Guillermo del Toro on his role in Death Stranding: ‘This is entirely Kojima-san’s game’

In an interview with IGN, Guillermo del Toro talked about his involvement in Kojima’s next game Death Stranding. He made clear that other than being a character in the game, he isn’t creatively involved in the project, and it’s ‘entirely Kojima-san’s game’.

“I’m involved as a character. Kojima-san called me and said, ‘I want you to be a character in the game,’ and I said, ‘Gladly.’ He’s discussed his ideas so I could understand the character, but other than that I’m not involved, creatively, at all.”

“This is entirely Kojima-san’s game. I think it’s gonna be a fantastic game, 100%. But this is him and his ideas. I’m just a puppet in his hands. My contribution is limited to being a cheerleader for his ideas and being scanned for long hours at a time. That’s about it.”

During last year’s Game Awards, Kojima debuted a new trailer in which we can see del Toro’s character.

“We did incredibly detailed scanning. It took about seven hours or so, just for the scanning alone. We did it with almost three time the number of cameras you normally use for medium or close-up models. I’ve done scanning myself in my movies, and I know that what he did allows me to be a real character in the game, for sure.”

Source: IGN

  • Del Toro seriously says some of the best shit haha

    “My contribution is limited to being a cheerleader for his ideas and being scanned for long hours at a time. That’s about it.”

    It’s crazy thinking about how long it takes to scan an actor. You’d think the process would get faster. But with more advances in the technology they takes more time & more data to get even better results. We’ll be having some crazy looking games in the next 10 years.

    Technology is outta hand.

    • Cheruby

      Eventually it’ll be faster yeah, but the reason why it takes forever is bc of the fidelity of the textures and graphics. On one hand it’s take a breeze to scan him for a game that would have come out 10 years ago like MGS snake eater or so, but the fidelity of the scan wouldn’t be as great as a game found from a studio today. It’s basically the same reason why rendering takes so long and has only been getting longer and longer. Though I think in recent years it has started to get faster?

      ANYWAY, hope this makes sense.

      • Nah yea, I totally understand. That’s what I tried to convey in my comment but I suck haha

    • Lex Radu

      I guess it takes longer because Kojima for now has limited men power, so it will take more time to make it perfect!

      • It’s just that things are in way higher quality and it’s more data. I’m sure he’s got the proper staff for modeling.

        • Lex Radu

          I sure hope, but even if he doesn’t on a…let’s say “Ubisoft Scale” then it’s OK, because i don’t want this Game rushed anyway!

    • Well, you need to capture not only his face and body… but some of the emotions. Maybe even if the game will have sun or some “specific lighting” you need to shoot him in that environment. I mean, scanning is not actually advanced that really because of the cameras that are evolves at the slow pace and the most high end can cost up to 10000$-20000$ and imagine, you need 20-30 of these.

      Software helps, but still not enough.

    • Full Options

      Photogrammetry problems often come from depth of field for each given parallax / angle. Precision is not homogeneous across the whole pictures, with areas of the picture sharper and other more blurry.
      There are various possible explanations about why it takes more time, but I believe one could be also that the more your tools become precise, harder it become to have your actors really still at this level of detail, and hereby really take advantage of this high precision.
      The strategy would then be to shoot a lot more samples so they can choose between a wider range of pictures to let them (or the software, depending how clever it is) later on combine the parts of the shots with cleanest / sharpest areas.

  • Lex Radu

    Just saw a video on someone comparing Psycho Mantis to Death Stranding, how Death Stranding is basically what Hideo touched briefly with Mantis in the MGS series, but on a huge scale, and how Death Stranding will not break the forth wall, but will be completely removed from the start of the game.

    Theory: Now imagine Starting the game, and you get to control the main character played by Norman…but then have his character notice that he is being controlled, asking what the hell is going on, like moving unvoluntarily, like noticing his head is being moved when you move the camera, his legs are going beyond his control, and that our very first mission would be to communicate with Norman, to create a bond between us, the Homo Ludens, and him, the character.

    And given what we have seen so far of Mads, he is Supersane, his character is aware of the VG world he is in, and he is taking full advantage of it, from controlling NPC AI, to taking advantage of the Magic pockets, filling them with an arsenal of weapons and items, leveling up to be strong enough confront us, the Homo Ludens, and make a point.

    And Yes, i’m expecting our first encounter with Mads’s Character to be with … us, not Norman, kinda like how Assassin’s Creed did with the Ancients talking to Desmond through Ezio, but on a bigger scale, starting to mess with the game itself, and even try to turn Norman against, showing him that all this time he was never in control…HELL, knowing Kojima, i expect Mads to show Norman an recording of us playing Death Stranding, and depending on how we played so far, if we killed or not, Norman will have to chose between Mads and Us, the only moment when Norman is actually free of our control…making this moment the ultimate Game Over to those who played it like a Shooter, and not like a Kojima Game, and the most Badass way to connect to your playable character quite literally to those who respected Norman’s Character.

    TL;DR: Death Stranding could be for Gamers what Whetworld was for TV Audience, rooting for the Artificial Characters (Westworld=The Robots, DS=VG Characters) and making us feel like they are actual beings, artificial or not!

