Metal Gear Rising Revengeance now playable on Xbox One via BC

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, the action spin off featuring cyborg ninja Raiden, has been added to the Xbox One backwards compatibility program. This means that anyone with an Xbox One and an Xbox 360 version of the game will be able to play it on Xbox One free of charge.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance was co-developed by Kojima Productions and Platinum Games and released in 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with a PC and Android version following some time later. The game was generally well received and fairly successful commercially.

Source: Metal Gear Official Twitter

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    OFF TOPIC: for those who asked for the Death Stranding + Lazarus teaser that got blocked on youtube for copyright, I actually remade it from scrap, since I lost my back up and assets with my old computer. I put it on dropbox, here’s the link. You’ll have to download it for acceptable quality. Hope you still enjoy it!

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    Good, let’s finally show other plats what some real video games are made of… xD

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    It’s not MGS4 but still…pretty good

  • I still miss this game:

    It looked incredible when they showed it for the first time. It’s the only game that I wish KojiPro have not abandoned. It had so much potential. I don’t understand why Kojima cancelled it. Konami could hire Tenchu game designers and they could make cyber ninja stealth action w/o a problem.

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      According to the documentary on the subject, it feels like they had hard time on the general gameplay design, hitting too wide possible combinations as they were aiming at some for example numerous stealth sequences as well. I think the initial product was getting too complicated to revise homogeneously, delaying more and more the polishing phase. I believe they wanted to develop more a kind of complete [MGS + Rising] in terms of pure gameplay, but ended up keeping only the Rising part and asked Platinum to package it all with their more on-rail intended engine.

      To me it feels like that because the very few lasting stealth sequences like the one when controlling the hacked Dwarf Gekko looked a bit isolated and too residual. Just like a small eye-wink whereas the stealth gameplay could have shown a huge potential if they could have combined it the way they really wanted when they first planned Rising.

      • Eugene Voldo

        The biggest problem is they wanted to create a game with two mutually exclusive game designs. You see, Rising is all about crazy combos, parrying and destroying everyone with a style in head-to-head battles. So how do you add stealth to this mix? You have only once choice. You need to tone down action part. No more crazy combos and other stuff! Simple as that! And eventually you’ll get your generic Tenchu clone. But the problem is KP wanted to recreate Raiden’s battles from MGS4 in this game. And when you tone down action part you’ll surely deviate from original goal.

        In two words, they wanted to recreate fire and ice in one substance. And as we all know it it didn’t go well.

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          What was sad in my opinion is that they indeed had the mix working for some sequences, so perhaps finally not as mutually exclusive designs as expected.
          The proof is that we really felt playing (or at least me) ala MGS with the Dwarf Gekko…
          At least the technical challenge appeared won at first glance and at this moment of the playthrough, I felt “wow, they are going to put a lot more sequences like that later in the game !!?” but it did not really happened which was quite disappointing.

          However the magnificent pace in action sequences made this game a real style on its own, so my hat was definitely off after beating Armstrong.. A great video game moment !

        • You add action, just like you add action in some Metal Gear parts or Deus Ex. Basically if you are found, the action starts and you can kick some ass. Battle system does not need to be hack&slashy or deep for this game.
          Tenchu clone is not a bad thing. When the last time we had good ninja stealth game? I don’t even remember.
          MGS with Raiden as a stealth game with the emphasis on a CQC assassination would be amazing for this game. Besides, it already had it’s own original concept – “cut at will”, which is enough to distinct itself from a Tenchu game.

          • Eugene Voldo

            Well, latest Tenchu games were not that good, so let’s say that KP made the right choice by ignoring Tenchu 😀 CQC assassinations exists in MG Rising. But one-hit kills are the least desirable things in all action games. “Cut at will” as a game mechanic is a good idea, but to cut things you should engage in combat. Why? Well, if you don’t, the game will eventually become a “Fruit ninja” clone where you just cut and cut thought thousands of cyborgs without fun.

          • Well, latest Tenchu games were not that good, so let’s say that KP made the right choice by ignoring Tenchu

            That’s the whole point. KojiPro could make a GOOD Tenchu MGS game. That’s the idea. I’m sure they could with Kojima, sadly Kojima was only a producer.

            but to cut things you should engage in combat. Why?

            Not really. You can use that system the way MGSV sandbox works. Give as much freedom as you can. You can cut chandelier in stealth mode to assassinate someone. You can do many things in stealth and action with it.

    • There were several issues that resulted in the team unable to make a coherent game. Actually Kojima has revealed it was originally going to be an open world game:

      Korekado talks about it as well in this interview:

      Interestingly though, they once said the originally story is still on a shelf somewhere, and they could use it some time in the future:

      Keep in mind though that this was said back in 2012.

