the fact that snake can’t distinguish red from other colors when inflicted heavy damage), that would ONLY be useful in that final mission, wasn’t meant to be in the game? Konami fired Kojima before he could finish that mission, that’s what really happened.

    • Jav

      It’s like saying that the whole point of tpp was just for this: “venom is the bigboss who died in that 8bit game”.

      And what happen with eli? Oh, he can’t be found and then he become liquid.
      And where is the robot? Oh, Otacon found it in the jungle and it become the mgs robot.
      And why are they leaving the boys escape with that big weapon? Oh, we have more important things to do here, like rescuing prisoners.
      And what happen with that flying boy? Oh, c’mon, he grow up and become a mgs character that can read your memory card!

      • Eugene Voldo

        >Venom is the bigboss who died in that 8bit game

        But… you’re completely right. The game is about that. And the real ending is the mission where Big Medic is escaping from the hospital. This is it. All other plotlines and subplots are just a bonus or homage to previous games. For example, why do you need to know what happened to Eli? He will become Liquid. That’s it. But thanks to MGSV now you know why he hates his father and why he likes to hijack giant robots. Only one game can’t answer to all of your questions. But since Metal Gear is a saga you will find an answer in other games.

        • Niccolò Yamamoto Prevedello

          Bullshits… the truth is that Konami cut it to speed up the game release and to fired Kojima…. this is the only truth

          • SteeLisPain7

            That’s what you want to believe, that is not the truth.

    • Alex

      You may not agree with the approach, but mission 46 was clearly always intended to be the very last mission, regardless of number order. It is the true ending regardless of what other content might’ve came after.

      • No Place For Hayter

        I agree with that, mission 46 is definitely the final mission. But it is clearly out of place and shows up pretty out of the blue randomly, whether meant to be that way or not, its placement, timing, buildup, and execution are horrible, lol.

        When we are referring to mission 50 and after being or not being the last mission we are talking about just “More story” in general, not its specific placement in the mission numbers.

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  • Nekkedsnake

    Yong has a good clip here.

  • I Kissed Her From The Shadows

    Wtf is happening to these mgs fans.
    They’re becoming more stupid

  • James

    Fuck Konami

  • Gatsu

    I guess it was too much asked for to get it released :(.

  • SholidOnline

    I’ve just come to accept 5 the way it is. A terrible connection to the first game, creating more plot holes, ruining the canon’s connections, with the most fun gameplay I’ve ever had. 51 would not have changed that. Not even sure why some call it “chapter 3.” It’s one mission.

    • Jav

      Because we could have secondary missions in that map.

  • Venom_Sina

    I can’t remember correctly,but there’s something in my mind.I think Kojima mentioned this sometime after release.Not very detailed,but he did it.And about Rob’s statement:First thank you for being with us and answering questions.And second:I believe you.It seems that 51 was cut early in development.I think Konami could’ve avoided all these talks by not including the phantom episode in the bonus disk.

    You know me.I hate almost every part of MGSV.I think I have the record for most hatey comments :P.I don’t know what it is,hate or love,but it’s obvious that I’m not a fan of MGSV.I have millions of problems with the game and 51 is not even 1% of them.But what can I do?Can I change the game?The answer is a big “no”.So I have to live with it.I have no other choice.
    So to you fans:just forget it,move on,there’s nothing more to find here.It’s Konami/Kojima’s fault,it’s PR….just leave it.Nothing will change.But I personally think no one will listen to me,lol.There are still people out there that think there’s another boss in Shadow of the Colossus 🙂

    • You’re right, in hindsight Konami should probably have not included the deleted mission, which is a real shame because we never would have seen it. But it seems like people can’t deal with it.

    • Lewis

      It also could’ve been the last episode scheduled for development. Cutscenes were recorded, voice was recorded, body motion capture was recorded. To me it all seems like signs of “cut”, not “cancelled”.

