Close Up: The Art of Metal Gear Solid V Limited Edition

More than a year after the launch of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Konami, in collaboration with Dark Horse Comics, published an art book featuring the various artworks for both Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. Unlike previous Metal Gear books, this one was aimed at the western market, specifically North America and Canada, whereas earlier books only released in Japan. Two different versions were made available: a normal edition and a special edition limited to 400 copies (according to Konami). A digital version for Kindle is also available. The limited edition is by far the most expensive and contains several extras.

The first thing you’ll notice is the fact that this package is pretty huge and heavy. The outer box of the collector’s edition is made to look like an ammunition container, complete with Diamond Dog logo and scratch marks.


You open the box from the side, revealing its contents. First of all, of course, the art book itself.


It is a large book with a hardcover featuring an artwork of Snake and his dog. Interestingly, this was one of the very first artworks released for the game, and as you can see the dog is still a Rhodesian ridgeback.


One neat little detail is the exclamation mark on the side of the pages.


It also comes with a metal Diamond Dogs ID tag, that you can use as a bookmark. On one side it has the logo and on the other side the text ‘We Are Diamond Dogs’.

Time to take a look at its contents. The book contains 224 pages that have been divided into 3 chapters (Ground Zeroes, The Phantom Pain, Kingdom of the Flies), with a total of 13 subchapters.


It opens with a foreword by Yoji Shinkawa, who is of course the art director for this game.


The first chapter is dedicated to the art of Ground Zeroes. There’s promotional artwork, character sketches and interface visuals, and some gorgeous looking location artworks.

the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-cqcthe-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-ground-zeroes-alienthe-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-camp-omega the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-ground-zeroes-art-chopper

As you would expect the majority of the book is filled with art for The Phantom Pain. There are all kinds of different visuals, from the various weapons, gadgets and vehicles to character sketches and locations.

the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-promotional-art the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-prologue-artsthe-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-beach the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-snake-shinkawa the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-ishmael the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-intro the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-iconography the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-handguns the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-d-horse the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-d-dog the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-bionic-arms the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-battlethe-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-shining-lights the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-armored-vehiclethe-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-rifles the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-armored-vehicles

As always, one of the most fascinating things are the early concepts that show some of the different approaches explored by the creators. Ever wondered what Skull Face would have looked like if he had not lost his face? Or how about the different versions of Quiet? Or the concept arts for this unused Chico?

the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-snake-concept-artsthe-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-snake-sketches the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-naked-quiet-concept-art the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-man-on-firethe-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-skull-facethe-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-sheep-hat the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-eli

There’s also a storyboard for what seems to be an early concept for the game’s title screen.

the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-title-screen-face the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-title-screen

Then there are a few pages with artworks from the scrapped mission 51 (Kingdom of the Flies). We can see some of the environments and concepts for the boss battle against Sahelanthropus.

the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-kingdom-of-the-flies the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-kingdom-of-the-flies-locations the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-kingdom-of-the-flies-battle

Lastly, there is one more bonus included with this particular version: a fine art print from illustrator Ashley Wood of Snake and Quiet engaged in battle.

the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-fine-art-print-closed the-art-of-metal-gear-solid-v-limited-edition-fine-art-print

In conclusion, this is a nice item for the avid Metal Gear collector. Its cool packaging and limited run make it an attractive addition to the collection. However those people who are mainly interested in the art itself, the much cheaper alternative of the regular edition or even the digital version may be a more fitting option. Not to mention this version is no longer available at most stores.

The Art of Metal Gear Solid V Limited Edition
Published in the US on November 29th 2016 by Dark Horse Books
ISBN 978-1-50670-267-4


  • Mr.Pony

    Goat hat looks cool.

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    Ouch !!!! Thanks !

  • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

    Thanks for reporting boss
    I love that carpet btw 😉

  • Batzi

    Holy shit this looks absolutely stunning!

  • Gatsu

    Damn epic <3…

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    Aside all, this Snatcher is just… Fantastic… Reminds me something… Something good… ;D
    DD’s clothing page is very serious-fun…

  • Venom_Sina

    Damn, it’s good.
    Thanks for the close up,Boss.

  • Ardens Anima

    That art of the pose of Venom and Quiet is awesome.

    Also, dat early Quiet art. ;D

  • Lex Radu
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      You are not creazy Lex… Just curious… I doubt they are anything related but in Yoji’s very idea of evil. Just wait and see !
      Edit : I am sure “HE” is not pregnant…

      • Lex Radu

        I just can’t wait to play it.

      • Lex Radu

        Also, seeing how Kojima described that for Gameplay you will have both options of Stick and Rope…i think is safe to assume that these 2 Gameplay features will be Shooting for “Sticks”, as for Ropes…well, get ready to connect to Objects and Skulls, to “Secure them” as yours, and use them against your enemies, with the black oil as fuel, giving us the option to become 1 with Mads’s Character!

        Yeah, that’s what i’m expecting, a Game of “Am i being Hypocritical?” ending asking ourselves “Who was the Villain, Mads, or Norman…Us?”

        You know how they say, fight Fire with Fire!

        • Full Options

          You mean the ultimate choice between the right and the Dark side, don’t you ?? ;D
          Let’s train and wait for the answer…

          • Tom Brearley-Smith

            We’re gonna need a montage! (A montage)
            Even Rocky had a montage! (A montage)

          • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

            Prepare your raw eggs ,Beef’s dead bodies and boxing gloves guys
            This is getting more and more exciting

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          • Tom Brearley-Smith

            When I think montage, I think this (other than Rocky, that is).

