Kojima used to watch the making of The Abyss to cheer himself up from development fatigue

With Death Stranding, Kojima is trying to do something truly new and unique. While he has a clear picture of what he wants to create, it can be tough explaining his vision to the members of his team. But according to the famous game director, creating something takes great determination. He compares the process to the making of 1989’s The Abyss, by James Cameron.

Basically I work all day except weekends & holidays. Go to gym twice a week, sometimes dinner meetings. See movie or read novel before sleep. Go movies, read novels, visit museums in weekends. Tweet & write when I find time. Listen to music in transit, game creation everyday. Whenever I felt worn out from game development, I used to cheer myself up by watching the making of The Abyss. James Cameron is a perfectionist who suffered greatly because not everyone understood his vision. Every morning he would be the first to dive into the water tank for shooting, and the last to leave. After that he would make preparations for the next day. That’s the kind of determination it takes to create something.

In an interview with Metal Gear Solid movie director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, Kojima said that when he explained his ideas for the game to his team, no one got it at first, and he had to keep explaining it every day. When they started to move forward with different experiments, they began to understand and see the bigger picture. And certainly, judging from the comments of some of the few people who have played the game, it is going to be something special.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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      Yeah, thanks Nyx, we wondered for which exact purpose they were photo-scanning just his head… I am also wondering why they need a sample of his head with glasses on, if they plan to have a separate object for the glasses.
      Maybe they took one with glasses as a reference and one shot of him without them as well. This perhaps hints at some kind of production use of Boss’s mesh…
      But could be just part of fine-tuning the equipment settings, who knows…
      Would be cool if he use his mesh in some kind of stunt in what he planned to show us soon… ;D

      • At this point it’s kind of a tradition to have a cameo of Kojima in his games (similar to Stan Lee in Marvel movies), so he will probably make an appearance in Death Stranding as well.

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          Or Alfred Hitchcock…
          Yeah, I am pretty sure he’ll be in there.. I wonder who else…
          Like for example if he’ll finally put Hermen Hulst like he said at the last PSX.. Or maybe Mark or Andrew… xD

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      I’m looking forward to seeing what Kojima has in store!
      On another note, I understand there hasn’t been a lot of Death Stranding news over the past year since Kojima and co. have been hard at work on the game, but how come YongYea isn’t covering this particular tweet and the Del Toro being shown gameplay pretty soon? I guess he’s taken ranting about micro transactions and loot boxes priority over this, which is what I never wanted him to be remembered for in the first place (instead, all these meticulously crafted analysis videos on MGSV).

      • He did make a video about the Del Toro stuff. But yeah he seems to have kind of switched to covering controversial news.

  • No Place For Hayter

    Well that’s one way to do it. You know what they say, misery loves company. A sort of perspective fix, “It is meant to be this insane!” Kojima you mad man, take it easy, lol


    Off topic:


    Here is my little review of the game. WARNING!!! SPOILERS AHEAD!

    I will start from the begining. I think it have the coolest menu from all main mgs games. From the very begining You can feel the atmosphere of the game which is amazing.
    Opening – Great music with very dynamic gameplay! Awesome!
    and here starts gameplay and other things review.

    In my opinion it is probably the coolest MGS game. The coolest design, the coolest characters, many places where You sneak, battlefield experience sneak(Amazing!), fantastic graphic, great music, great voice acting, fantastic animation etc

    For the first time, in my opinion, in all MGS, Snake was the main character we needed. I mean, he always was there but there was always someone who was more cool, better story etc. But now Snake was so cool. Old Snake the best!
    In first game Snake story is not so important(Liquid is much much more cool anyway), second game Raiden appears and his story is really great and snake is a sub character, in third game we have big boss who is a Bear Grylls in Metal Gear(the only thing I remember from MGS3 is “So… how it taste?”), I played MGS5 before 4th MGS so again he is there but Skullface is mega cool and Kaz was just the coolest character there. And finally in MGS4 Snake is the most important character. Everything is about him. He is for sure the most cool chara in MGS4. He has even the coolest suit from all MGS!
    OctoCamo is really really Amazing idea. I really didnt like the idea of third game always pushing start button to change pattern. Octocamo is also the coolest thing from all mgs when it comes to camouflage.

