Mads Mikkelsen got lost when Kojima tried to tell him the plot of Death Stranding

In a video recorded by someone attending Saudi Comic Con in Jeddah, Mads Mikkelsen talked briefly about his involvement in Death Stranding and meeting Kojima to work on the project. “He was trying to tell me the whole plot of the game.” Mads said. “And it’s so elaborate that… I mean, I got lost. But I really wanted to learn more.”

He also talked a bit about motion capture, how it was different from what he usual does, but Kojima made him feel really at home and relaxed. Someone from the audience asked if he heard the rumor about Emma Stone being involved in the game. “I don’t know about that, but I really like that rumor.” Mads replied. “That’s a lovely rumor.”

Mads was impressed by Kojima’s brand new workplace and all the clever people working there. “I went to his office in Tokyo a month ago and it’s absolutely fantastic what he’s doing there.”

Source: Ema Cadaver Twitter (Saudi Comic Con)

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    Thx for sharing. Mads is a so positive guy.. We are lucky to have him in the game.

    • Yeah, and he’s a great actor. Should be good.

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        Yet his performance in the trailer is so deep… Can’t wait for the rest !!

        • And the fact that he said he isn’t a villain, there are probably multiple layers to his character.

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            Could we imagine that if his body is indeed not the villain’s, but since he performs the villain that controls his body, Mads acting / performance serves the behavior Kojima wants to give to the villain soul ?
            This would then match both Kojima’s and Mikkelsen’s statements ?

  • Guys, playing Horizon:ZD right now. This is I made with Photo Mode:

    Game is awesome. I recommend everyone.

    • How’s the gameplay feeling like?
      As good as MGSV?

      • Gameplay is freakin amazing. I’m super surprised by that. Action gameplay on par with Japanese games when it comes to mechanics. Stealth is a bit too forgiving for the ploayer, but that is fine.

        My only issue that roleplaying system and quests are kinda not as good as in Witcher 3. The story and dialogs are good btw.
        Creatures AI is excellent.

        But the action and the HUNT theme is the best in the industry. Honestly, it’s the best PS4 excusive right now. without a doubt… My favorite is still Bloodborne but this game does everything right.

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        • deanbosnjak

          What do you mean about quests not being as good as in witcher? I watched first 2 hours and i was fairly linear and pretty awesome. Do game quests tend to be boring after the game opens up more?

          • Not really. They are the same. Quests in the game are not that amazing compared to other tripple AAA Action RPG games. They are too simplistic.

            If they will make Horizon 2, which they will make obviously, I hope that quests will be improved.

          • William Orlando Figueroa

            Personally, while the quests are not as great as The Witcher 3, I still think they are almost as good, if not better, as Fallout New Vegas/4’s quests. And besides, atleast in the game, everything doesn’t feel too much like a chore, like in most RPGs with generic “Kill/Collect X and talk to people” side quests (SAO and Trails of Cold Steel I’m looking at you).

        • William Orlando Figueroa

          This. In my opinion, Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn, Yakuza and Bloodborne are the best PS4 exclusives and can put some of XBO exclusives to shame (kinda…sort of…I dunno, I just like Nioh more Halo Wars 2 f*ck it).

          Lots of people say that Uncharted 4 is the best exclusive, and while the game is great, is still not clearly the best. Some moments in the campaign are bit “cringey”, the Uncharted theme wasn’t added on the menu, multiplayer suffered from microtransactions and gimmicks, the majority of the game focused on walking, talking and climbing, survival mode (while not bad) is not as great as Uncharted 2’s coop mode, and they removed Doughnut Drake. Oh, and the game is yet to have any collaboration dlc. I mean, Uncharted 2’s multiplayer had Cole McGrath and Chimera as playable characters, so why couldn’t Uncharted 4 have something like that? Atleast add some costumes, like from Horizon, Bloodborne, Infamous Second Son, Until Dawn, hell even The Order 1886.

          • PuppetMaster

            “the Uncharted theme wasn’t added on the menu”

            The ending credit and the MP menu had UC theme.

            “multiplayer suffered from microtransactions and gimmicks”

            MP was awesome much better than UC3 and as fun if not more fun than UC2. Microtrans is very optional and they gave tons of easy daily challenge where everyone can complete it and obtain enough points to unlock all stuff without spending a single penny. I myself played UC4 MP daily and so far i didn’t spend a single penny to unlocks skins, taunt, etc.

            “the majority of the game focused on walking, talking and climbing”

            Sounds like you didn’t play the game and just ignored Madagascar and the Island part where players can explore the huge map with jeep and boat. Not to mention the awesome chasing scene, puzzles, stealth, etc. Even the action is more dynamic and solid than previous games.

            I’m glad UC4 didn’t end up only shoot and shoot every single time. Instead it have plenty of variation and take it’s time to follow and enjoy Drake last journey to search for Henry’s Avery ‘Libertalia’, one if not the biggest mystery of pirate treasure of all time.

            “Oh, and the game is yet to have any collaboration dlc.”

            The game still get plenty of updates. Maybe they will add some characters later.

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      Wooosh… Happy Decima buddy !!!