  • MrVux007

    Say what you will about KONAMI,but i think the guys and gals responding to fan questions about MGSV even so far after the release,deserve a big ‘thank you’ from the community.

    I know some fans can go bit to extreme at times,but i really appreciate the crew professionalism and patience they shown.

  • tor

    I just want to know why it’s so outrageous and unreasonable for them to finish Episode 51, but they’re perfectly able to create some zombie bullshit that literally NO ONE asked for or wants.

    • Because:
      1) You are doing it without original creators (Kojima, Shinkawa)
      2) It is hard to make another contract with Kiefer and other actors just for one Mission
      3) It’s not worth it for a company if you need to finish something for additional money.
      How can you distribute that? Free DLC? No way Konami will approve that. Paid DLC? You will buy it? Ok. How much people will buy it then? Can you count the number? It needs to be millions if not more for this to be worth for Konami. Konami won’t finish it, if it is not worth it.
      4) Metal Gear Survive is a spin off and it is easier to sell something new, then trying to make something that was done by the end of TPP producton.

      End of Story. Deal with it. Mission 51 was just a bonus for CE editions and is not coming. Just move on and prepare for the Death Stranding awesomeness or wait for a Next Gen Metal Gear game from Konami. Your choice.

    • Alex

      Would not had been as good without Kojima and critical staff members. They knew this before release which is why its on the bonus disc.

  • Jav

    I can say a little something in favour of konami/kojima: None trailer of the game has a scene from episode 51.
    The only missing thing I remember in this moment is the beginning of the nuclear trailer.

  • Seriously, why search for something that doesn’t exist at the cost of loosing meaning in the relevant. The game really was great.

    • Jan Compaf

      lets not exagerate, the game was ok not great, mgs was is all about the story wich is thin in mgs5, the gameplay is fun but the story doesnt feel like mgs, i was dissapointed, we all played a lie, a silly lie, bu bu ich bin bic bocs…

      • Opinions on the game differ, some do think it was great (including the story, which by the way isn’t thin if you know how to look at it, which is more than just on plot level).

        • Jan Compaf

          and some think the story lacked
          who thinks the story in mgs5 is lacking?
          oh yeah this “news” is the proof of it, ppl want more because it didnt delivered on the story side
          Mgs Lite Indeed, like Teal’c would say.

          • Ok then. People on the internet shout a lot of things, that doesn’t mean it’s true, and it certainly doesn’t make it ‘proof’.

          • Lex Radu

            ppl want more, and means the game did what it wanted, us to feel “The Phantom Pain”

          • Jan Compaf

            the phantom pain means losing a limb and still kinda feeling it and not playing a lie
            hai sa fim seriosi acu

          • Lex Radu

            I know that, but that’s not what the title stands for in the Game, i mean Originally Snake had both Hands!

            The Phantom Pain it’s Metaphorical, and it is Kojima ultimate BANG, he got out with a BANG!

          • Jan Compaf

            yeah fired a BANG Indeed

      • MGS is not ALL about the story. It is first of all a Stealth-Action game. The game delivered on many aspects, gameplay was not just good, it was great with a lot of things that were next gen even for today. It was a fantastic sandbox experience.
        Story is also important but MGSV did not lack it at all. The difference between last games that this time it is episodic and the game can be played for 100+ more hours then for example 17 hours from MGS4 that was full of cut scenes.

      • Lex Radu

        It’s deeper than it looks like. In time, everyone will realize that the Taboo Subject Hideo was talking about, was Multiple Identity disorder, and whether or not The Body is responsible for the actions of one of the personalities, or just that specific personality, if the other personalities should suffer the consequences of the other, since in the end it’s the same brain!

        This is indeed a taboo subject!

        • Lex Radu

          This is MGS2 all over again, the most divisive Game in the Franchise, the one that does more than entertain you, the one that is even more thought provoking than MGS2.

          It is truly Kojima’s Masterpiece in terms of Themes and Message, but i agree, the story it’s definitely not as fun or as entertaining as the past Stories, it’s more focused on the Meta elements than the fun in it, hence why no Huge and long Action sequences!