    Gameplay is just one word – The best sneaking game ever! MGS5 is still better when it comes to gameplay cuz shooting and running was made better but its next game so its just not strange.
    But in 4th I dont like – You cant shoot ahead while hiding. just to sides! Why??? Dont ask me.
    and knocking to walls is really really really slow.
    But other parts rules!

    Bosses – I only liked the battle with Crying wolf, Metal Gears battle and Ocelot on Outer Haven.
    Other bosses just are… meh.
    and as always bosses were but they are not important. they are showed 2 to 3 times and we kill him(this time its always her). They had cool stories but not important to the game.

    Voice acting – When they are not showing emotions they sound perfectly but when they tries to show us something more it sound just unnatural(I like only one moment which shows us more emotions. When Snake shout OTACON!!! where they install virus. THAT WAS AWESOME!).
    When Otacon cries it just sounds funny and when Snake is angry he start to sound like Christian Bale as Batman.
    Raiden sounds Awesome, Vamp sounds awesome, Sunny too. Drebin myabe the best. Richard Doyle as Big Boss is amazing too.

    Characters – Snake, Otacon, Sunny, Drebin, Raiden, Vamp, Naomi, Akiba, etc all of them were just Fantastic!!! Snake and Otacon finally became the main charas which was mega awesome. Raiden as ninja ultra cool! Drebin was amazing! Akiba the funniest guy in the game, Vamp was much cooler than in mgs2 and he was perfect rival for Raiden, Sunny singing all songs in briefeings great idea and that she cant talk well was fantastic. Rose is the best babe in the game! Naomi great too!
    But there are also characters I dont like : I never was a fan of Meryl and Eva. I dont care about them. Ocelot trying to be Liquid is not cool too. Very boring character.

    Story – At first its great. But why just Ocelot didnt destroyed the system when he wanted it to be destroyed. WTF? and here also is one thing that I hated about this game. No Cam Clarke as Liquid! Ocelot trying to be Liquid is just not cool. Ocelot(like in MGS5) was very boring character.
    When You start playing in Shadow Moses which is very cool there plays “The best is yet to come”. and I figured out that MGS1 have the best song of all MGS games. I couldnt get out this music from my head for three days! XD
    The best song from All MGS games!

    And thats it. I just shared my opinion. Tell me what You think guys!

    • Ocelot wasn’t trying to be Liquid, he had actually mentally become Liquid. Physically he was still Ocelot, so it wouldn’t have made sense to have Cam Clarke voice him. As to why he didn’t destroy the system himself, well, he couldn’t. He needed Snake to infiltrate the system and destroy it from the inside. The system was completely impenetrable, as Drebin explains, so the only way to get rid of it is to let it destroy itself. They needed an inside man (Drebin) to bypass the system and someone to use as a trojan horse (Snake). The only reason he was able to infiltrate the system is because The Patriots let him.

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      • ADAMJENSEN13

        That makes sense XD
        Yes I understand it(He even had that artifical arm instead of Liquid arm. If I am wrong, sorry.)
        I wanted to say here that with Ocelot voice and Ocelot body it only looked like he was trying to be Liquid( I know he was him mentally but… I think it doesnt fit Ocelot to act like Liquid. I think I wanted to write something like this from the begining. It just dont fit Ocelot.)

        And story was great! but I was kinda mad cuz You know, the bad guy of course was the good guy from the begining. XD

        Thank You for reply!

        • Well the plot point about Ocelot becoming Liquid was actually started in MGS2, MGS4 just continued it. 🙂

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Youre right XD
            But maybe I prefered it cuz there was actually Cam Clarke as Liquid. Maybe thats my point. Maybe I was just angry cuz I was waiting for Liquid take over Ocelot again like in MGS2 and that didnt happen.

            But I really really like MGS4. Its Fantastic! The coolest MGS in my opinion.

            Can I ask You about Your favourite moment from MGS4? if You dont mind telling of course.

