Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater Pachislot playthrough videos show more remade scenes

A few days ago, on October 17, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater Pachislot was released in Japan. Since then, some users have been trying out the machines and uploading videos of their ‘playthroughs’ on Youtube. While this isn’t the reincarnation of Snake Eater most fans have been hoping for, and the gameplay (if you can call it that) doesn’t seem to be anything to write home about, the videos do provide a nice look at the new cinematics of the beloved PlayStation 2-classic.

For more videos of Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater Pachislot, follow this link.

  • “Somewhere out there… I know he’s laughing…”

  • Snake

    The knife is now into our hearts.

  • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

    Incoming stupid konami hate comments

  • Mr.Pony
  • What could have been…I’m still holding out for a remake on consoles.


    Konami have time to make cutscenes like this but dont have time to make a full remake of the game? Hmm…

    Maybe they will use it what they have already in the future for the remake.

    By the way that graphic is really nice.

    • This machine was made by KPE, which is another division of Konami:

      • ADAMJENSEN13

        I see. Thanks for info!

    • Full Options

      It is less simple unfortunately. They could import the cut-scenes in FoxEngine for the easiest part, but remastering gameplay sequences is an entire different beast that would cost a lot more.

      • ADAMJENSEN13

        Yeah youre right. But now they have already everything set. Jungle was made in Phantom pain, so they could just copy paste everything and make a full remake.
        Gameplay would be the same from Phantom pain so they dont have to do anything.

        • Full Options

          They could definitely have used TPP assets, however, redesigning all missions so that this material could stick with the MGS3 universe is still a way too substantial effort.
          You can unfortunately not copy-paste gameplay sequences / missions designed with the MGS3 engine because its architecture is way older and drastically different. It would be easier for them to re-write those entire sequences directly in FoxEngine but would need at least 2 years or something.
          After what we saw with Survive, Konami does not appear to consider such direction for now. Sorry for the bad news buddy.

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Its not Your fault that Konami prefer to work on Survive than on games that we fans would prefer to see! 🙂

            Maybe that survive is just a something that we can play tiil announcement of MGS6. I hope so.
            Finally MGS6 will be done anyway! XD
            But what story this could have… hmm… Solid again or new Snake clone?

          • Full Options

            It is not my fault, but don’t like to bring bad news, because I am glad you appreciated the franchise and sad to see you hit the same wishes than ours a bit abruptly… At least you have a whole MGS4 to distillate, enjoy every single second !

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Oh! Thats right man! There is still MGS4! I think this one can be one of the best mgs games cuz its more advanced than MGS1-3 and its previous to MGS5 which means stealth,camera etc are better than in MGS2 for example.
            Cant wait to play it!

          • Full Options

            Hey Dude, try to give us your feedback as usual ! I am curious about your appreciation of the way Koji-Pro handled the evolution of their gameplay through the opuses. Like how you feel its evolution from one chapter to another until reaching TPP’s.
            They always pioneered at lot of stuff in periods when rare ones were doing such research / taking real risks.

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Sure! When I will have chance to play it I will share my opinion with You guys! I am also really curious how it evolved from MGS3 to MGS4.
            MGS2 comparing to MGS1 was a mega evoltuion! Shooting in FPP, Hanging,body holding etc
            So I am curious what things were added to MGS4.
            MGS5 still my favorite cuz when it comes to gameplay it was the best MGS!

          • Full Options

            Heeeyyy Adam, yes, I guess you’ll have a full picture about Kojima Productions gameplay research talents after playing this missing masterpiece of puzzle you miss, even if I am sure you better guess its quality now. It is like that, Koji-Pro always kept improving their games whereas other studios would have more stuck to their previous sand-boxes.
            Happy gaming !

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Yeah I know what You mean. MGS is one of the few games that kept evolving from title to title. Its always oposite in many franchises.

            But there are also developers who are making things so different that its like a new game.
            Square Enix for example. From FFXII each new FF has a new battle system. Its like new games and its always the same developer.

