Four new Metal Gear Survive screenshots show melee and ranged weapons

Metal Gear Survive will be playable for Japanese fans next week during the Tokyo Game Show 2017, and today Konami has shared some new screenshots of the game via the official Japanese Twitter account. On the images we can see the characters using heavy melee weapons and some ranged weapons to keep the creatures at bay.

Metal Gear Survive will launch early next year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Metal Gear Official Twitter (Japan), 2

  • Eugene Voldo

    This silver-haired girl become some kind of mascot for Survive, isn’t it? Do we know anything about her? Or it’s just a custom character?

    • Not sure, the Q&A from a while back doesn’t really clear things up either:

      Q: Who is the Main player character in this game?
      A: The Main Character of Metal Gear Survive is a soldier straight from Mother Base.

      • I think they told us how it is. The main character is just a random soldier from Mother Base.

        • Yeah, there probably isn’t more to it.

    • Daniel Silva

      It’s just the character used in the game’s demo. Characters will be customizable in the full game.

  • Heads-up: there is a new poll in the sidebar – favorite Metal Gear ending (only ‘Hideo Kojima’ games are included in this poll).

    • Mr.Pony
    • Venom_Sina

      I’m stuck between 2 & 3. Damn it’s hard to choose…

      • Mr.Pony

        2 is a good cliffhanger but 3 is a one way ticket to feelsville

    • Eugene Voldo

      Easy choice: MGS1. The best has yet to come. Nothing will beat it.

      • IStealthierI

        Yeah. I’m gonna have to go with Guns of the Patriots…
        I mean, look, the end fight between Ocelot and Old Snake is still memorizing. Even after all these years, I can still think back feel the weight of the world and their shoulders. Then, it lifted us with a 15-min (I think) wedding scene. Seeing everyone happy, talking, enjoying themselves, celebrating a marriage. It was really nice and all, but one thing remained…where’s legendary Solid Snake? Ths scene changes and we get to see Raiden finally meeting his son which Rose talked about in the end of Sons of Liberty. It was a very touching end for Raiden.

        After all that, we cut to a grave scene. There he is, the legendary hero, Solid Snake. Smoking his last cigarette, savoring in his last moments. Thinking. Wondering. Reminiscing. Deciding. Then, accompanied by that wonderfully played acoustic guitar, he takes his gun out, unloads it, looks at a bullet before putting it in the chamber. His last words:

        “There’s one more thing I must do. One last punishment I must endure…My final mission.”

        Our hero, better than any other game character we’ve known, kneels down, puts the gun in his mouth. When it was all said and done, the camera slowly adverted towards the sky. BANG! The sound of a gunshot. It left me emotional. Pretty sure it left many of us whom invested a hefty amount of our time in this universe poignant. The death of the one and only, the hero, Solid Snake. We couldn’t believe it. It was the end. Then, it lifted us by bringing us back to the wedding scene. Again, seeing everyone happy and enjoying themselves gave us a sense of happiness in the sadness of Snake’s death. It was short lived when Otacon was telling Sunny where Snake went, it was nice to see, but we knew the truth.

        After it was all said and done, the credits rolled. It us left thinking, wondering, reminiscing. But we all knew something was in store for us at the very end. It was typical of Kojima to have a short dialog at the end of very MGS game. So, there we all are, waiting and savoring what was Guns of the Patriots. A lone credit rolled up…

        Big Boss

        Our eyes widen. Our jaws dropped. We’re back at the grave scene. Snake is breathing heavily. He didn’t do it! He didn’t kill himself! Happiness and joy rushed within us.

        “That’s right. Good. No need for you to go just yet. It’s been a long time… Snake.” Accompanied by ambient music and the guitar.

        And then there he stood… the living legend, the greatest soldier of the 20th century, the one who surpassed the Boss… Big Boss. We all lost our shit. Everyone knows it. A quick CQC event in which Big Boss bested Snake and made it in an embrace.

        “Let it go… My son.”