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            ;D Still fits ! just play your vid, you’ll see the gif-rocky on top in sync with the song… xD

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            Have you not heard of Team America? Haha.

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            Not really
            I’m a loser who doesn’t really know stuff at all
            Will look into it 😛

          • Tom Brearley-Smith

            If you’re considering looking into it, just do it! I think it’s one of Parker and Stone’s better works (other than South Park, obviously).

    • Suzaku
  • Xilurm

    Hah, I figured there wouldn’t be any nude art this time around since the way politics are during these past few years but I see that doesn’t stop Yoji. Anyway, was Quiet supposed to be blonde? I think I prefer her art tbh. I am using the Sniper Wolf outfit for her after all.

  • Jav
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  • MrVux007

    That hospital artwork intrigued me…as if they planned to make Big Boss lose almost every limb after Gz.Now that would be even more messed up.

    In other news,just wanted to share this with you guys.My little cousin just got his current gen console so decided to get him the best gift possible for Christmas.I think these are a perfect intro pack for this gen,don’t ya think guys?

    But the real reason why I wanted to share this is the pricing of these games.They were not used and yet the total price for these 3 games was 241,02 Yuans which is around 35$.
    Hong Kong just became much more lovable city that I considered staying here ^^.
    Joking aside if you guys are ever in HK or even in Singapore during holiday,consider taking a look in local hardware store,you never know what you will find.

    • Gatsu

      Wow that’s cheap and yeah, truly a perfect starter pack :D! I’ve never been there, but maybe someday. Good to see you bro .

      • MrVux007

        The city is huge,and thankfully almost everyone speaks English close to fluent.
        But it’s maybe too huge,so if you don’t like constant rush-hours,big crowds and ofc lack of fresh air it may not be for you.
        Its a hell of city to behold especially for the first time you see it.But I wouldn’t like to be there longer then few days.
        I grew up in city that maybe has 40000 citizens and I still sometimes feel uncomfortable with the crowds.
        Now imagine how I felt in a city that has over 7MILLION citizens.

    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

      I went to SG this year
      Pretty expensive
      But HK has some good stuff
      I remember buying sly Cooper,crysis’ ps3 version(Ik I am stupid) and another one which I gifted to my elder cousin
      Pretty cheap there compared to my country

      • MrVux007

        Hmm interesting do you recall which part of Singapore were you in? I was in Little India, Lavender Street and Arab Street and some other districts and I found some nice n cheap shops near Moon 23 hotel(also a nice “budget” hotel).

        • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

          So Orchard and Chinatown
          I stayed in Chinatown in 2013
          I love that place
          I don’t like little India
          In 2013 it was okay but this year it was dirty af
          I then went to stay in Bangkok which was really cheap
          I prefer Thailand over SG
          Because of that I get called “Satay” by my friends -_-

          • MrVux007

            Isnt Satay a dish in Indonesia? 😀

          • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

            But people here think it’s Thai -_-
            Hence why it’s annoying
            Speaking of satay near the huge garden in Sg(forgot the name) I had some nice satay
            Probably the best I’ve ever eaten 🙂

          • MrVux007

            You must be referring to “Gardens by the bay” restaurant.I’ve been there so I know of which you are talking about,trully delicious dishes there. 🙂

          • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

            Yep spot on dude
            That’s the one
            Pardon my weak memory
            And yeah the dishes are really delicious there

          • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

            It was actually “Satay by the bay”
            But I have also been to the “gardens by the bay” restaurant

          • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

            Near Gardens by the bay I think

    • Lex Radu

      Perfect indeed!

    • Venom_Sina

      Add a Bloodborne and the collection is complete 😀

      • MrVux007

        Hey i did say “intro” pack,
        I don’t want to spoil the little brat too much now 😛

    • Biggy

      They wsnted him to los some of his fingers too

    • Biggy

      Dang noticed every limb! That is just sick lol

    • proceeder

      Why would you go and spend money on the definitive experience when you know Kojima, Shinkawa and their team won’t be receiving the revenues? Speak with your wallet, stand up to corporate coercion.

  • Schnoy

    So they aren’t numbered?

    • Doesn’t seem to be the case, no.

      • Schnoy

        Well, that’s too bad. Still a great item though!

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    @Nyxus this image points towards the previous one when we click on it in your close up..
    Thanks again… That hand in the hospital… is the real phantom one.. ;D

    • Thanks for the heads up, should be fixed now.

      • Full Options

        My pleasure. ;D

  • Lex Radu

    LMAO, Changing Quiet’s model with Normans, gives Silent Hills’s Norman cuffs on the same left hand Death Stranding Norman has.
    Either Kojima knew this will eventually happen, through modding, and gave DS Norman the cuffs on the same had as Quiet, or Kojima loves focusing on the left hand for some reason.

    Tinfoil theory: It’s the left hand because he just…

    “Left” Konami! (Ba-dum-tssss)

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      [blatantly sampled from The Who’s ‘Won’t Be Fooled Again’]

  • Lex Radu

    Leaked Footage of Konami’s failed assassination attempt at Kojima after TGA 2016!

  • Lex Radu
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