  • Jan Compaf

    its a lie, if kojima didnt included it then its not there, watch kocknami add some filler bs mission without any kojima flavour only to gain some lost trust

    • Lewis

      Well, I have it on the disc and by the looks of it – it doesn’t feel like crap. The episode is supposed to be the last one, so it could have been not Kojima’s decision to cut it.

  • Lewis

    So let me get this straight: E51 is NOT the ending, and the last episode was intended to be 50? So, ending means literally “the end of the story” and our end of the story was a rehashed fight with Sahelanthropus? It doesn’t make any sense. The last story mission was 46. It would have made sense if all rehashed episodes were after 46, as it could’ve been called a new mode. But those mission are before and after 46, so our “ending” is a repeat mission. Who those guys think we are…

    • Of course, storywise the ending is Mission 46, the repeat missions are just the last numbered ones.

      • Lewis

        Yeah, but the structure doesn’t make any sense. If repeated mission are “integrated” into the story missions, it doesn’t make any sense to end with a repeated one.

        • Agreed.

        • Lex Radu

          “the structure doesn’t make any sense” just like a broken mind, it doesn’t add up, and has story inconsistencies, to further “The Phantom Pain” in it’s Structure.

          The name says it all, it’s a perfect description from the feeling it gives you during and after!

          • Lewis

            Yes, but it is unsatisfactory. Do doctors need to write inconsistent reports on patients with broken minds? There are way more ways to both give a satisfying story and explore the mind of a brainwashed soldier. E46 did it good (imo), the structure – did not.

          • Lex Radu

            Which is why is called “The Phantom Pain”, if it made you feel weird, lost, and wanting more, it did it’s job!

          • Lewis

            No. Many games made me want more. Many games made me feel lost and weird. But I could never say, that they didn’t “deliver”. Kojima isn’t god, and not every flaw of his games is his GRAND MASTERPLAN.

          • Lex Radu

            In this Case is, Venom it’s us, and Venom was all this time playing the Game from the Cassette he put in MSX!

          • Lex Radu

            Also, the fact that is called “The Phantom Pain” show how Self Aware this Game is, it knows it’s a Dark Mess, but a great Mess!

      • Lex Radu

        The Repeat missions are build up tension for the True Ending, hence why it was masked as a Rehash Mission, to take us off guard, it was all part of the plan, most likely Kojima Plan!

    • Kojima said long time ago when TPP was still in development, that the story is episodic and you need to play the game from start to finish and to understand it you need to connect piece by piece to get it.
      There are 50 missions and they can be played in random order. It’s not a linear experience so it’s chapter is it’s own missing link to a complete MGSV story.

      • Lewis

        Yeah, so after I finished E46 i need to play it “to finish”. E50 was not a finish.

    • Lex Radu

      That was actually a clever way to give us the real ending, making us at first thinking is just a slightly different version of the Intro, when it was actually the revelation!


    The ending is the weaker part of the game. IMO

  • Doki

    Can’t be assed to do real cutscene work on M51 when we could be making zombie survival no one even asked for.

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  • PrinceHeir

    Wow everyone woke up from the wood work and came down to this site XD

    As for Mission 51. I think the ending is a bit too big to be fit on one single mission. It really should be Chapter 3 with a bunch of other stuff We want to know how Snake track down Eli and how Eli ended up in that island. Not to mention they would have to redesign a boss battle with Eli and Sahelanthropus. In the mission, they had to call in tons of fireworks in order to completely immobile Sahelanthropus. So that fight would have been awesome imo.

    We’ll never know if Kojima really wanted to add this ending or not. It could be a concept for his team for all we know.

    Oh well. Kojima already moved on with Death Stranding so yeah.

    Can’t believed it’s been a year since the game came out! Time sure flies by! I remember being hype for this game and the prologue hospital chapter was just amazing!

