This is the Ludens action figure by Figma, in color

Kojima has published some new photos showing the Ludens figure that is currently being created by Figma. It was first revealed during Kojima’s San Diego Comic Con talk last year, and then again in October, but this is the first time we can see how it will look when it’s been painted. Character designer Yoji Shinkawa, who supervised the product makes some final checks.

‘figma’s LUDENS, action figure. 2nd decoration master. Almost complete.’

Here are some pictures comparing the 1/12 Figma figure with the 1/2 statue by Prime 1 Studio.

‘Testing in the hallway.’

‘”Of course, it comes with the spear and the flag.” by Yoji Shinkawa’

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter (1,2,3,4)

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    Looks extremely cool, hehe.. 😀

    • Kaz Hirai was at Kojima Productions yesterday. And Kojima was wearing his SONY shirt again. 🙂

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        Thanks, did not noticed. Looks hot !! He perhaps came to check by himself what Boss is up to for the Sony conference… 😀

        • Yeah they might’ve had a meeting about his presentation during the Sony press conference… hopefully.

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            Or just shared Sashimi + Sake… xD
            Yeah, he probably also came to check if one of his best partner / friend feel comfortable in his new facilities, besides some little demos..

      • Johnno

        Speaking of Shirts, Shinkawa is wearing a BLAME! shirt. I believe from the manga/anime BLAME! which is awesome! An anime movie is coming to Netflix. I wonder if Kojima can team up with Tsutomu Nihei in the future for a collab.

  • What are you guys looking forward to at E3 (beside Death Stranding of course)? Agree with this list?

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      Death S.. Ho, beside it ? ;D Pretty exciting list. You are not mentioning Survive ?
      Maybe not worth it, but I am still very curious about what they have to announce. Hopefully further MGS announcements too… Unless you got some further sad and unofficial developments since Robert Peeler has left ?? ;D

      • Survive will be there, but we’ve already seen quite a bit of it (story trailer, gameplay demo), this list is more about new announcements and things that are still a bit more mysterious.

    • NegaScott128

      Yeah, I pretty much agree with this list. I’d add that I want to see some more from KHIII, the FFVII remake, and Shenmue III, and I also want a remaster of Nier since the sequel did so well.

    • Mr.Pony

      Would love to see some Cyberpunk 2077

    • I like the list, but would include there Cyberpunk 2077 which we won’t see anyway.
      I’m interested about Bethesda new game from the TES creators. They need to show us something.

    • Lex Radu

      Other than Death Stranding, well, that would have to be the reveal of the next Grant Theft game from Rockstar.

      Yes, i said Grand Theft without Auto, because after V, considering V it’s a solid number to end on, given the way GTA has gone away from the Auto part of Grand theft, mostly focusing on shooting and Heist, i guess the next natural step for the franchise, is to drop the auto part, and be just GT, Grand Theft, or keep GTA, but replace the Auto part with what the franchise has become, with what will be softly rebooted as.

      I just don’t think it will be called GTA VI!

      • They won’t change the name, it’s too much of an established brand. But the next game may not be a numbered title (like Vice City and San Andreas). However with Rockstar fully into RDR2 development you probably should not expect a GTA already. And Rockstar usually reveals their games outside of these kind of events.

        • Lex Radu


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          Plus RDR2 have been slightly delayed from Autumn 2017 to spring 2018… So yeah they must be quite fully booked on it but we can always hope for at least a little hint on VI… Even if they did not started, the planning teams and perhaps even more must have relatively progressed (R* is huge).

          • I think RDR2 will be delayed eventually to September 2018.
            I’m sure GTAVI is already in the development. R* is huge and works really secretly on it’s fantastic projects so not sure about the leaks here.

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            Mmmh.. Sept 2018 ? That late ?
            Yeah entirely agreed, since many titles, R* entered in heavy environment design modeling, animation, texturing uncompressible efforts cycles more than improving RAGE now (even if we can expect major breakthroughs in the next flavor of the engine). They mainly need the work of tons of artists to shape for us that awesome cities.. This become clear each time we read the credits of previous opuses. The cities are so huge that it takes ages for them to shape all this with a that high level of quality. Yummy !!!

          • Mmmh.. Sept 2018 ? That late ?

            I’m speculating about this date because exactly the same thing happened with GTAV.

