Metal Gear in Concert song list (partially) released

Part of the song list that will be played during Metal Gear in Concert next month has been released. It features songs from all major installments in the Metal Gear Solid series, from MGS up to MGSV. Here are 11 of the songs that will be played at the concert, with vocals by Donna Burke:

  • Snake Eater (MGS3)
  • 恋の抑止力 [Love Deterrence] (MGS PW)
  • Father and Son (MGS4)
  • Metal Gear Saga (MGS4)
  • Sins of the Father (MGSⅤ)
  • Ground Zeroes (MGSⅤ)
  • The Best Is Yet To Come (MGS)
  • Escape (MGS)
  • Battle (MGS2)
  • Freedom to Decide (MGS2)

As for now two shows are planned, one in Osaka and one in Tokyo, but there are plans for European and North American tours as well.

Source: Metal Gear in Concert Official Website

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