      • Mr.Pony

        I remember reading that the original story that Kojima wanted to tell was how Raiden became the cyborg (it was to be set between MGS2 and MGS4) and later scrapped it so that they could tell another story altogether.

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    OT: CinemaSins put out a video on Kong: Skull Island, and Jordan Vogt-Roberts is not happy about it.

    Here’s the Twitter thread where he voices his complaints:

    I’m with him on this. Frankly, I think CinemaSins hasn’t been funny in years, and even at its height it wasn’t that good. They just do a bunch of dumb nit-picking and call that film criticism, even when the comments make no sense.

    • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

      CinemaSins are people who make JOKES

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      Just checked.. He should not have even paid attention to those new generations of pretended critics that discovered more efficient clickbaits strategy by destroying a product even with crafting fake problems (sometimes terribly obvious so pretty shocking) that annihilate their credibility, instead of doing a real honest analysis.

      • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife


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          Got that through your first comment, although considering that some parts are indeed fun, some other ones are not really, because the critic on which some jokes are based are sometimes not accurate and even wrong. When the critic is legit, then the joke become a lot more funny.
          In all cases, I did not have those specific dudes in my sight but more some new youtubers in general, often providing a too subjective opinion while thinking everybody would react the same. Some do that seriously, not in a humorist context which can badly influence the audience.

          Things apart, I had a lot of fun watching Kong !! ^^

  • Wait… What? So Kojima was at San-Diego this year?

    You’re also in video games — including a new one called Death Stranding by game legend Hideo Kojima. What was it like working with him?
    It’s mind-blowing. He’s a genius. He came out to San Diego for Comic-Con, and he had some stuff on an iPad that he wanted to show me. I sat in a little restaurant at a booth watching this iPad and the things he’d created, and I was just blown away. I was like, “Whatever you want to do, let’s do it. I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”
    It’s unreal. People will do whatever he wants because he’s a visionary.

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      He was probably referring to the ComicCon 2016 edition in this interview.
      Thanks for the link anyways. ;D

  • [URL=””][B]Permanent Nukes on MGSV: TPP PS3 (and other consoles?)[/B][/URL]

    Read this [URL=””]/u/KonamiUSSocial[/URL]

    [URL=””]Original reddit comment link[/URL]

    [B]To Konami and the MGSV:TPP Players[/B]

    I do not hunt and disarm nukes nor do I build or employ them, but my keen interest and understanding of the PF Virtual Battles system has allowed me to observe more types of accounts with nukes than most other people. I can say without any doubt that there are Permanent Nukes that remain inaccessible to all active players making Disarmament impossible to achieve. They have been there for over a year, possibly since the very beginning, and to date no Konami employee has yet acknowledged their existence. Given that Konami has been promoting Nuclear Disarmament and that Nuclear Disarmament is significant to unlocking “Chapter 3” I suspect no one at Konami has observed or understands what these Permanent Nukes actually are. I tried reporting this issue to Konami but the reply I got back was very generic (automated?) and did not actually show they grasped what I was saying: it seemed like they thought I was reporting cheaters instead of examples of derelict accounts that have been permanently removed from the FOB system which in this case happen to also possess nukes. Contacting specific Konami employees directly for an intelligent back and forth conversation has not been possible. All my observations have been on the PS3, but I have heard from players on other consoles who have noticed a similar situation.

    If I mention Permanent Nukes to someone they might think I am talking about many different things: They might think I am talking about an exploit where players reload their almost-completed-nuke save over and over so that they can build up 16 nukes nearly instantaneously; I am not talking about these nukes; They might think I am talking about people who use save editors to create nukes; I am not talking about these nukes; They might think I am talking about players who hoard 16 nukes and have enough time to rebuild their four lost nukes during their blockade because only 4 nukes can be stolen at one time and the triggered blockade time is more than enough time to max out their nukes again in a continuous cycle of 16,12,16,12,16,12,…nukes; I am not talking about these nukes; They might think I am subjectively complaining about something that is hard to achieve like many noobs on the internet; My complaint is not subjective opinion, but eye-witnessed fact. Let us get this straight, I am not talking about cheated/exploited nukes nor a bad intentional design decision lacking foresight; I am talking about literally Permanent Nukes that are present on accounts with bases that are permanently removed from all FOB tabs and so are inaccessible to everyone. This is an actual unintentional server/programming glitch caused by and probably unknown to Konami that can only be seen by the most observant and knowledgeable PF League players while they are moving up certain portions of the PF leaderboards.