        When he said “my son”. How did we not lose our shit again? And words after words, “Ever since the day I killed The Boss… With my own hands… I… Was already dead.” It was fantastic! I also enjoyed the fact how they brought back Zero from Snake Eater in the very end of the game. Even Big Boss’ final words, “This is good, isn’t it?” while sharing his final cigar with ‘son’ Solid Snake. The petulant, contrary, nature of it; a series derided for its indulgent cutscenes and clumsy dialogue, concluding with a statement so concise, yet so enigmatic. What is good exactly? The MGS saga? Is Kojima breaking the fourth wall with Big Boss’ dying words to deliver the glowing verdict on his own creation – which, at the time, we believed to be the final MGS game, and certainly the last appearance of Solid Snake? Or is Big Boss referring to spending his final moments reunited with Snake – the clone he respects as a soldier, and a man, who he almost views as a brother? Or is he revelling in the physical sensation of the moment? The prickly rush of cigar smoke as the setting sun warms his failing body? The answer is all of those things, or none or them, with their ambiguous certainty compacted in five simple words.

        So, tell me, why Metal Gear Solid’s ending was the best ending for you?

        • Eugene Voldo

          I cannot write my opinion as detailed as you did it, because it will be a complete mess due to my low English skills. But I’ll try to point out all important parts of why MGS1 ending is the best.

          1. Ending is action-packed, short (by MGS4 standards it’s like a 30-seconds TV commercial) and satisfying. LIQUIIIIIIIIIIIIID!
          2. It has an amazing ending theme.
          3. It has an intriguing final speech by Ocelot. So intriguing you want to switch discs in your PS2 and play MGS2 right away! (even if you already know that Raiden is the main character)
          4. It’s perfectly balanced in a way that you want to rewatch it many-many times.

        • ObsessedGeorge

          Shit, you made me shed a tear while reading your post and picturing the scenes in my mind. That’s why MGS4 is the best MGS ending of all. Thank you good friend. You are a true Patriot.

    • Boromir

      Seems like people have seriously forgotten the impact of “Yeah, I’m Big Boss…”

      • Kol Leqejza

        it’s: “from now on, you can call me BIG BOSS.”

    • Lex Radu

      All i can say is that she was a True…Patriot! (sheds a tear)

    • Metal Gear Solid 4. I loved the ending. I liked how they packed everything in it for this amazing journey. There were tears, lot’s of them.

    • Full Options

      Ending, like ending ?? Wondering if I should respect MG ending or MGS2’s never ending, ending… Gonna vote on a pure gameplay pov… So never ending MGS2… Because I don’t want a Metal Gear game to end and this one fairly took its time.. ;D

    • SholidOnline

      MGS4. Great ending for Solid Snake. That could’ve been the last one and I’d have been happy (not saying I didn’t want PW and V).

    • The End

      I have to say MGS V.

      Even though none of the obvious endings really felt like one. Neither the story line evolving around the alien and superimposed character of Skull Face. Nor the dramatic vanishing of Quiet that you could undo by bluntly mission-grinding her back into the game. Not to mention mission 51.

      But one little gem modestly hidden away behind a series of side missions turned out to be not only an emotionally shattering and sad epiphany to Naked Snake, but also the real metaphor behind the title “The Phantom Pain”:

      Paz’ Tapes.

      NakedSnake coping with his guilt of Paz’ death, thus making up his own alternate reality, beautifully merges with his deeply disrupted personality. It explains his hallucinations and existential crisis on an emotional level rather than just leaving the cause to some debris in his skull. And despite hypnotherapy breaking his spirit, Paz managed to withstand and become an idol of the last bit of good in his heart.

      But of course, I can’t deny it doesn’t leave my heart untouched that their story dates back to good ol’ Peace Walker times.

      I think it’s just a breathtaking piece of script. And it’s the end that defines the game for me.

      • Kol Leqejza

        why do you call him naked snake?

        • The End

          Because I’m tired 😉 Fixed.

        • Biggy

          Because he had a big boss in his pants

          • Kol Leqejza

            worst joke ever.

        • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

          because chemistry
          venom + naked snake = Big Boss

      • Limit Break

        I have no idea how that pathetic little sidequest overpowers something like MGS3’s or MGS4’s endings, but.. Personal preferences, I guess…

    • Limit Break

      Anything not MGSV. See what I did there ? Because MGSV doesn’t have an ending.

      • It does though.

        • Limit Break

          No, it does not.

          • Alright then, whatever you say.

          • Full Options

            It even has at least 2 endings.. 😛

          • Limit Break

            We’ve been through this. I hate MGSV with a passion.

          • That much is clear.

