The Art of Metal Gear Solid V out now, some sample pages released

Today is the release of The Art of Metal Gear Solid V, published by Dark Horse. This artbook contains concept and promotional artworks for both Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. Dark Horse has released some sample pages on their website, which you can see below.

the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-sample-page-1 the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-sample-page-2 the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-sample-page-3 the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-sample-page-4 the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-sample-page-5 the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-sample-page-6 the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-sample-page-7 the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-sample-page-8 the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-sample-page-9 the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-sample-page-10 the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-sample-page-11 the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-sample-page-12

Unfortunately it seems the Limited Edition has suffered a slight delay, and is set to ship at the beginning of next month. We will give a detailed look at that version when it arrives.

Source: Dark Horse

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