    Back during the week of March 14 to March 21 2016 (not 2017) I took the following two pictures:



    At the time I was taking pictures of many people’s stats because I had been figuring out how the PF battle scores were calculated. I also took pictures of unusual stats from time to time because I started seeing players with unusually high stats: I suspected that tyh56-5 had cheated in some manner in order to get 2.5 million Offensive Capability. At the time I had not really thought much about nukes on derelict bases. Derelict bases are accounts that clearly show no more player activity: their stats remain fixed over long periods of time or they have almost no staff left to take which indicates that they do not log in or have not taken care of their bases for some time. With the introduction of the compare PF stat feature in the May 2016 update it was also possible to see accounts that were no longer active because they possessed no PF-stat-ability staff. By September of 2016 I had come across more and more obviously derelict bases that still possessed nukes. I had seen bases with 0 Security staff and Total FOB defense in the single digits, which means any nuke hunter could take a casual jog straight for the nukes and steal them with no resistance. The longer such derelict bases keep their nukes and keep identical PF stats the more likely it is that their bases simply do not appear on the nuke tab or any other FOB tab. I called these Inaccessible Nukes and others mentioned noticing similar patterns on other consoles. At the time I was focused on other aspects of the game so I dropped the issue and assumed those who actively hunted nukes would report the issue to Konami and or Konami would realise that large numbers of nukes were obviously not being disarmed. Konami seemed to stop reporting nuke numbers so I figured they would fix the issue in an update or just stop talking about Disarmament and “Chapter 3” altogether.

    In May of 2017 however a new Konami Twitter spokesperson who signs their Tweets as “J” took over the @metalgear_jp Twitter account and the @metalgear_en Twitter account started retweeting J’s nuke data. They have indicated, as had been formerly, that Disarmament unlocks “Chapter 3” and have been reporting the nuke counts with graphs a couple times a week. They even indicated that there would be action taken against illicit nukes, the success or implementation of which I am dubious. Clearly they want players to disarm, but is it even possible? No, it is not.

    With this new push for Disarmament from Konami I came across a thread about the renewed Konami Twitter activity ([url][/url]) and someone from Xbox One mentioned my previous observations about inaccessible nukes. At the time I was moving up the PF ranks again with an alternate account and happened to remember one of the derelict accounts with nukes that I had seen the previous week. I record everyone’s Capabilities and Durabilities some weeks because I use a spreadsheet to determine the final scores and whether or not and against whom I should use my Liquid Carbon and Anti-Ballistic Missiles. The following is a screen capture of the stats of the players I faced on the week of May 30 to June 5 2017.


    When I went back through my old pictures I noticed that one of them was tyh56-5 whom I faced on my main PSN over a year earlier. This player has exactly the same Capabilities and Durabilities over a year apart! This means that the player who owns the account has not signed in and no one has done any damage to their base. And yet they have had 4 nukes for over a year! According to my calculations with these 4 nukes and a maximum blockade of 5 days for each unsuccessful infiltration with maximum damage this account should have appeared on the nuke tab and been subject to nuke hunters over 70 times. Either nuke hunters sucked and failed over 70 times in a row and did zero damage every time or this account never appears in the nuke tab for active players to infiltrate.

    Konami needs to start paying attention. Look at ALL accounts with nukes and verify that they appear in the nuke tab after their blockade runs out. That no one at Konami has been doing this already for such an important feature in the game is shameful.

    I have seen MANY similar derelict accounts with nukes. I will not name them because I suspect Konami’s support people will only think I am reporting cheaters instead of realising that I am reporting examples of a problem with Konami’s programming and or servers (language barrier?). It is Konami’s responsibility to seek out why such accounts and their nukes are permanently unavailable to the rest of the playerbase. I know there are Permanent Nukes currently on the PS3. I have seen nearly a hundred Permanent Nukes to date and given that the sample size of players I actually came across in the PF battles is very small I would not be surprised if 25% to 75% of all nukes currently present on the PS3 are Permanent. I have heard from people who say they have seen similar derelict bases with nukes on the PS4 and Xbox One so I strongly suspect that the programming and or server issue occurs on all platforms. Given that this situation has been present for over a year and Konami has done nothing and or is not observant enough to notice this situation players should come to terms that Nuclear Disarmament is currently impossible due to these Permanent Nukes. I really really want to see what “Chapter 3” unlocks but at this point Disarmament is entirely dependent upon Konami’s future actions.

    Hastatus – aka the guy who figured out the math behind the PF Battles’ scoring system and who sits in the highest PF Grade on the PS3.

    The previous text was posted on July 7th 2017. It has remained unchanged. Since I will not go away until Konami officially says they understand the situation or they do something to rectify it I will add further evidence here from time to time if I think it makes a good example for people to understand what I am talking about. Maybe it will also help cross the language barrier.

    [B]Another example of an account with Permanent Nukes: MrUnkreative (PS3) – July 21 2017[/B]

    I encountered MrUnkreative on two separate occasions during Weekly PF Virtual Battles: the week of May 9th and the week of July 11th (so two months apart).

