Death Stranding Low Roar vinyl single announced

During his Death Stranding panel at PlayStation Experience 2016, Kojima revealed what seems to be the first piece of merchandising for Death Stranding: a 12″ vinyl with Low Roar’s single ‘I’ll Keep Coming’, which featured in the game’s reveal trailer. On the B side is the song Kojima used for the PSX version of the second trailer, ‘Easy Way Out’. From the official product description:

Mondo, in conjunction with Kojima Productions, is proud to present a limited edition 12″ Single of Low Roar’s song “I’ll Keep Coming”, and “Easy Way Out” as featured in the trailers for the forthcoming Hideo Kojima game Death Stranding.

Pressed on 180 Gram Clear with Heavy Black Splatter Vinyl. 

ARTWORK BY: Randy Ortiz

death-stranding-low-roar-vinyl death-stranding-low-roar-vinyl-back

The single will release next year for a price of $15. You can pre-order by following the link in the source section.

Source: Mondotees

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