    • MGS4 for me. Sure MGS3 touched my feels, but it didn’t make me stand up from my sofa and salute for half the credits with teary eyes.

      THAT is how powerful that ending was….(and how silly i was).

  • Boromir

    People have seriously forgotten the impact of “Yeah, I’m Big Boss…”

  • Lex Radu

    Off-Topic: Solid Allen..a Barry Plisnken, i mean Big Flash!
    In all seriousness, he looks like Solid Snake here!

    • moto hellogoto

      He could pull it off if he added like 30-40lbs of muscle.

      • Lex Radu

        He already put some since season 3, he already has the right physique for Solid, who is the less muscular one, and believe me, if he goes forward, he would put some for Big Boss and Liquid!

  • Lex Radu

    Sooo apparelntly it looks likem Kong was suposed to have a scene with Tom Hiddlestone’s character infirltrating a Millitary Base, and it was supposed to look like a scene straight outta Metal Gear, but was cut in the end.
    That’s the second reference to MG in the Movie, and there are a lot more i didn’t nottice till now!

  • TonyR

    If you pay Konami a thousand dollars in miocrotransactions can you get a playable Snake?

  • Full Options

    So Boss is apparently supposed to appear during all those time slots / panels… :3

  • Biggy

    I hope this game goes under

    • moto hellogoto

      So you want it to go to Australia?

  • moto hellogoto

    I’m not expecting storytelling on the level of Kojima and this does look like dumb fun. This looks like the kind of game where you can turn your brain off while you play it. Which is very unlike a kojima game that requires your full attention or you’ll soon be lost and have no idea what is going on. And if that is the case then I’m okay with it. I’d rather them just focus on the gameplay and stay away from too much story.

  • Latest purchase: Metroid Samus Returns Legacy Edition. Comes with a very cool steelbook that looks like the original Game Boy cartridge this game is a remake of.

    • Dr. Miles Manners

      That is fucking badass! I bought the unimpressive american version and it looks good, just not that amazing.

      Really fun game, though! I’m having a lot of fun.

      • Yeah a lot of people were complaining about the NA version. But to be fair this one is a lot more expensive. Still, it’s a very nice edition.


    I just checked comment section to this topic and its funny no one wrote a comment on MG survive! haha XD!

    Then I will be first. I think. XD

    Graphically its still great looking game and I see they added some weapons to it.
    On first screenshot that monster on the right is really great detailed.

    • Eugene Voldo

      I had wrote a comment about Survive :'(
      Well, you can’t blame people for a lack of interest in Survive. Konami is doing pretty terrible job at marketing this game. We still don’t know a lot of things about it. Will there be a meaty single-player campaign? Who knows! Will I be able to play as a Solid Snake in Survive? Heck If I know! Will David Hayter voices at least one of the characters? HELL YES HE WILL!.. No, actually we don’t know it either.

      • That’s true, with MGSV we used to get regular updates, now it’s only during press events and even then it’s pretty minimal. But the game will be at TGS which is this week, so perhaps we’ll get some updates soon.

        • Mr.Pony

          Not surprising since they pushed the release date, I guess we will get more updates when it nears the release, just like TPP.

      • ADAMJENSEN13

        Oh! Sorry then!

        But Youre right. They kinda not giving us much information about the game.

    • NegaScott128

      I’m most worried about performance. The Fox Engine wasn’t designed for this type of game, and I’m worried performance will suffer with the increased load.

      • Maybe that’s why it’s not coming to last gen.

        • NegaScott128

          Well, that and the complete abandonment of those consoles by the rest of the industry. I mean, we’re coming up on 4 years since the PS4 and X1 launched, and the only major PS3 release I can even think of from the last year is Persona 5.

          • Well Konami’s other big game that just released, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, came out on last gen consoles as well. Of course a football game isn’t as demanding, but still. And MGSV did, of course, so it wouldn’t be far-fetched to expect the spin-off based on the same game to come out for those systems as well.

          • NegaScott128

            Eh, it’s not quite the same thing. Most new sports games released on the old systems are just the old engines with updated rosters, made really quickly and cheaply. FIFA does the same thing, though considering the Fox Engine does run on the 360 and PS3, I guess they could be running the same game as the PS4/X1 version. In any event, they’re just cheap cash-ins that don’t push the boundaries of the hardware in the same way that Survive would. Performance was already really bad in MGSV; I honestly doubt Survive would even run on that hardware.