            So Square is probably wining this battle! By the way cant wait to play FFXV!!! Can the best FF ever! Im not even watching trailers or read any news to keep all cool things to see by myself!

            Only thing I know about MGS4 that it has stunning graphic!

          • Full Options

            Yeah, maybe SE as well sorry, I am purposely rude with others, I know.. Since the unique studio to my eyes that was truly innovating homogeneously all their elements (gameplay, UI, rendering quality, AI, well all the prod, etc..) was destroyed last year, I guess I am becoming less tolerant these days, and I should not. ;D

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Yeah Square enix RULES! FF is my second favorite game series! I even like Final Fantasy 13!
            First place I think would go to Legend of Zelda and on third place would be Phantom Pain. Not whole MGS saga but Phantom pain. I know that can sound strange but Phantom pain is just the best MGS game! Maybe because it was my first mgs game. I dont know. Phantom Pain is AWESOME!

            There are of course other developers. like Rockstar! GTA is just the best!
            Yeah so there are few of them who still are making awesome games.

            I really cant wait to play MGS4!

          • Full Options

            That MGSV effect is perfectly normal. I have few friends I had to convince hard but after they saw the reviewers scores, they could not bypass this one and were just perfectly glued to it, hehe.
            I was not really saying that all other studios are mediocre neither, and you mentioned some that are really focused on pure entertainment, doing their very best to setup truly new experiences where some others would rather conform on slightly polishing their gameplay.
            Koji-Pro is in this pure tradition of serving unmatched gaming experience, stable menus / interfaces as well, along with gaming comfort / ergonomics, and more. They have a true vision of the product.

            Hopefully, those rare ones will largely inspire future studios so we can have more well finished products. It already begun actually, because costumers tastes are wildly evolving too towards true gaming. A lot of casual gamers turned into passionate ones these last decade.
            This is thanks to rare studios keeping doing the right stuff, putting themselves truly at risk to deliver the best games they can actually develop.

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            That is really great comment man! Like a speech! XD haha!

            You are absolutely right!

          • Full Options

            Glad you enjoyed it, but I did nothing more than reply to you buddy, so you are the one at the very root of all this.

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Haha! XD Thanks You think so!

    • apparently the CGI was made by an independent 3rd party hired by KPE (wich is a subdivision of Konami), but appears that they used some “fox engine assets” maybe those were created for the 3ds MGS3 promotional materials, (or even improved models form the “beta” before the 3ds version ended being a port instead of a remake), they even used the same 3d capture files, since animating with most of the work done they could get this thing ready in a year or less, also since this is CGI there’s no need to program anything or optimize models for realtime rendering…
      and even then they were lazy enough to don’t remake all the scenes from the virtuous mission, except for the moment snake jumps from the plane and Sokolov burning his papers, the bridge scene is just the ps2 version, also the ending scene at the oval office is just the ps2 version.

      • ADAMJENSEN13

        I just checked first time ever how this snake eater on 3ds looks like. Not that bad.

        I see. You can be right.

        Thanks for info!

  • FoxTamerMGO

    Such wasted potential.. 🙁

  • Full Options

    At least the good news is that every single cut-scene appear to have been remastered.
    I want to see this movie in a single row… (T___T)

    • Kinco Kincaid

      There were some scenes that were not remastered. The LBJ scene at the end before the Arlington scene looked to be HD collection.

    • Clementine TWD

      the Debriefing cutscene was from the HD collection…

  • Full Options


  • Kinco Kincaid

    At this point I’d be happy for just a movie version of these cutscenes.