    July 11 2017

    May 9 2017

    July 11 2017

    As you can see MrUnkreative’s Capabilities and Durabilities were identical two months apart:
    May 9th : Offensive Capability = 7872095; Offensive Durability = 182838; Defensive Capability = 5106301; Defensive Durability = 232751;
    July 11th : Offensive Capability = 7872095; Offensive Durability = 182838; Defensive Capability = 5106301; Defensive Durability = 232751.

    Identical Capabilities and Durabilities over a two-month period is indicative of a player who has neither signed in nor been damaged in any manner through infiltration by another player. Either of these would result in slightly changing values at a minimum.

    This might not be totally convincing to everyone who does not understand the math involved in calculating Capability and Durability, but there is something else:





    As you can clearly see this player has 0 Medics, 0 Rangers, 0 Sentries, and 0 Defenders. The odds of getting a staff member with a PF-Stat Skill is roughly 1 in 10 (when obtaining ranks high enough to have the skill). They are very easy to come by and so obtaining many of them is very easy. Not having any of them is highly unlikely for a player who is even remotely active. The PF-Stat Skill was introduced in the May 2016 Game Update. Having zero staff with these skills means that a player has probably not played the game since before the May 2016 update. So MrUnkreative has not played since before the May 2016 update and has had 4 nukes this whole time. He is not playing the game and other players are not able to invade his FOB. His account is derelict and inaccessible to the rest of the playerbase…and he has 4 Permanent Nukes that no one outside of a Konami programmer can disarm.


    [B]Another example of an account with Permanent Nukes: Astaroth-369 (PS3) – A Trophy Hunter – August 1 2017[/B]

    I have encountered more Derelict Accounts with Permanent Nukes in the past few weeks but here is one that can be considered in a different way. I encountered Astaroth-369 during the week of July 11 2017.

    July 11 2017

    The first thing that indicated to me that this account had not been accessed by its owner for a long time was that they had 0 Medics, 0 Rangers, 0 Sentries, and 0 Defenders. This suggests that they have not played since before the May 2016 update. But there is another way to verify that an account has not been played by the owner: their trophy history.

    Astaroth-369 is what I call a trophy hunter: they play a large number of games on a single PSN account and generally attempt to get Platinums for most of them. Here is the history of their game play as seen through their trophy history (you can view it for yourself at [url][/url] ):

    – Before playing MGSV:TPP they had already earned 54 Platinums.
    – They started playing MGSV:TPP on [B]December 1st 2015[/B].
    – They obtained Disarmament on Jan 21 2016.
    – They obtained Deterrence on Jan 22 2016.
    – They obtained the MGSV:TPP Platinum on [B]Jan 23 2016[/B].
    – They then played 10 more PS3 games between Jan 23 2016 and August 23 2016, obtaining Platinums (or 100%) for all of them.
    – They obtained a PS4 in August of 2016.
    – They played their first PS4 game between Aug 17 and Aug 20 2016.
    – They then played 26 more PS4 games; 11 of these were Platinumed.
    – Their 10 most recent trophies were all obtained on August 1 2017 (today).
    – They still had 4 nukes on their PS3 MGSV:TPP account on July 11 2017 and they are probably still there today (August 1 2017).

    It is clear that this player played MGSV:TPP between Dec 1 2015 and Jan 23 2016. They got involved with nukes in mid-late January 2016. From their trophy history all common sense says that after getting the Platinum for MGS:TPP on Jan 23 2016 they stopped playing the game. You can see how they move from game to game and then a new console. Who would continue to play MGSV:TPP on the PS3 after playing 10 more PS3 games, getting a PS4, and playing 26 more PS4 games? 2.68 trophies per day is very, very time consuming. Clearly they have not been playing MGS:TPP on their old PS3 and yet over a year and a half after they stopped playing MGSV they still have 4 nukes on their account. His account is derelict and inaccessible to the rest of the playerbase…and he has 4 Permanent Nukes that no one outside of a Konami programmer can disarm.

    Many Derelict Accounts with Permanent Nukes belong to people who do not speak English or who have so few trophies that they probably belong to people using them as Alternative accounts. Since Astaroth-369 included English in his account and they are clearly still very active on it I PSN messaged them a couple weeks ago asking them when they last played MGSV:TPP but they have not responded.


    [B]Some final comments before a hiatus – August 9 2017[/B]
    My alternative account is moving up past the range of the Derelict Accounts with Permanent Nukes so I will likely not see anymore good examples to add. I will continue Tweeting Konami, but I will probably stop updating this document for a while. I will end with the following thoughts:

    [B]Warning to Konami: The Time Factor[/B]
    – Permanent Nukes have existed since at least January 2016.
    – I reported the issue to Konami Support and received an unhelpful automated(?) reply from Konami Support on June 9 2017.
    – I opened up a Twitter account and Tweeted my Proof to @Konami, @metalgear_jp and @metalgear_en on July 7 2017.
    – I have replied to the Nuke Counts with my Proof 10 times between July 7 and August 8 2017.
    – After 2 Months I have received no intelligent reply from Konami about the issue and they have not made any public statement about it.
    – Konami continues to give out Nuke Counts to players either unawares or hoping the vast majority of players remain unawares.