          • Hmm, has to be the ending with Big Boss appearing and the whole scene that follows. But there are tons of great moments. Check out this article as well: http://www.metalgearinformer.com/?p=8110

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            I agree. That was great scene. I really like Richard Doyle as Big Boss. Would be cool to have old big boss as dlc character!

            I dont know what part is my favourite cuz whole game was awesome but I will again go with that fantastic dynamic battlefield gameplay experience. About cutscenes… all of them were fantastic!

            I will for sure check that article!
            Thanks for sharing!

          • radun

            I think when all my MGS saga memories will have faded, “that” scene will remain.

            As much as i like all MGS games and pretty much all of the lines of dialogue/monologue (as cheesy as they sometimes are), that “Everything has it’s begining, but it doesn’t start at one…” piece, is just in a league of it’s own. One word: >inspired<

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      MGS4 is one of the game that left me so rich recalls. A lot of various sequences independently marked me so deep.
      To me, REX VS RAY is among the best Boss fights in the history of gaming.
      But the whole universe just come together so smooth. For example, Raiden stopping Arsenal with his blade right after… The game just don’t let you breathe in such sequences…
      Various distinct situations and emotions, all taking a perfect place in this wonderful mosaic…
      Many extremely realist environments, and so well managed in terms of game progression.
      And yeah, Crying Wolf fight was just legendary.
      The duel cut-scene between Raiden VS Vamp + Gekkos is just awesomely brilliant…
      And love me this box-art… I used it for about more than a year as my desktop background… xDxD (just the drawing without the text)


      • ADAMJENSEN13

        I agree to everything You said! XD.
        That duel Raiden vs Vamp+ Gekko the best fight cutscene in the game! and later the last battle between them was mega cool too(fighting only with knifes).
        Last battle Snake vs Ocelot was so COOL too.
        Rex vs Rey is really well done. Awesome mecha battle.

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          Really glad you appreciated MGS4, because a lot of people are complaining about it on always superficial details “compared” to other ones.. I love all of them because they are so different as well.. ;D

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Really?! There are people who complains about MGS4? WOW! XD haha!
            I really liked the moment when You track Naomi and that tailing in the city.
            As I said, probably the coolest MGS. I think if it had the MGS5 gameplay it could be the best!

          • No Place For Hayter

            You won’t find someone who will dislike MGS4 more than me. But yeah people like me exist, lol. I’m nicer and more thought out then most people like that though >.<

            I would call my thoughts as criticizing MGS4 rather then complaining about it ;p

          • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

            Euhm yes he will find someone who hates it more than me . That’s me ofc

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Hahaha XD

          • No Place For Hayter

            OK, you can have the title, lol.

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            I see XD
            Can I ask which MGS is Your favourite?

          • No Place For Hayter

            That is actually a really tough question, lol.

            What do we have hmmm
            MGS1 – Amazing game, classic, best meta gameplay.
            MGS2 – Best meta story
            MGS3 – Best characters
            MGS4 – Nope
            MGSPW – Great game but lacks on the gameplay front as being portable, you can tell Kojima wanted to start making a different kind of game.
            MGSV – Nope

            That leaves me choosing between 1-2-3, hmmmmm. I’m going to call MGS3 as my favorite, due to the shear amount of content and interesting mechanics, IMO MGS2 has the best story (despite liquids arm, wtf), but MGS3 is far more human and the characters are better. Well MGS1-2 has probably more “content” with things like the VR missions, and dog tags, but all that effort for MGS3 was worked into the main game, from more unlockables to more codec talks, to a lot of interesting interactions. MGS1 is amazing and has the most meta gameplay with things like Mantis and Ocelot torture. But on a personal level my favorite would be MGS3, which is kind of disappointing considering how normal of an answer it is, lol.

            TL;DR MGS3

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            If You would ask me I would have to choose too after finishing all main MGS games XD

            I see. I understand Your point. MGS3 have great moments and it all started those CQC grabs, camo change, healing, eating etc
            I dont like the part where You have to change camo always by pushing start button. Its kinda annoying.
            When it comes to characters to me Ocelot was the best! My fav chara from MGS3.
            Fantastic music – Snake Eater and the music from credits are Awesome!
            Nice graphic too!

