Hideo Kojima’s advice to the Metal Gear Solid movie director: ‘Do the same thing as me: betray your audience’

At E3 Coliseum Hideo Kojima was interviewed by the director of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie, Jordan Vogt-Roberts. While most of the interview was focused on the importance of cinema on Kojima’s life and its influence on his work, the Metal Gear series was also discussed. At one point Vogt-Roberts asked how Kojima deals with criticism like the complaints about cutscene length in Metal Gear Solid 2.

“Of course I pay attention and listen to this.” Kojima responded. “But the way people evaluate your things changes with the times. When MGS2 came out a lot of people were upset with me. You know, people were like: ‘why is Raiden the main character, and the cutscenes are too long. […] I don’t understand what you’re trying to convey with this’. […] There are a lot more people that understand what I tried to make back then.”

“People – and I also do this – will change their perception according to the times. So I think that sometimes, even if the perception is not good at that point, in the future (10, 20 years later) the perception might change. […] I try to keep this in mind when listening to people.”

Jordan asked if Kojima had any examples of him having an idea that no one gets at the time of explaining, only when it’s starting to take form. “Every time I think of a plan I explain what I’m thinking for the game system. The first people that I explain this to is my team. For Death Stranding, I also started by explaining a year ago to the team what I wanted to make. No one got it. Because I was trying to make something new, and something different. For me, I personally think that if people are opposed to you, then you’re on the right track.” Still, Kojima needed his team to understand what he was trying to make, so he kept explaining it day in and day out. “And while we move forward and do different experiments, little by little the team starts getting what I want to make. Right now what I wanted to achieve is already there and is working.” Kojima added, laughing: “My team, everyone is convinced: ‘we’re geniuses!’, and I was like, ‘no no, I thought of this’.”

At the end of the interview Jordan asked is Kojima had any advise to him as he moves forward with the Metal Gear Solid movie. “Do the same thing as me.” Kojima said, smiling. “Betray your audience.”

Source: E3 Coliseum: A Conversation with Hideo Kojima and Jordan Vogt-Roberts

  • “But the way people evaluate your things changes with the times.” This is very true. Hopefully MGSV will be appreciated a little more as time passes.

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

      My perception of MGSV has definitely changed over time, I believe it will for others.

    • Frederick Guese

      I got it once I first played the game. It immediately clicked.

    • Full Options

      I think MGSV is not in the same situation as MGS2 or 4.
      I know you won’t agree but I persist in saying that Konami sabotaged part of the production. Latest developments regarding the war against Kojima and Konami make me even more convinced. Guys were ready to cut their health insurance access…

      You told me one time regarding a video with both Boss and Yano-san that Kojima being gagged by Konami in regards to the quality of TPP was a bit too extreme conclusion coming from me.
      However we clearly saw again that threatening Kojima for what he said about Survive during TGS goes exactly in the same direction.
      The dude can not even slightly open is mouth without being almost immediately sued by Konami.
      I stay convinced that Kojima can’t contractually provide details about the quality of TPP and about what happened during the production because Konami would badly sue him otherwise.
      Kojima suffered a lot and it was pretty clear on his face in all his apparitions because they are forcing him to pretend the game is perfect whereas he would prefer to explain why the game is in this state.. He would prefer to tell us that it is because of those .ssholes.

      All Kojima games chapter structures were quite solid and well polished. That’s why people like me feel something abnormal with TPP’s one.
      They did not let him peacefully polish / package the game, even Merceron confirmed, I am pretty convinced that Kojima dies for confirming this to us, but he can’t because of what’s in front…

      I know I won’t get you convinced but this is my true feeling about the case.

      • The game isn’t perfect but as far as quality and polish goes there isn’t much to complain about. It’s much more polished than most games of this scale and quality-wise is regarded as one of the top games of the last few years. Besides, the comparison with MGS2 is more about how these games went against everyone’s expectations in a more general sense.

        When MGS2 came out is was by many regarded as a disappointing sequel to the much beloved original. While the gameplay was universally praised many reviewers said the story was a mess and the weakest point of the game. Now look at how that’s changed. This is what Kojima was referring to in the interview.

        • Full Options

          Regarding MGS2 and Kojima’s message I am 100 % ok.
          And you know I love TPP too. You are right that if we stay relative, there is indeed not much to complain. But that’s also because it’s a Kojima game so it’s normal if the final product looks rock-impressive. Fact is that we can not really evaluate how bad it was impacted by the debacle. We don’t know if we lost from 5 to 25 or more percents of it’s quality because Kojima did a masterpiece and even 75% of a Koji-masterpiece can appear finished even if not completely…

          However I don’t want to annoy you further with my possibly too subjective considerations. ;D

          • MinimalistGeek

            MGSV is complete.

          • Full Options

            I am still having hard time to believe that. The completion state of M51 is way too advanced to me. 30% is yet too much. The cinematic are rendered in real time so the area we saw had to be heavily optimized which involved substantial efforts specially for previous gens. They took it off during production and the reasons are still not clear. You may cut some content but one involving 30 mins of cinematic that were that advanced really ? Not mentioning the Battle Gear.. You craft it slowly during the whole game and bye-bye ?
            You do not initially plan such amount of work to cut it off like that. To me the reason is the lack of time so considering what happened and the strange coincidence that the debacle was announced almost the same time than the release date wrap it completely for me.
            Konami pulled the plug, not Kojima. Remember that Kojima, back from GDC 2015, said to his teams “don’t worry we are going to finish our game whatever it takes”. This has been officially reported by Julien Merceron. Can you still think the game was not obviously shrunk after considering all this facts ?
            All this needs to be solved out during the planning phase. Maybe those decisions were artistic but seeing how Konami is behaving with Kojima these past 2 years, allow me to at least slightly doubt about it.