    1 line i will quote from Westworld, this is not a spoiler, so relax, is that at some point a Male Character asks another Female Character that is kinda…hitting on him if she is a Human or a Cyborg Host, to which she replies “If you can’t tell the difference, does it really matter?” while giggling!

    That’s easy 1 of my favorite lines from that show!

    Conclusion: This would also explain why Mads, since he is an expert at playing manipulative characters!

    • JablokoMoloko86

      What if we don’t controll him at all ? I have also an interesting theory that we players are The God himself. We can;t controll player but we controll environment , time , dimension , weather , machinery. The character of Norman will live by his own. Use his own AI inteligence. Maybe we can even be a God that want;s to kill Norman. That would be crazy. What If Mads is on our side ?

      • Lex Radu

        Unlikely, given the fact that Kojima compared it gameplay wise with games like Uncharted and The Deivision, meaning it is a Third Person Shooter after all, and not a Real Time Strategy, as you’re describing it.

        Maybe that will become an option after we beat the game, but, no, this is a still Shooter!

  • I’m glad that it’s pure Kojima on this. Don’t get me wrong, but I felt kind of worried that Del Toro would mess around something. He’s done good things, but not great, imho.

    • Lex Radu

      Herd Yakuza is good.
      PS: Joe perfectly described it in the intro, LMAO!

      • Yeah the story is also supposed to be good.

      • Full Options

        Joe previously showed himself as an extreme complete noob regarding MG, but kind of admitted it later on, by better analyzing the games, or at least acknowledging there is way much behind his first glances at them, so I trust him.. Besides, one or two friends clearly spoke about Yakuza like a serious GTA competitor… Can you guys confirm !? Was (o_O), I may definitely consider a shot at a collection or something..

        • It’s not really like GTA though. There is a city you can explore freely and take on side quests but it’s not an open world sandbox game.

          • Full Options

            Thanks Nyxus, really appreciated. Was wondering. Looks really cool seeing you guys dive into it.. This looks quite solid !!

          • Yakuza 0 seems like a good entry point to get into the series. But maybe check out some gameplay to see if it’s your kind of game.

          • Full Options

            Thanks for the advices ! ;D Will figure this out.

        • Lex Radu

          What he criticized was what Konami tried to do by separating GZ from MGSV, that GZ should have been nothing but a demo!

          • Full Options

            That’s the past, but from what I remember, he evaluated GZ like a full title, totally ignoring how well the gameplay was polished. He completely missed the whole Koji-Pro stealth legacy at this time.. But that’s all right, they are funny dudes just running a show and slowly improving their editorial line.

          • Lex Radu

            Ah, no, he clearly said that the Gameplay, the Story (how little it is) and the Graphics are AMAZING, but that it’s way to expensive for what it is, that’s why he gave it a 5/10, because the 40$ price, is price of a full Game, Mad Max was 40$, so he reviewed it as such.

          • Full Options

            All right, I am not angry_Options anymore against angry Joe, no worries. It is just the tone he used… Maybe I was not familiar enough with his format… But he should not have noted it like a complete game, since Koji-Pro never hid the size of GZ nor expected any normal reviews. The price was high, that’s true, but the sandbox was in there and fully operational. Maybe I would have better accepted a different type of notation then. I mean if Koji-Pro had any doubt about whether the game was about to be judged like a full game, and if they did not have any possible pressure from up-stairs, they would not have even published it like that. It is not their style. I had the impression that he did not enough insisted on the truly innovative and comfortable nature of the gameplay proposed.
            For TPP for example, he underlined the Quiet controversy with a bit too feminist style, instead of understanding HK’s touch like any regular fan.. But that’s ok, I appreciate the dude anyways.

    • Full Options

      No way, wtf Boss & IGN are mixing.. Tomorrow… This is Tokyo, with DS track..

    • Lex Radu

      “Shut up and take my money, take all the guys money, take everyone’s money!” quote – Fat Kevin Smith

      • Full Options

        AKA Silent Bob !!! 😀

    • Uhh for some reason IGN blocked me on twitter… aight then.

    • Just a guess, I think Kojima will show it’s studio and a bunch of interviews with him and Mads Mikkelsen.

    • Full Options

      Mmmh… 25 Jan 10:30 PM PT = 26 Jan 06:30 AM UTC, right ?
      I suppose we should hang around IGN’s Youtube channel for breakfast tomorrow…, I first thought they were using Tokyo time, would have been in only 4 hours, but nah, PST so… Tomorrow, in 20 hours.. xD

  • Lex Radu

    Soooo Hideo Kojima just retweeted Gal Gadot’s posting a WW Fan art by…a fan, he did it from his Japanese account, his main one!

    He could just like the drawing. Take what you will out of this.

  • Full Options

    Holy sh.t… Koji-Tools… 😀

  • Full Options

    xDxD Wanna dream ?? How about even a demo on the PlayStation store then ?? ;D

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

      Or a surprise release tomorrow XD

      • Full Options

        Both with the announce that Koji-Pro bought MGS franchise + FoxEngine from Konami… xDxD

        • Lex Radu

          Plot Twist: Metal Gear is in the world of DS!

          • Full Options

            He’ll just not be legally allowed to call Yoji’s mechas Metal Gears anymore but they will be Metal Gears !!

    • Lex Radu

      Got a better dream.
      A demo on Steam!

  • PrinceHeir

    I do hope he still does some game project where he is actively part of the creative process.

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