            Thanks for sharing Your opinion!
            I see You are not also a big fan of MGS5 XD
            What about Portable Ops and Acid? You played them?

          • No Place For Hayter

            Never played acid, probably never will.

            Played the hell out of portable ops though, good game, lots of fun, the story was retarded though, lol. The best thing to come out of portable ops, was the music, especially the theme song “Calling to the Night” damn fine song that one. Unfortunately though for portable ops, Peace Walker exists, which does everything in portable ops 1000x better, almost rendering portable ops obsolete. Though without Portable Ops we might have never seen a Peace Walker as it is now.

            I think the biggest reason I played portable ops despite not being a main MGS game, was that the gameplay was still MGS, things like acid are just different genres wearing the title of MGS, and I wouldn’t play them for name alone, and I’m not interested in the kind of game they are.

            Now if we want to talk about MG games I should play but haven’t, the only one (and a big one) would be Ghost Babel, amazing music, amazing art, I just have never played the game, I really should though…. hmmm Have to fit that somewhere in my life after Christmas, WAAYYYY to busy before then >.<

            And yeah, not a fan of MGSV, I unfortunately spend most of my time and effort here (MGI) talking about why I hate MGSV, lol, thankfully that is fading as MGSV becomes the past instead of the present.

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            I played Acid(finished it) and I really like it! That card style game is really fun and You have to try different strategies which is cool.
            Great music and really cool story too. Nice boss battles too.

            I understand why You are not interested in Acid cuz its not MGS style game anymore but I think it was really cool cuz strategy is also part of normal main mgs games so that card style kinda fit it.
            I will have to play Portable ops and Peace Walker too!

            Ghost Babel? and on what platform it is? Sorry but never heard of it XD

            About MGSV… Dont worry I wont ask about it anymore XD haha!

          • Ghost Babel is on Game Boy Color (it’s just called Metal Gear Solid in the west).

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Thanks for info!

          • No Place For Hayter

            I believe ghost babel was on the gameboy (sorry about late reply, I’m sure you have looked it up by now, lol)

    • No Place For Hayter

      I love MGS4 and I hate it with a passion. I’m going to go with “Great game, terrible MGS game”

      As you are excited from finishing it, I’ll only talk about some of the positive highlights, lol.

      MGS4 has some of the best music in the series, and also has the best main menu I have ever seen in a video game PERIOD. The bosses were loads of fun and were very unique and interesting, despite the lore for them being butchered, poorly and awkwardly delivered AFTER I kick their butts. The game has a certain charm to it that makes it interesting, it might just be nostalgia, which is rather weird as people are usually nostalgic about MGS1.

      (Of course the best thing in the game are the Metal cows, Geckos, MOOOOOO /s)

      • ADAMJENSEN13

        I see. There are also some parts that I dont like in MGS4 but there are much much more that I really like! Especially gameplay which is the best!
        Im still really excited about sneaking through battlefield where soldiers shoots, throw grenades etc it was the coolest part of the game and probably the most dynamic part of all MGS.
        I also wanted to say that it can be the hardest MGS. When You want to sneak never touching anyone its mega hardcore!
        Cutscenes are amazing directed and characters in mgs4 are just the best bunch of characters from all mgs.

        Metal Cows XD haha!

  • Lex Radu

    Off-Topic: I could imagine Big Boss saying this line.
    If Jordan casts Manu Bennett as Big Boss/Venom, it would be the best Casting since Ben Affleck as Batman, or Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, or RDJ as Tony Stark!

    • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

      Big boss would never say this line . Even mgs4 big boss because he knows his son can handle himself

    • Mr.Pony

      Now that would be a great pick for Big Boss, just add some more white hair and it would be perfect

      • Lex Radu

        Yeah, and he does seem like a pick Jordan would take, not a huge Actor, but not a small one either.

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    • Mr.Pony

      [Goosebumps intensifies]

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