    You might think that remaining silent about this issue will keep players from finding out the truth. It will not. Whatever policy you have in place preventing the disclosure of negative press will not serve you in time. The longer after June 9th 2017 you delay in responding in word and in deed the more negativity you will foster. It is one thing to miss a programming mistake for over a year and a half and claim you did not know, but it is another thing entirely once you have been informed and are continually informed twice a week when you post the Nuke Counts. Time is not your ally. More players will find out the truth and more players will learn for how much time you have known. This is the biggest programming flaw impacting the most number of players in the history of the Metal Gear franchise. Eventually many players will find out and many players will remember it for decades. What will be the perception of a player who looks at your lower budget games, like Survive, when they think back at how you could not handle entering a few zeroes in your biggest budget title?

    [B]Significance of this Issue[/B]
    Some may not realise that this issue is in fact extremely significant. Early players claimed that this game was unfinished due to cut content and Konami argued the ending is there and the game is complete. Zero players have completed the game. Completing a game means reaching the intended ending of a game. Konami has confirmed that Nuclear Disarmament unlocks Chapter 3 whatever that entails. Dataminers can claim what is or is not included in Chapter 3, but absence of evidence is not evidence of absence because Chapter 3 could easily be part of a game update/DLC. Konami is still pushing players to complete Nuclear Disarmament. It is one thing for Chapter 3 to be nearly impossible to achieve requiring the cooperation of nearly every player. This is a grandiose and impressive thing to attempt. BUT due to Konami’s server glitch it is not actually in the hands of the players as it was intended to be. This is a disastrous situation. Chapter 3 cannot be reached by any player ever no matter how delusional players or Konami employees are (delusional means they are able to trick themselves into ignoring a problem and pretending it is not there). It is permanently inaccessible because of Konami’s lack of testing and maintenance. A game with an intended ending that cannot be accessed due to a programming error is by definition an incomplete game.

    It is no different than how some developers in the past put out incomplete games: in 1987 David Perry did not have enough space on the ZX Spectrum port of Gladiator/Great Gurianos so he omitted the ending and just made the final boss invincible; In 1988 Ocean did not have the time or could not figure out the bug that caused gibberish garbled views in level 4 of Robocop on the Commodore 64 so they set an impossible time limit in level 3 to prevent players from reaching garbled level 4; In 1990 Midway thought their arcade game Smash TV was impossible to beat so they did not bother to include the Pleasure Dome ending which was advertised in the game; In 1993 Ocean did not have the time to finish Dennis (the Menace) on the Commodore Amiga port of the game so they created a pit impossible to jump so that the last boss and the ending could not be accessed by the player; In 2015 Konami created or allowed a bug to remain in Nuclear Disarmament stats so that players cannot reach Chapter 3 of MGSV:TPP. Is the bug accidental or is Chapter 3 just unfinished? What are players to think if Konami never attempts to fix the bug?

    [B]What the players can do to speed up Communication and Action by Konami[/B]
    Konami is only in this business to make money. To spend money fixing an issue such as this might only be in the hands of financially-incentivized businessmen. They essentially calculate how much negative publicity will arise and whether it might cost them future business. The negative press must impact future revenues more than the cost of the fix. Metal Gear Survive already has a bad reputation so maybe the Konami people do not think the negative publicity can get any worse. In the past they had Hideo Kojima a perfectionist who would not have allowed such a bug to remain. Who do they have now? Currently few players read my Tweets and my proof of this situation is not reaching enough of the playerbase and its collective voice. J gets more likes for his Nuke Counts than I do for pointing out the futility of the whole situation. Part of this is the language barrier: many Japanese players likely do not understand what is going on and there is no evidence that J understands English. The person in charge of the English Metal Gear Twitter account rarely says anything of note and seems to spend most of their time Retweeting stuff. Other people cannot read more than 140 characters at a time and or will remain delusionally hopeful. If you want to help force Konami into action I urge people to start liking all my Proof Tweets. J gets 50 to 100 likes each time he posts the Nuke Counts. If I start getting more likes than J’s original post they will more likely pay attention, they will be more likely to get a translator involved to understand why, and they will be more likely to bring the issue up with their bosses. The more people that like my proof posts the more it will be evident to them that more people know the truth. Please help force Konami to face and own the truth. Thanks.


  • Venom_Sina

    Man. I have to buy an Xbox One. This backwards Compatibility is really good. So far we got some great games and it’s still counting. Also Quantum Break and Gears of War 4 are looking nice 😛

    • NegaScott128

      I really hate Sony’s refusal to fully embrace backwards compatibility. Granted, there would always be problems with having BC on the same level as the XBone (PS3 architecture, the fact that the PS4’s disk drive literally can’t play CDs for some fucking reason), but there’s simply no excuse for not having downloadable PS1 games when the PSP was able to do it over a decade ago.

