Death Stranding will have some humor in it

Kojima’s past games have covered serious topics, but at the same time also had some silly humor in them. For Kojima, this sort of comic relief is important to balance the emotion, as he explained in an earlier interview with Edge.

Now, in a new an interview with Glixel, Kojima was asked if the same goes for his next game, Death Stranding. What we have seen so far of the game seems to be rather dark and gloomy, but according to Kojima, we don’t have to worry that this means it will be devoid of any lighter moments.

“Humor is a very important aspect for games. You play a game for a very long time – Death Stranding is a big game, too – and you put stress on the player and you lead them through peaks and valleys. Humor is an important aspect to make sure the player can enjoy playing across these peaks and valleys. So we’ll have humor in this game too, but to a degree that it doesn’t ruin the world setting. It will be at an appropriate level.”

Kojima also said he’s not pursuing a dark aspect to the game.

“Death Stranding is not a horror game. I just wanted to make something that looks very unique, something you haven’t seen before, something with a more artistic slant to it.”

Another things Kojima’s work is known for is breaking the forth wall, such as having to switch controller ports to defeat Psycho Mantis in MGS1, or even have the player be a part of the story’s theme, like in MGS2. For his future work, Kojima is planning to continue this blurring of different realities.

“In Metal Gear Solid you had to look at the back of the package to get the codec frequency, things like that. I don’t want to use the same tricks again in the future but I would like to continue to break the fourth wall. I always want to be the first guy to do things no one has ever done before.”

To read the full interview on Glixel, follow the link in the source section below.

Source: Glixel

  • Can Kojima surpass Cardbord box? That is the question!

    • Lex Radu

      Yes, he can!

      • Tom Brearley-Smith

        Nothing is impossible!

        • Lex Radu

          Everything is True!

          • Tom Brearley-Smith

            Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

          • Lex Radu


  • Lex Radu

    The whole article is worth reading guys, do it, trust me!

    As for the humor, is nice to have a confirmation from the man himself that he hasn’t changed, and never will!

    • Antonio Neto

      more daddy jokes coming.

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  • Lex Radu
  • Lex Radu
    • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

      Damn I love that shot. Dat lighting… The imagery of a genius at work 😛

      • MrVux007

        Of God*

  • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

    In other news,IMDB message boards have closed.
    All thanks to stupid trolls and their stupid fandoms of worthless popcorn formulaic films that they deem masterpieces.And yes I’m talking about a Disney franchise extremely huge that isn’t Star Wars.Smh.RIP

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      And by “Disney franchise extremely huge that isn’t Star Wars,” you mean Marvel, right?

      • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

        Not just marvel , trolls in general

      • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

        Yes Captain Obvious /s
        Jokes asides comic book fans are the most cancerous
        Harry Potter fans are like buddhist monks compared to them

  • MrVux007

    Only one way to react to this

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    Cool RTX interview…
    Interesting about how people, behave (me included) like kids, so enthusiast and passionate about DS that they keep forgetting a game, and specially a Kojima one requires at least 3-4 years. Must be hard but also flattering for him to handle such pressure… 😀
    I mean who really want the game to be released this year for example ?
    I don’t want to buy an empty Kojima game !? xD

    It is like some are almost “mad” at him, raging at the fact that 2019 is too far, and he should not tease with it that soon, BS like that.. xDxD

    At worse, I am even pretty comfortable with the idea of having it for PS5 (=O), if it was the only solution for having it properly polished…
    Of course he’ll publish during the PS4 pro, but a game not Koji-polished is not a Kojima game !? xD
    Even with FoxEngine, he would have spent at least 3-4 years, so we are even pretty lucky to have him adapt as well to a new engine within those 3 years…
    This takes a lot of time… Poor dudes must have tremendous tasks…

    Good Luck Boss !!!!

    • MrVux007

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes it cross-gen if the game releases anywhere past late 2020.
      But considering PS5 will likely be a cloud/streaming machine it puts even that to question,so only time will tell.
      But we are talking about things that are still early to discuss,and the most fun time is ahead of us,pre-game-release demos,disscussions,theory-s,trailers and the hype train is what makes Kojima Production games so fun.
      Heck MGI was so alive when we would get even a small fragment of MGSV revelead.The same case will be with Death Stranding as the game gets more developed.
      Now thats what im looking forward to.

      • It won’t be a streaming machine. No way in hell. Moving to 4K resolution, with internet we have right now streaming 4K games would be impossible for most of the countries. Not to mention about a decent farm of hardware.

        Playstation 5 will have a standard hardware with 4K games in it and when Ps5 will come out, most of the games won’t be in 4K… some games will be in 1440p.

        • Full Options

          Correct, they are so comfortable with this breathe of oxygen that represent this Jaguar-like APU that they may stick to such unified memory architecture for a while.