      • After playing with the game for about 5 hours, I understand why Kojima choose this engine. It’s amazing. It has destruction capabilities in it, visuals are top notch. Everything is done right. Like absolutely everything and you can’t really complain when it comes to visuals. If Death Stranding’s photoreaslim will look as good as artistic-style visuals in Horizon… Holy shhh…
        It’s 30 frames per second are smoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooth. So smooth like I’m playing a good PC game.

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          Very interesting, thanks for the feedback !

          Yet in the vid you shared last time, I was also like (o_O) at the shadows sharpness… Even if the dude said that it won’t apply for all shadow situations, I never saw that in any game.

          How about the gameplay mechanics comfort regarding the framing of the action and possible “reflex-mode-like” / bullet-time sequences ? I am asking because the gameplay footages feel always messy whatever the game when we are not in control.
          That’s really cool if you are satisfied with the stability of those 30 fps ! I hope there is not much popping geometry. Was not really annoying in the demo, but some could still be spotted…

          What’s also impressive in the demo is Aloy’s inverse kinematics, spousing perfectly terrain’s inclination.. It always was a shitty topic to solve and I am glad they have such great results.

          So the future performance patch should definitely nail it.. Good news !

        • U.N. Owen

          >30 fps



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            If frame rates were solid, your eyes should not make difference over 29 fps, but it became a benchmark since 30 fps vsync’d games are usually laggy… That’s why he said he found it ultra-smooth for a 30fps game. It means stable frame budget.

          • U.N. Owen

            Don’t talk shite. The human eye can notice changes in FPS to well over 120. If you think otherwise you’ve never owned a 144hz monitor.

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            Never owned a 144hz monitor and won’t try to convince you that a 144 hz monitor can display more credible experience. The refresh rate is higher so you just less see how fast the image is refreshed. Instead of accusing me to tell shit, just wonder this question :
            If your monitor was at 1000 hz, do you think an animation at 29 fps would look as real as what you see in real life ?
            That’s not because your monitor paints frames faster that your brain need higher than 29 images / sec.

          • Cadence Serna

            I know I can tell the difference between 30 and 60. I’m not saying your science isn’t sound, I’m not calling you a liar, I’m just saying I know 60FPS when I see it, and I know 30FPS when I see it.

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            Thanks for not calling me a liar. Really appreciated.
            And I do make the dif between 16 and 33ms as well.
            I just try to explain that stable 30 should do in a perfect world and that if some games reach 60, 90 or over, they look overall more fluid because you have less overhead for subsequent processing intensive areas.
            Now if you all want to believe religiously that higher frame rates would give you the holy grail, honestly… Whatever…

          • JustinCase

            Yeah I call bs on this, purely for the fact that a movie playing at a solid 30fps is easily distinguishable from one running at 60fps or higher.

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            Yeah well there are half a century of scientific publications telling you your brain can not acquire higher than 29 fps. Now if gamers acquired some super-powers, I guess i’d be aware as well… ;D Time to make the dif between refresh rate and fps… Just saying…

          • JustinCase

            I’d google that, champ. Some fighter pilots have been known to detect motion at 255fps.

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            Google is great but give me a scientific article reference like in “Nature” or “Science”… Or even your source… If it is backed, why not..

          • JustinCase

            Here’s one from Nasa, maybe you’ve heard of them.
            They show that depending on speed of movement, a person was able to notice 200+fps.

            I think you’re confusing yourself with blur. Humans on average, will not notice any temporal produced blurring in motion about 24-29fps.

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            Here’s one from NASA, maybe you’ve heard of them.

            Yeah I have few friends working there and they even call themselves overrated… xD Them.. not me..
            More seriously, interesting article, thanks for sharing. Although check the intro and conclusion. The article is not really about that. 200 hz-like awareness may be acquired depending the speed your are travelling with, but these are rather extreme conditions, you may admit…

          • JustinCase

            You’ve missed the point on every occasion, and seem too stubborn to deviate from your unsubstantiated claim/rumor. Even by discrediting NASA with some tale about knowing employees who work there.

            Show me one of these scientific publications from the last half a century that proves humans cannot discern motion above 29hz. I won’t hold my breath.

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            Look sorry, ok ? I am wrong.

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            I think you’re confusing yourself with blur. Humans on average, will not notice any temporal produced blurring in motion at about 24-29fps.

            You edited ? ;D
            Sorry I have to disagree.
            That’s precisely because all humans see motion or temporal blur in real life that game devs code filters simulating them… This blur is an extrapolation of the brain between frames since it can’t do over 29 fps… Those trails are likely created by the brain to fill the lack of data.

          • JustinCase

            Yeah, I noticed a typo.

            OK let me explain blur for you. When motion at say, 24fps is shown on a 60hz display, the display needs to repeat frames to make it up to 60 per second, those repeated frames are what causes the blurring effect.

            So if you have 60fps displayed on a 60hz display, it doesn’t need to repeat any frames, and the image has next to no noticeable blur effect.

            I’ll add, this is completely irrelevant of any motion blur effect added in post processing fx.