  • Venom_Sina

    Nyx, this is interesting. Also it’s Metal Gear/Kojima related, so it won’t hurt if you cover it, if you have the time. Thanks in advance!

    • Eugene Voldo

      I always knew that Konami was a good company! I think that this story about conflict between Konami and Kojima was exaggerated by “FakeNews Media”, cause they will do anything to get clicks.

      So… if I get it right, this Kojima’s speech means no more shitting on Konami from MGS fans. And that’s a great news indeed!

      • Conflict between Konami and Kojima is not exaggerated by FakeNews. It’s real and they are still making problems for the KojiPro developers with health insurance and other things.

        Current Konami is not great. Kojima is just too polite and that’s all. He is moving on, while Konami does not.

        • Eugene Voldo

          How do you know it? You only have reports from FakeNews Media to support your stance. Nothing more. And all their sources are “anonymous” or “close to the company”.

          Here’s the news from my sources: Konami and Kojima are best friends! My uncle who works for Konami told me about their never-ending friendship. See? No facts. It’s just my opinion in a post-truth world. Same with FakeNews Media.

          • How do you know it?

            Because Nikkei is a trusted source of information. There is no reason to sabotage Konami if they are doing great. Koji Igarashi had the same fate.
            There are other things:

            Kojima was not allowed to be at the Game Awards. So on and on and on.

            And honestly, this will continue. You will see. It’s not over, not yet.

          • NegaScott128

            It’s also important to note that the video you linked to was also at one point taken down by Konami, which of course only drew greater attention to it and made the claims within seem only more credible. They did not issue a statement denying the negative press, or even just ignore it; they actively tried to cover it up and suppress the information. At best, this is just an example of Konami’s upper management/legal team being terrible at their jobs; at worse, it all but confirms that the reports are true.

          • Eugene Voldo

            There’s an explanation! Knowing fully well about attacks from FakeNews Media Konami tried to battle every fake report legally by taking down videos and articles which were defaming Konami’s reputation. It was a professional response. You can’t say Konami did something wrong here.

          • NegaScott128

            Yeah I can. Trying to delete possible evidence of wrongdoing is definitely not professional, and to do it on the grounds that it showed 25 seconds of Revengeance footage (most of which was the title screen) is dishonest and, frankly, shady as fuck. A professional response would be to release a statement denying the reports. Not taking down videos talking about them.

          • Eugene Voldo

            But Nikkei had the same “anonymous” sources. You can never trust them! Besides Konami was furious only at one point (and rightfully so): when Kojima made a comment about Metal Gear Survive. It was unprofessional and unethical making this kind of comments.
            About Game Awards. It’s a fair play. At that time he was not Konami’s worker. So why would a guy from the street receive an award for a Konami’s game? It’s illogical.

            I don’t really remember anything about Koji Igarashi… I thought he departed peacefully from Konami. He’s even creating Castlevania clone right now and Konami is okay with it. So I’m not sure what happened between them.

          • Full Options

            About Game Awards. It’s a fair play. At that time he was not Konami’s worker. So why would a guy from the street receive an award for a Konami’s game? It’s illogical.

            Ah, cmon Eugene he crafted the franchise for 30 years, he is not really some lambda person from the street (!?).
            In such conflict, Konami should have played it fair-play instead of involving lawyers and stuff. They should have forget the procedure and gave him the statue instead of all this mess.

            You remember the context in which Kojima finally received his statue at TGA 2016… What Geoff said this evening and how Hideo was listening to him. Geoff clearly destroyed Konami and Kojima was very emotive and agreeing if you watch closely the show’s intro. The tension was very present.
            We had yet another evidence that there was something wrong, but honestly, we were not expecting anything positive from Konami’s direction since the scandal of the previous TGA edition.

            Guillermo insulting Konami on twitter was also a clear proof that Kojima is not happy with Konami when discussing with Del Toro, off-line.

          • Eugene Voldo

            It’s hard to argue when you use emotions in your arguments. Logic says that if you got fired from the company you’re not going to receive anything extra besides things that were written in your contract with employer. That’s how it works in a real world. Kojima was a salary-man too, so he got everything from Konami he should. And I’m pretty sure paragraph about “Receiving every award for MGSV” was not in his contract.

          • NegaScott128

            It’s not just the Game Awards thing. They removed his name from the box art and his own studio (both of which were widely reported, including on this very website, cancelled Silent Hills and his YouTube show Kojima Station, and prevented him from attending E3 and TGS in 2015. That’s not “fake news,” Eugene. That’s real, easily found evidence that Konami was screwing him over.

          • Eugene Voldo

            Let’s see!