          • Full Options

            There are many factors in presence but Fox demonstrated heavy specs through MGSV nevertheless..
            I bet like Nyx that pursuing maintenance on last gens was the principal problem, the PS3 is yet too expensive to develop for. I mean they should be able to stabilize more processing demand on those consoles but it is financially not worth it, probably.
            In all cases, as they deployed TPP on PS3, they can probably issue a version of Survive too but if I were them, it would not be a that exciting endeavor to figure out how to fill a gap between decade older hardware setups.
            I am sure Fox can handle a fair number of zombies even on last gens though, but would not like to be the one to debug those flavors of Survive. 😛

      • ADAMJENSEN13

        I see. We will have to wait and see how this will looks like after release.

    • Full Options

      xD ! You are right !
      This monster look indeed fun, I like the beloved FoxEngine’s haze over this kind of metal / mineral texture. Can’t wait to empty few clips on this big fat bastard, haha..

      • ADAMJENSEN13

        Yeah. I think so too. Its really great detailed!

  • Mr.Sixes

    Looks great so far

  • Eugene Voldo



    • moto hellogoto

      Looks interesting. Does anyone here have a VR headset and can tell me if it’s worth it yet? I have been holding out because I don’t think the games are quite there yet.

  • Robin030

    dont get me wrong i love his work but it just feels so wrong being not metal gear related haha

    • Hablais

      I knew I recognized this art, but i wasn’t sure if SE was just blatantly copying MGS art style 😀
      Everything about this reminds me of MGS.

  • *off-topic*

    I found an interesting video on Fallout 20th anniversary (if you count from the first game made by legendary Black Isle studio).It’s hard to say but i have to agree with the guy. Fallout isn’t Fallout anymore, even tho i liked F3,F:NV and F4 they never reached the same experience i had with F1 and F2.

    If any video could explain why i still consider the first two games the best in the series (and one of the best games of all time), this would be the one.

    • Robin030

      i grew up with FO1&2 these were on of my first game experiences ever and i have to agree theres was never again something like it

      starting with FO:Tactics everything just went downhill…

      FO:NV kinda gave me hope again and FO4 shattered that hope in an instant

      • “i grew up with FO1&2 these were on of my first game experiences ever and i have to agree theres was never again something like it”

        Same could be stated for me. Before i became a MGS fan, i was a hardcore Blizzard and Black Isle Studios fan because of games like DIablo,Starcraft,Baldurs gate and ofc Fallout 1 and Fallout 2.

        Sure New Vegas went into right direction, but it still went off-course in the end. Id like to look at Fallout 3,NV and 4 as completely different game series, that has nothing to do with the first two.

        And don’t get me started on the game music from the newer games,none of them could hold a candle to original games soundtrack…i mean just listen to this song and tell me that you dont feel like you are in a post-apocalyptic “nuclear-crazy” world.
        There you are with just your vault suit,canteen and one magazine-gun…in front of you a wasteland with all kind of horrors that await you…then,you hear this song.

        Damn, now i need to replay these two games again after listening to this.

        • Robin030

          Damn bro u just gave me nostalgia overload…

          Was also a big blizzard fan back in the day but after D2 i completely lost interest in everything they made.

          “There you are with just your vault suit,canteen and one
          magazine-gun…in front of you a barren wasteland with all kind of
          horrors that await you…then,you hear this song.”

          I experienced this moment like 50 times over and over in my life cuz i started so many different playthroughs with this game.

          I still got FO:1 Fixed Edition installed on my laptop gotta give this babe another go. 😀

          And thx for the feeltrain haha

          • “I experienced this moment like 50 times over and over in my life cuz i started so many different playthroughs with this game.”

            Same here, tho i played FO:2 a bit more cuz it was bit more polished.I have couple traditions in life, to watch Lord of The rings trilogy once every year with friends and family, fishing and drinking cold beer during summer…and replaying Fallout 1 and 2 for god knows how many times now.

            “And thx for the feeltrain haha”


            Don’t mention it,us old Fallout fans could use it now, considering there is little-to-none chance Bethesda could pull of the same game experience as the original games had.
            Maybe Obsidian could pull it off in second go? Time will only tell…in the meantime ill be enjoying my nostalgia ride…in my Chrysalis Highwayman 😉

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