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            When motion at say, 24fps is shown on a 60hz display, the display needs to repeat frames to make it up to 60 per second, those repeated frames are what causes the blurring effect.

            If your monitor’s refresh frequency is higher than the source, where do you see blur ?? 24 -> 60, the monitor has >2 times to draw the frame. Thanks for the blur course, tho xDxD

          • JustinCase

            lol I’m done.

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            So am I, fighter pilot, but always happy to share further “blurry” discussions. Implicit functions, noise, blur are really exciting topics !

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          Man, next time let’s just PM… 😀

    • FoxTamerMGO

      How big is the game compared to The Witcher 3?

      • It’s huge. The map size is similar to Velen from Witcher 3.

    • Satalin

      No you’re not. You’re cleary on metalgearinformer……..and possibly pornhub.

    • Machine Gun Kid

      Yea hzd is pretty dope. If it’s anything to go by then death stranding should be dope as well. Dope=Good, just in case some don’t understand

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  • Lex Radu

    Metal Gear Related: Ladies and Gentlemen, Jim Sterling back with the review we’ve all been waiting for!
    Metal Rear Solid: The Phantom Peen
    Disclaimer: No visual sexual content included, This Video is Pegi 13…descriptive in some parts, but still…Pegi 13, not the actual porn!

  • Lex Radu
    • stocchinet .

      Swiggity Swooty I’m Coming for That Booty

  • Johnno

    Death Stranding is the second coming of MGS2! Reedus is Raiden! Del Toro is Fatman! Mads is Solidus! Emma Stone is Rose! Joosten is Emma!

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      What about Vamp, Fortune, Ocelot or Solid Snake?

      • Johnno

        Kojima will let us know on twitter.

  • Gattsu

    Kojima can come up with some mindblowing plots, so not surprised if people get lost with it when explained :).

  • Gatssu, you have no choice. Screenshots please. I’m waiting. 😉

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  • fuck yeah. I love mads… Just finished watching Hannibal (which is severely a severely under-appreciated tv show) and I am now a huge fan.

    • MiamiBeachMedMan

      Hannibal was, in my opinion, the best show on television during it’s short yet phenomenal run.

  • This is madness:

    Kenichiro Imaizumi (MGS4/PW/R/V producer)
    Ayako Terashima (Kojima’s PA)
    Aiko Sakamoto (MGS:PW lead programmer)
    Daizoburo Nakamura (MGSV lead programmer)
    Yuta Hoshino (MGSV FX engineer)
    Nozomu Takeuchi (MGSV art / programmer)
    Hideki Sasaki (MGS series art director / character modeler)
    Yasuhiro Ikoma (MGS3-V / ZOE2 / PT effects artist)
    Ludvig Forssell (MGSV / PT music composition)
    Jorge Ken Hashimoto (Kojima’s translator)
    Takaaki Ishikawa (MGSV graphics engineer)
    Fumito Miyauchi (MGSV Fox Engineer / UI programmer)
    Hiroyuki Nakayama (MGSV sound designer)
    Akira Inamura (MGSV character artist)
    Kohei Ishiyama (MGSV effects programmer)
    Makoto Abe (MGSV UI programmer)
    Kazuya Adachi (MGSV Fox Engine tech director)
    Satoshi Matsuno (MGS3-V level design / artist)
    Satoshi Matsuno (MGS3-V programming)
    Takayuki Uchida (MGS4-V environment design / artist)
    Hiroaki Arai (MGSV programmer / lead tech artist)

    I don’t understand how Konami will make next Metal Gear game. I don’t even sure that Metal gear Survive had a great start… This is madness… Whole MGSV team.

    Credit to out reddit community:

    • Full Options

      What the shit ??? Are they all new KP ?? 😀

    • Eugene Voldo

      >Makoto Abe (MGSV UI programmer)
      Not a big loss, since UI in MGSV is not that great. Remember thouthsnds of clicks in your pre-historic iphone to navigate between menus? Yeah…

      >Ludvig Forssell
      Isn’t he an independent composer? He can work on other projects as well.

      As for other guys, they worked on only MGSV. For me it’s a good news. Because MG veterans are still with Konami and maybe they’ll develop something similar to old MGS. I hope~!

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      “This is madness”
      Madness? This is KojiPro!
      [Spartan Kick intensifies]

    • Lex Radu

      Or perhaps these people we’re directly involved in DS.

      The Gameplay does look very “Meatl Gear”

  • Jav

    I was just thinking in how much we get spoiled from tpp trailers and I’m a little afraid of suffering the same with this new game. Hideo wants so much to show his work to the world that he can show us all the cutscenes like he did with v.

    • radun

      3’s trailer showed even more. I remember one of the trailers showing almost the entire ending scene.
      Still everything is out of contest and knowing Kojima, even meant to be misleading so i’m not worried at all.

    • Lex Radu

      No, we got spoiled by over analyzing them.
      The scenes we’re out of order, and most of them from the second act, only 1 scene from the third act was shown, with the mirror, but we didn’t knew it was part of the third act!

      You can show a lot, if you don’t put them in order like BVS did, and basically show the whole Movie/Video Game, Kojima did it right!

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