    • Full Options

      I am just like imploring some Casino technician that have to service one unit, to kindly and temporarily plug the hard-drive on another system, copy what appear to be the biggest contiguous files and plug the whole stuff back afterwards. Is that too much to ask ? 😀

      • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

        Seems pretty easy
        Do you really have to remove the hard drive.
        Isn’t there another way to extract the video files

        • Full Options

          I think it would be the fastest way. You may try to boot KPE’s proprietary system (which should be some sort of custom derivation of a linux distro) in some kind of service mode, but the time you would take to figure out whether you can plug another volume to copy the file on it or use whatever shell you may be able to run without their permission and stuff like that.. Yeah, I believe I would prefer to simply first try to put their disk in slave mode inside another PC, see what we have and hopefully copy the files. But it also may become far more difficult if the volume or part of it are encrypted… However I don’t think they encrypted anything like their videos, but not sure tho.

  • Hablais

    Thanks for the article, but no thanks…

    • Bruuuh.

      I wanna play Mafia 3 (for the story) and Battlefield 1 for the multiplayer. But I’m a broke ass loser 🙁

      • Don’t play Mafia 3 for the story or anything. Honestly you will be so disappointed.

        • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)


        • I’ll take your word for it. I’ll just watch the cinematics on YouTube then. Fuck it

      • BF1 looks pretty awesome, apparently the singleplayer is great as well, which is awesome.

        • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

          Yeah it is much more personal instead of a Hollywood blockbuster trash. I played the harlem hellfighter one (The game belonged to my friend) yesterday and damn…

          • Yeah also the futuristic stuff from Call of Duty is getting tiresome, fighting hordes of robots all the time.

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

            Fps games in general are getting tiresome man
            Especially cock of doody

        • The story seems to be great but when it comes to gameplay? Meh. It’s overhyped and overrated because of CoD imo.

        • That’s what I keep on hearing as well. I’m hashtag curious

    • Nekkedsnake

      I got this on PC at release. Excellent game! I felt pretty accomplished after beating it. I still actually have more hidden things to find. I’m at 90%. Enjoy!

      • Thanks, good to hear!

    • It’s alright. I finished it and … The story is written by Rhianna Pratchet so don’t expect something great out of it. Your standard adventure. Uncharted 4 did it much better.

      • Well, the first one (2013 reboot) was enjoyable enough, so this one should be as well. But yeah, it probably won’t come close to UC4, but that’s alright.

    • Jav

      The first game was better. Here we have to see lara aiming in a strange angle. You walk a little then you fall. The story is a little stupid, they are always talking about “the evil trinity” and it sounds really lame. In some point you learn magically to do something with a rope, like uc4. Sometimes the enemies are looking the walls just to let you kill them with stealth. I just want to finish it to be able to play another games.

  • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

    After that Twd episode I know only two things
    1) Jeffrey and Lauren would make the perfect flashpoint Wayne couple
    2) Their writer needs to be locked in a car until he can master suspense and not boring-ness (even tho that doesn’t exist)
    3) The script leaks were right and this is the 1000009900909990990808989890908908098th I got leaked intentionally on something that was really hyped

    • Gatsu

      After that TWD episode, I know it fucked me up x_x…

      • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

        I cried despite getting spoiled
        I hate the actor playing Carl

      • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

        I’m so disappointed they didn’t kill Daryl to shut his fan girls up 🙁

  • Gianfranco Crocamo

    Now all that’s left is for someone to rip the cutscenes out of this, and paste the english voice actors on them. And Boom, MGS3 remastered.

    • Full Options

      Boom Ka-Boom ! 😀

    • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

      *Mgs3 CGI movie

  • took some of the cutscenes and replaced the audio with that from the game.

    • Full Options

      Sh.t I am in the train..
      Was it captured from misc youtube sequences or does it feels like original files without the slot’s UI on top ??

      • It’s taken from those YT recordings.

        • Full Options

          Ah ok, thanks, was going nuts about whether I would have a full MGS3 on tv tonight. xDxD
          Next time hopefully !

    • I honestly can’t watch it.
      I watched till 12 minutes and I’m done. Too much pain. It looks impressive. Mo-cap data is still in Konami for MGS3. That’s cool but damn… I want my remake or something interesting.
      I’m glad that old dudes are happy with their pachinko’s.