    • Alex

      I think the Diamond Dogs help was intended for the first fight too, but they could only get one lousy helicopter running on PS3/360 so they settled on that. This in turn, probably pushed for the cancellation of 51, along with the obvious Kojima split.

  • proceeder

    Well. who saw that one coming?
    I hope we are clear on why Konami’s a pure piece of $hit.
    I have respect for people but not for corporations, I even have a certain amount of respect for the PR who’s desperately trying to sell these two previously released games slapped together. Definitely no respect for Konami, however. Respect is mutual and this evil incarnation has shown very little to gain that of MGS’s fans and its creators. Rest in Piece MGS. You surely deserved better.

    Suspending disbelief is one thing, eating up Bull $hit like it’s meatballs is another.

  • Icosikaidigon

    Are people still not over this? I’m with the Konami rep on this one to be honest. Anyone who makes the assumption that the the game somehow “unfinished” is making just that: an assumption. If you want closure on what you think is an unfinished plot-line, then read the post-credits timeline; all you need it there.

    For all we know, development for 51 was halted because Kojima Productions felt that it was non-essential. To me, that’s just as likely as the position that it’s somehow Konami’s “fault” that it’s not in the final release. However, the people who do hold this position don’t seem to understand the games go through major changes throughout their development. Just go watch early trailers of any MGS game, any modern video game. Any of them. Any. That’s what happens in video game development; changes happen, apart from any relation to publisher constraints on development.

    To me, the idea that MGSV is an unfinished game is just an idea people come up with to deal with the fact that they don’t like the game story and/or structure. How would they react if Kojima was suddenly allowed to talk genuinely about the game and said “my team and I decided it wasn’t essential to the game, so we discontinued that project and spent our man hours elsewhere”, or, “the structure of the latter half of the game is entirely intentional on my part; it is structured this way to convey a certain message or concept”. Would they implode? Maybe you just don’t like it. I’m not saying that, if it was intended, that would make it good. You can still criticize it on it’s own merits; but criticize it removed from the idea that it’s somehow unfinished, and that that’s somehow why it’s enjoyable or not.

    A year after the game’s release and the aspects people are discussing about this game are trite. I wish more people were like Yano, and put some calculated thought into analyzing the game, rather than frothing at the mouth at the idea of its state as a “completed game”. Sometimes the fans can be just as annoying and thoughtless as Konami is popularly portrayed lately, and even more-so.

  • Nivesh Ramawthar

    So everyone (ok, most people) have a yearning/ache for this final mission that isn’t there and feel incomplete without it? Sort like… a Phantom Pain?

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  • Shawn Youtt

    I’m sorry but I 100% disagree with Konami’s stance on that mission being “additional story content”. You don’t open up a clam of that nature, involving Eli, The Third Boy, and the child soldiers making away with the Sahelanthropus’ theft, – AND the missing third vile of the English parasite strain….. and then write them off when they make a getaway.

    That leaves innumerable questions, and unforeseeable events unfolding that lead up to the orgins plot of the original Metal Gear that takes place in 87′. What happens to Eli? What happens to the Third Boy? What happens to Sahelanthropus? What becomes of the remnants of Cypher? What becomes of the English Vocal cord Parasite strain? Is it ever recovered or released? ALL relevant questions that deserve to have an answer. Any sensible story, doesn’t leave plot holes.

    Additional content, this is not; this is in all actuality an unforgivable lapse in plot, story arch, and closing. And if they feel that this acceptable, then I am so disappointed in them and their judgement. I will never purchase another Metal Gear or Konami product again. It’s one thing to be misguided or stubborn, – this is just simply asinine, corporately asinine. Where you think your going to sell a product on the back of piss poor quality effort all because you can’t be bothered.
    I will never be satisfied or happy with this game’s ending… starts off great, plays through tremendously well and fun, and then we get to the end and are left scratching our heads like…. huh?? Seriously?? It is not okay, and there is no excuse.

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