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            Ha, I see, thanks for the clarification. We will for sure have more clues about that in… 19 days… Why o why May has 31 days ? ;D

    • Eugene Voldo

      Obviously, since i’m on metal gear fan-site I can’t wait to see anything related to Metal Gear from Konami. Be it MG Survive, new ports or remakes.
      For other things I am currently looking forward to Death Stranding, Psychonauts 2 and Evil Within 2. New franchises are welcome too.

    • radun

      Devil May Cry (Capcom developed)

    • Gatsu

      Resident Evil 2 Remake and FFVII Remake.

    • PrinceHeir

      The Evil Within 2, Shemue III, No More Heroes 3(TGS more likely)

    • Lex Radu

      I guess he liked Guardians!

    • Gatsu

      I want that shirt :O…

  • This is happening from Netflix.

    • Gatsu

      Great teaser and it looks good imo :).

  • Gatsu

    Awww yeah, it’s here <3

    Btw that Ludens figure looks superb =).

    • I like this game a lot, but I don’t like it’s length.
      I finished this game on the PS3 in 5 hours…

      • Eugene Voldo

        You can finish MG Rising in 5 hours too, but to master it you will need to sink in this game far more than a mere 5 hours. Vanquish and Rising are good examples of excellent replayability where every walkthrough makes you even more badass in terms of speed and skills.

      • Gatsu

        MGS games aren’t very long either. I don’t mind playing games that are quite short, if they are so cool.

    • Lex Radu

      Is this even a question?

  • Guys, serious question. Do you think that Kojima will use stealth gameplay in it’s new game?
    And if it will have stealth gameplay… Will it be hardcore as something from MGSV or more shooting but with casual stealth mechanics from The Last Of Us or other games with stealth option?

    My personal opinion on this. It’s going to be a sandbox game, but I’m not sure that it will have huge stealth mechanics in it. I want to be wrong. When Konami’s Kojima Productions was gone, no one really did something good in this genre (Hitman episodes were ok…). I really believe that Kojima should not abandon this genre, you can innovate with new gameplay and use stealth too.

    I can’t imagine a Kojima game where you go and blow the shit out of something. Kojima’s games were always quiet and immersive in general. Sure, there were bombastic boss battles, but it made a lot of sense when the design route was like this: stealth arena – boss battle – stealth arena – boss battle etc.

    • It will probably contain stealth in some form at least. Even Boktai had stealth mechanics. 😛 But perhaps it won’t be the main focus of the game this time around.

      • Boktai is such a terrible example. Breath Of The Wild also has stealth elements 😛 Not something I’m looking forward from Kojima.

        But if not stealth… then what? I can’t see Kojima to make a Zelda game (he said the game will not be as big as MGSV in terms of scale. It will be a big game but in a different form factor. Probably less locations but more detailed.)
        Gears Of war or a shooter in the open world environment? Far Cry, The Division, Uncharted, The Last Of Us, Red Dead… GTA…

        It’s not Mario Kart, for sure ;P

        • All we know is that it will be an ‘action game’ with a lot of freedom. But that’s still very vague.

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      We can never be sure how central stealth mechanics will be but so far, the story looks so stealth compliant… Very dark / oppressive and Boss said the first game he ever wanted to craft in his life, was the one of a “prisoner escaping his cell”. You need stealth to sneak out a cell and Norman carries jammed handcuffs, so he is a fugitive and this requires to lay low under Mads & co radars… So I guess we’ll have a fair amount of stealth mechanics for those who want to use it. Remember also Boss mentioned that it was important for him to let the player choose how to beat a game for MGSV and if I remember well, he also said that somewhere for DS.
      Not saying DS will propose the same freedom of choice than TPP but I think he’ll try to add a max of it.

      • MGSV freedom was very limited imo. Stealth was a much better option because of the fulton recovery system. It was not a shooter.
        It was not something like System Shock or Prey (2017) where you have a lot of options and not every one of them is that detailed.
        MGSV was still a stealth game at it’s core.

        If Kojima will make a third person game with a lot of freedom, damn… Not sure it’s going to work in third person.

        I hope that stealth gameplay is still important for Kojima and it’s designers.

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          Stealth was always the best option in all MG / MGS.
          However GZ and TPP felt like they wanted to tap in wider number of angles, giving at least more homogeneous success also for people just after adrenaline over S-Rank… That kind of freedom.