            1. Konami owns MGSV. They can do whatever they want with anything related to the game. Besides they only removed his name from box-art. Cuz MGSV was PLASTERED with “Hideo Kojima” tags.

            2. They had cancelled Silent Hills because Kojima departed. It was his project after all.

            3. He was a Konami’s employee at that time. And if company says “sit here and polish MGSV” he cannot disobey. He was a salary-man, he didn’t own Konami. Even his studio was a 100% Konami’s property.

          • NegaScott128

            I never said they weren’t allowed to do these things, only that they were wrong to do so and that these actions corroborate reports that they intended to take the series out of Kojima’s hands and dismantle his studio. Which they did.

            It’s pointless arguing with you further. Nothing I or anyone else could say would convince you, because you do not want to be convinced. You want to live your life convinced that Konami is a great company and anyone who says otherwise is “fake news,” so I am done talking to you. You are now blocked. Have a nice day.

          • Eugene Voldo

            okay :0
            PS. Kinda cool to be blocked while having a civil discussion.

          • Full Options

            Sure although I think it would not have harmed Konami’s PR to let him have this prize even in a derogatory manner. Kojima was initially scheduled to be the recipient 2 months before, and this sudden legal approach was definitely clumsy on a moral standpoint because those events are organized mainly for a kid audience, and not supposed to be confronted in any means with legal issues and lawyers. This things should normally stay away from children’s universe.

            Look, I am not a Konami hater, like not at all. I was a very fan of Konami games even before Kojima walked in, playing cartridges such as Knightmare, Yie-ar-Kung-fu, Nemesis / Gradius, etc.. So I let you imagine in which state of devastation we are, seeing such issues without being able to stop them.
            Konami was my favorite game studio because through their games, they taught to some of us how extremely clean and neat code should run.
            If you ask people around you will see I was among the ones having the hardest time to believe what was happening during this dark year 2016, but after all those successive fights episodes, I have to say that my love for Konami is not infinite anymore, which makes me really sad.

          • 1. His comments on Survive were VERY mild.
            2. Kojima isn’t owned by Konami. He can say what he wants.
            3. Kojima was asked a question about Survive, and he responded.
            4. Metal Gear is pretty much Kojima’s series, so his opinion on it matters and he is fully allowed to give it.

          • Eugene Voldo

            You need to remember that Kojima was a public face for MGS series. If you think he can say anything he wants about MGS series (even if he would have been fired without any scandal) and Konami would not take any action against him you’re hugely mistaken. MGS is a Konami’s property after all.

            Again, “Metal Gear is pretty much Kojima’s series” phrase is more emotional than logical one. Metal Gear was always Konami’s series. Gamers probably didn’t even care who is Hideo Kojima before MGS1 release on PSOne.

            I think we had a discussion about what Kojima should have said in response to quiestion from fans. “No comment”. That’s it. It’s a common sense.

          • Legally it’s Konami’s series, but from a creator’s standpoint it’s Kojima’s.

          • Eugene Voldo

            “There’s a tendency among the press to attribute the creation of a game to a single person,” says Warren Spector.

            I think this thesis will never lose its actuality 🙁
            While I perfectly understand you and I understand that Kojima is a super-duper important part of Metal Gear’s DNA, i think it’s just wrong to say that Kojima created MG alone without any help. It’s either Konami or KP (Kojima Profuctions). Not a single guy.

          • No one said he made it alone without any help. But Quentin Tarantino doesn’t do the catering for a ‘Quentin Tarantino film’, and Scrorsese doesn’t drive around the actors for a ‘Martin Scorsese film’. Everyone knows that it doesn’t mean that person did absolutely everything on the project, but it means that it was his vision that was being created by the team. And this clearly is the case for Kojima as well. That’s why his games are ‘A Hideo Kojima games’.

          • Eugene Voldo

            And it’s still wrong to call it “One guy vision”. It’s always a “collective vision”. If you’ll work on a project with 10-15 other people you will understand how even your “perfect vision” will ultimately change, because people can’t express themselves 100% clearly. I mean, we need a hive-mind to fully understand each other.

          • Full Options

            Game development in Japan is more vertical than in western countries. Creators are of course not alone but in Japanese studios, artistic projects such games or movies are often based on a single mentor vision at the very root, surrounded by an army of developers, artists, etc…
            That’s the way Japaneses are doing it. In western countries, the direction is more dispatched across teams.
            Many developers reported this fact. Some of them even think this specific scheme is also limiting Japanese studios in developing heavier projects and make it responsible for a possible slow down regarding Japanese game dev these years, but that’s another question.

            Fact is that it is important for Japaneses to base such projects on the vision of a single creator. It was not Kojima’s choice to work like that, all studios there always crafted their games this way. Western people may be mislead but for Japaneses it is quite generic to work with this scheme.