    • Full Options

      They did a great job, although I feel like Golgari right now… Can’t go further, the HALO sequence was so rocking with english dub.
      “But you’re Sooooo Supreeeeeeeme….”…

    • Alex

      Safe to assume these are all the cutscenes remade? Minus the gameplay/gambling segments in between and wacky cartoons.

      We just need a direct feed now somehow. The sky/clouds in the HALO jump look so impressive even in off-screen cell phone captured footage.

    • ChrisIII

      Kind of curious why they didn’t remake the “Big Boss” scene itself (It’s clearly still using the PS2 graphics), apart from adding the ‘debriefing’ stuff.

  • moto hellogoto

    The boss looks hot

  • Salad Snack

    I don’t like the face of The Boss…I miss these strong, gray eyes

  • The comment section is full of MGS ‘ruse cruisers’. 😛

    • Full Options

      Understand them… Mads has come to, after all… xD
      During the first seconds I was like in the Twilight Zone, almost hearing voices saying : “You’ve been in a coma for for some time now…”

        • Full Options

          LOL they are just never game over, these guys !? xD

          • Never.

            Ok maybe after all of this is over and well….there is nothing left but this phantom pain

          • Full Options

            Mmm… So not yet… It’s not over yet, then… ;D

          • I refuse to believe that it is over, Koji’s Metal Gear has to end with a “boom” bigger than our universe’s birth, the big bang.

          • Full Options

            Ah… If Konami was not a family business, a return could have been considered. Like in a lot of big groups some employees quit and sometimes come back if the head / politics of the group changes… But here, to only way to free Snake is either they sell the franchise or the group. Things went so personal with the board that even if they were proposed a nice offer, I bet they could keep the franchise just to annoy Hideo (of course with the condition to have him ok with the idea to work again on MGS which is not clear at all).

            I suppose we can however accommodate with multiple extra Koji-Booms and under a pure brand-new 100% Koji-Pro label !
            Today I watched again the interview at Develop when he was sitting next Mark and stated : “I am here to earn a lot more awards”
            I forgot this part but have to admit that it is always great and re-insuring sentences to hear again ! ;D

    • Yeap. No one gives a damn about Ford commercial. Everyone wants Kojima to confirm Mads for Death Stranding.

    • But what do you guys think about this?
      Pic on the left is from a fox engine tech demo afaik

    • Jav

      Best comment is “this is ford edge… arriving shortly at lz”.

      This is like doctor canavero all over again.

      • Full Options

        Ya this one was really funny / Pequod-style.

        • Jav

          Morpho style.

      • Would have been better if Nuclear by Mike Oldfield played (faintly from the radio) after Mads drove away with the car 😀

        Standing on the EDGE

    • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

      The man who sold the world’s opening notes played
      Probably temp music
      He then wore ocelot’s glasses
      I think it’s because Ford really loves Metal gear looool
      They even made a codec ad ,remember ?
      With David Hater and Paul Eiding

  • Shalashaska

    AS MUCH AS I WOULD LOVE to see my favorite MGS come alive in FOX engine. I hate the idea of paying for pachinko or anything MGS now. They seem to running the Franchise into the ground after Kojima left. Which was sorta obvious they would.
    EVEN IF they were to release this game in FOX engine, I wouldn’t get it just because It would be an obvious cash grab after disrespecting the ones who made it what it was.
    And I still dont like what Kojima did to David, Gosh, I hope they make up and Hayter is given some cameo in the next one ! xD

  • liquid66

    Hello guys,i found something interesting on youtube, seems legit check it out please what is your opinion ?

  • Hearing the menu music is bringing me back. Painful that they didn’t remake it.

  • Jefferson DE Almeida Cruz


  • Jefferson DE Almeida Cruz


  • Dr. Miles Manners

    This is as making a sandwich in front of starving people (with money to buy it, mind you) and proceed to put it in a flaming trash can full of manure.

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