        • MrVux007

          I dont see a reason why would they target 4K instead of 1080p 60fps.Besides if the rumors are true you wouldnt need more then 20mbps for optimal experiance.
          But as i said still to early to discuss on rumors.

          • Full Options

            Since I know you love being flooded like that I decided to write you this piece of following poetry : 😛 + xD

            Interesting… Considering those 20 MBps are expressed in bytes rather than bits, and depending on the compression scheme for the transmission…

            Let’s take a look at the raw cost of such images in a regular console if not compressed to have a context :
            We know that the raw buffer RAM budget for 1080p is 1920 * 1080 * a fair palette depth of say 4 bytes per pixel (32 bits so 8 bits per channel RGBA) = 8294400 so a buffer ~ 8.3 MBytes.
            For 4K UHD-1 (3840 * 2160), we have around 33.1 MBytes. In order to address a raw 1080p image buffer in RAM at 60 fps, you need a CPU-RAM bus bandwidth of a little less than 500 GBytes / sec and nearly 2 TBytes / sec for a 4K one.

            Compression has a charge / cost, server like client side as well. Aside that, 20 MBytes / sec should give pretty lossy although quite fair results at 1080p, but for a movie and at 24 fps, with compression schemes such as say H264/MPEG4.
            But the movie is already compressed, which took some processing time to previously bake.
            The problem is that here, the server needs camera / character position changes updates (etc..), and compress on the fly the stream, before sending it across the net.
            So even at 1080p, you need a quite heavy processing charge to compress data of 60fps streams. Between the moment you send your input controller update to the server, so he knows what to compress @60fps I suppose it would require a substantially higher bandwidth and great server processing budget, but hard to tell how much exactly without some tests at various compression levels..

          • MrVux007

            So pretty much the key to it is better server budget and compression method(along with server security and stability ofc)?
            I only pulled that number from PS NOW and Nvidia Shield examples,many outlets pointed out that 20mbps is needed for optimal experience.

            And there is the case of Sony’s purchase of Gaikai and OnLive along with hundred other cloud-based tech/patents.It would be kinds strange if they made those purchases at random,if anything its leaning towards that they are future proofing their cloud-based product(if there is one in plans ofc).

            But in the end of the day im the padawan and you are the master in this case,cuz i know “fuck all” when it comes to these kind of things XD

          • Full Options

            They probably have serious plans behind those purchase, you are right. In terms of pure raw bandwidth, maybe they can achieve convincing results with 20 mbps for 1080p, but you know how it always is… The difference between how they market things and the real experience… We need to check the possible laggyness and macro-blockyness with our own eyes to be fixed on this matter.
            In all case they need a really efficient compression method and a hell of a mainframe to sustain a consequent number of players on their servers.
            Although with the proper money and thanks to latest tech breakthroughs, you can now virtualize a system running on infinite number of CPUs…
            The processing can be definitely addressed I think but network infra-structures to reach costumer’s homes should still be a quite big concern for console manufacturers that consider such paths.

            Their market may also heavily vary according to distance of costumers from their operator’s demux.. Big cities first in all cases..
            Sony looks quite keen about the performance, experience quality. We will see what all those hardware dudes are after..

          • Because they need to sell TV’s and other format. They have Sony pictures also moving to that format. We are moving towards 4K.
            1080p and 60 fps not every game needs honestly. Some cinematic experience is alright at 30 fps.
            this is how companies are going forward. You can already see that with Project Scorpio from Microsoft.

          • MrVux007

            You might be right about PS5,tho it would really benefit us quite a lot if they turn it into streaming-device.

            That aside,isn’t Scorpio suppose to be like PS4Pro mid-gen upgrade,only better?

          • Yeah, that’s how Microsoft presented it.

      • Full Options

        Well said, can’t wait for da hype yet around the firsts gameplay footages… I can yet imagine us completely volcanic + nuclear when it will happen… xDxD

        Regarding cross-gen and stuff, I think Cerny and Co. won’t take any risk in simplifying layers enabling to easily patch PS4 titles to PS5.
        I feel it will be more straight forward for them to stick to a globally very close architecture, to kind of finally let titles benefit more from a simple resolution and fps boost from PS5, with less efforts to tune the title to it, like in previous difficult cross-gen situations.
        PS3 architecture was exciting for Sony dudes, but was clearly a too risky endeavour to have a that extra-terrestrial CPU like CellBE…
        They won’t take such risk anymore. Or at least they may more properly plan such type exotic research than in the past.

  • Gatsu

    Some humor is always welcome imo 🙂 and Kojima knows how to do it ^_^.

    “It will be at an appropriate level.”

    We’ll see about that xD.

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