          • Full Options

            Things are complex. Kojima is of course not at war with Konami as a whole, I am sure a huge majority of Konami employees just love him as a brother or father, however there are clear conflicts with very few board of directors members, that clearly and regularly show a very vindictive behavior towards him.

            Maybe few engineers, programmers, artists, musicians may at worst consider him as a little eccentric person, but I am sure none of them has any kind of hatred for Kojima.

          • Eugene Voldo

            I don’t believe in this “conflict” theory at all. If Kojima was so despised by director memebrs why did they give him a role of Vice-President in Konami Entertanment? Why did they create a studio just for him? Nope. I don’t believe it at all.

          • Full Options

            Right but that was before 2015-2016… Something went wrong between the Board and Kojima exactly during GDC 2016, according to Merceron who was attending the event. By the way, he confirmed the conflict too and precised that it cost him his job at Konami, since Kojima brought him in.

          • Eugene Voldo

            Oh, THAT conflict. Actually, it’s not a conflict on a personal level. It was all about money. Konami’s director members were not happy about prolonged development of MGSV which continued to absorb more and more resources that company had. If this is evil then we should consider destroying capitalism as economic base of trade relationship in our world.

          • Full Options

            Ok, but in order to reach great successes, you have to take some risks. Some investments can be lossy and others more beneficial, but in the case of Kojima, and if this was really the reason why they pulled the plug on MGSV, at least they could have trust him for one last shot instead of kicking him out that severely and during the production. After all the successive smash hits of all the opuses, they were not really taking that heavy risks betting once again on a horse like Kojima, seriously.

          • MGSV made Konami money. Do we have to feel sorry for them now? Yes, ambitious projects cost money, if Konami can’t take it they should just get out of the business (which they pretty much are anyway).

          • Eugene Voldo

            ROI. It made them money, yes. How much? Probably not enough to keep going with old structure in gaming division. And yes, they are not planning to bet on AAA productions. And that’s why I think that “conflict story” is partly made up. My take on all this things: Kojima was not happy with Konami’s future plans, Konami was not happy about MGSV development cost. So everyone had their own agenda and to blame just Konami is wrong.

          • In the case of you take on things, Kojima was still right.

          • Eugene Voldo

            I’m not so sure about it. But we will see! Time will tell.

          • IStealthierI

            It doesn’t matter now, really. Even [IF] it were all Kojima’s fault, even “if”, he’s since began fast production on his next title: Death Stranding. He let the fans of his work know he is working on something. He showcased two trailers so we can get a “feel” of what he’s working on. Fans are excited and anticipating. On the other-hand, Konami’s been working on…Survive…and it’s taking them a little too long to release that… Something that looks (from what we’ve seen) like it could have been released last year is coming out next year…that really doesn’t look good on Konami…

          • Eugene Voldo

            Hmmm, i want to pose a question – what is Death Stranding? What this project is all about? A year had been passed since its announcement and what do we know? Only one thing: the name of actor or actress Kojima wants to see in DS next. I’m not trying to be Debbie Downer here, but calling it “fast production” is a little bit of a stretch. But I’m happy to be wrong here.

          • We don’t know how far the project has progressed. Obviously we haven’t seen everything. The game is already playable, we know that much:

          • Eugene Voldo

            Well, game being playable can mean a lot of things. Like, we have a running pixel on the screen, so you can say it’s currently in a playable state. I mean, MGS6 can be in a more playable state than DS. We just don’t know anything.

          • It’s probably a bit more than a running pixel.

          • How do you know Nikkei is fake?

          • Eugene Voldo

            As a old rabbi would have answered; “How do YOU know that Nikkei is not fake?”

          • Because Nikkei is considered a credible source. Why would they suddenly start making this up?

          • Eugene Voldo

            To drop Konami’s share price on market. For one.

          • But this gets us kind of in tinfoil hat territory.

          • Eugene Voldo

            Well, this is the ultimate fate of all discussions we have on MG Informer 😀

      • NegaScott128

        All his statement confirms is that he was offered relative freedom to design the games the way he wanted. Which, given things like the Raiden twist in MGS2, is accurate. But that doesn’t mean that the working conditions were good, or that veteran developers weren’t humiliated and sent to demeaning positions, or that Konami isn’t currently fucking with KojiPro’s healthcare.

      • Venom_Sina

        Kojima had the creative freedom, at least until March 2015. After that, everything changed suddenly and not in a good way. It’s not fake news. Maybe there is some amount of exaggeration, but it was real.
        The 2015 version of Konami was terrible and that mess in the TGA’15 was the peak of it. It was terrible and no one can deny it, cause everyone saw what happened.
        Right now everything is against Konami. I don’t hate them, but I can tell that I don’t care about them the way I used to. If Konami wants to win back fans, it should strat developing some high quality games like in the early 2000s. Then we can sit down and talk about how Konami is a good or great company 😛

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