          I am somewhere between this two scheme but always much closer to stealth since it is always a lot of fun and challenging to check what Boss & co readied in terms of enemies AI.
          For example, we sometimes trigger reflex-mode to reflex-mode in some stages when we don’t feel playing perfect stealth some days, just looking for series of slo-mo headshot reminding us some bullet-time sequences in our favorite movies..

          I should not be that categorical and maybe re-insuring (;D) but I think Boss is intimately propelled by his childhood’s hide and seek games with friends at school. He also mentioned that.
          We all played this with this actual moments where you are discovered by your friends sometimes by surprise, aka [!] !
          And after all, he still pioneered the genre, I am sure he’ll manage to polish all the possible “freedom” around his usual very stealth-oriented touches. He also knows most of us are dying for that, no worries.

          • When it comes to S-Ranking you can actually finish any mission at S-Rank without stealth. The important part is “Speed”. You get more points by getting at your objective faster. Making noise or killing something will makes things worse in the end.

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            You are right, I had more in mind about sacrificing S-Ranking in favor to for example slaughtering anything moving in a given level, hereby taking indeed more time, kills, possible alerts, all in general.
            Sometimes I turn on TPP just for that and sometimes more for sneaking.

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      So fake, xD what just DS has to deal in the middle of a conversation regarding an insignificant PS Plus issue ? Sounds so out of place and it is not even in a different sentence dealing with a purchase issue BTW, lol… That’s not the first time people spread such type of BS.
      It looks all but legit, haha. Like
      “Do you like having onions for breakfast and I can check we have not charged you for PS Plus membership…”

      • Yeah also think it’s fake

  • Lex Radu

    Off-topic-ish: anyone else thinks this sounds very “Metal Gear” like?

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      I can see where you’re coming from. If we’re talking Metal Gear, I’d say I’m getting similar vibes to Peace Walker’s Zero Allies and the beginning of MGSV’s V Has Come To.

    • Full Options

      Good one ! In fact, Rupert Gregson-Williams is the very brother of our beloved Harry so they may definitely share some styles, inspire each other. So technically, maybe.. Probably… ;D

  • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

    So I finally watched the Black and Chrome edition of Mad Max Fury Road, and my god was it beautiful – so beautiful in fact I wondered what MGSV would look like in black and white, especially since an monochrome palette would remove some of the over exaggerated colour filtering the game has, which in my opinion makes it look more stylish but also a bit more uncanny.

    So by setting the monochrome filter option on in my chosen sweetfx mod I present you with MGSV; Black and Chrome Edition:

    This is why I love PC gaming. In my opinion this is the best way to experience the game; it truly is something else once it’s in motion. With it on, arguably the game has the most photorealistic visual presentation I’ve seen in a game.

    After searching extensively on the MGSV Nexus website I couldn’t find the exact present I use for my game, maybe it was removed. I’ll update this post if I find it.

    Any sweetfx/reshade present will be able to have a monochrome filter put on it. Just open up the sweetfx config ini in notepad (it should be in the reshade folder once you’ve added the present), and then scroll until you see the Monochrome filter setting, and then change the 0 to a 1, then save the file. And then you’re ready to go.

    • Looks nice but why is the aspect ratio stretched?

      • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

        I use a 21:9 ultrawide monitor, which is the aspect ratio films are shot in so it looks a bit weird when you’re not used to it 😛

        Once you get used to it everything looks like a movie

        • Yeah but is it always stretched like that? Then I would rather have black bars. I can’t stand stretched images. 😛

        • Full Options

          Hey JJ, how are you buddy !! ;D
          Very nice idea do desaturate TPP like that !

          Just one thing, wrong aspect ratio is never what directors want. You may have wide angles, but whether in movies or games, characters should never look “fat”. You may want to use right aspect ratios even at the cost of black bars or you won’t have what the director wants you to experience.

          • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

            True but I really despise black bars on my monitor, I far prefer stretched out fat characters. Also I don’t game close to my monitor, there is about a 2m+ gap between me and the screen so it’s far less noticeable.

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            Try a good old grandma remedy then : Don’t do it to often because it is bad for your eyes, but just play in a dark room to get rid of your bars.. ;D

          • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi


            It would still bug me. I just really frigging hate black bar “pillar vision :P. My monitor is almost 40 inches so the bars are so damn big, like almost the size of my hand :/

          • Full Options

            Another poor option would be to zoom in, but you would loose way too much pixels up and down… ;D
            However I definitely understand why the interaction with a that wide output entertains you..

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