      • Dr. Miles Manners

        At first I was on the Kojima side of things, but as more time passes and we get more information I can see clear why Konami pressure Kojima. They gave him 5 years to develop that game. As soon as production of PW wrapped up they started the MGSV project and yet they released a barely structured game. They gave Kojima an absurd budget of money and a lot of time and he barely stitched together the game at the last moments when he was getting heat for not having a clear deadline. To be honest, games like Witcher 3, Breath of the Wild or GTAV even feel like more cohesive, complete experiences than that of TPP and had a similar, or even smaller development time. What the hell was Kojima Production doing with their time and budget?! The only ones who sabotage MGSV was KP themselves.

        • Did you forget they first built an entire engine?

          • Dr. Miles Manners

            Yeah, and so did the guys behind Witcher III, Breath of the Wild and GTAV. Doesn’t excuse them.

            Look, MGS is my favorite video game franchise. But I’m trying to be unbiased here and to be fair they could have spended their budget in a more responsible way by getting more team members to properly meeting deadlines and achieving milestones withing the game (like all the chapters and story missions they originally planned for it and then some) instead of fancy new studios in LA and Hollywood meet-ups and “professional trips”.

            The only reason why there’s so many people outside that can’t conceive this game is in the state it is is because even games with less development time like Peace Walker (or even Guns of the Patriots) have more variety in side-ops, main ops, story set pieces and cutscenes, among other things, and are better paced. Yes, the gameplay, menus and micro-management are top of the line, and so is the beautiful FOX Engine, but after all that you’re willing to tell me that they couldn’t build more on those assets than what they did with the game? Around 33 proper story missions, many of them feeling like something you get on a Side-Ops from PW, and variations of the same 10 base Side-Ops (Eliminate X platoon, Extract Soldier or POW, Child Soldier or Animal, Extract or Eliminate Vehicle, Extract Document or Container, Take care of some Zombie- I mean, Puppets or MSF Zombified ex-soldiers). Where are the Shooting gallery, wacky over the top side/extra-ops like Pooyan Mission? Or defend the entrance of a base whille Big Boss is doing some shit? Where’s the stealthy destroying some emplacements? The interrogation of enemy soldiers to get some recordings with an added twist? Where’s the unique, optional Bosses? The Photograph missions with silly cameos? Come on! Even PW and GZ, a freaking teaser from this game, have more variety!

            Get inventive! You have the means to it! Do some stupid races with Jeeps, Tanks, Walker Gears or whatever! Re-Use those amazing maps for optional missions in the Hospital or the inside of the MB corridors like in Shining Lights.

            Finally, when some fans can make a better job with the side ops in this game (Look-up “Infinite Heaven mod for MGSV”), in around less than a year that the tools for doing so were out so they could do it, than the main development team behind it, with all that experience and money, that’s just inexcusable!

          • Full Options

            Come on, they did not re-wrote RAGE for GTAV, the engine has clearly a solid base for at least 2 or 3 opuses !?… You can even tell by playing PSP’s GTA’s RAGE flavor. They are really slightly touching the engine compared to scene modeling efforts. That’s what take them that long… Nothing to deal with the jump between MGS4 an V… Like really… Koji-Pro is always almost rewriting the engine for every MGS…

          • Paul

            What are you on about mate? GTAV uses RAGE and Euphoria, both of which were originally designed for use in GTAIV, The Witcher 3 uses a revision of RED so modifying an engine to meet present standards is no task at all and BotW was not only delayed but it was in production for over 5 years.

            The only problem with production was the lack of a solid deadline but that’s what happens when you’re not your own boss anyway. Everything that happened to this game happened because Kojima worked for someone else. This always happens in the gaming world Christ if he was still with nintendo the series would’ve bombed because of all their input in games with radical ideals like his. If he had 100 percent freedom I would be okay with waiting a few more months to get a complete game. And Konami just completely ruined the saga with this new “survive” series so I can’t believe you’d defend them in the slightest. And it’s REALLY hard to believe you are a fan when you say PW has more variety when all you do in that game is battle mechs in different areas of the map until you save the world and run out of mechs to blow up.

            I could care less how they spend the budget too, Kojima and his team worked hard for years this is the first time I ever heard of him being so framboyant with his funds.

          • Dr. Miles Manners

            Ok, so tell me about the bosses in TPP. You could be fighting only mechs in PW, but at least there were variety to their engagements and designs. There were the Armor Vehicles, Tanks, Helicopters, AI Weapons (each one different), and even optional Bosses like the Monster Hunter ones!

            In TPP there was the Skulls, Sahelantropus and that’s it! Maybe you could stretch it and call Eli a “Boss Battle” but that’s about it!

            I’m not defending Konami’s scumbag way of dealing with things, but they had a long ass time to develop a game and should’ve seen it coming after taking so much time.

          • MinimalistGeek

            >Look, MGS is my favorite video game franchise. But I’m trying to be unbiased here and to be fair they could have spended their budget in a more responsible way by getting more team members to properly meeting deadlines and achieving milestones withing the game (like all the chapters and story missions they originally planned for it and then some) instead of fancy new studios in LA and Hollywood meet-ups and “professional trips”.

            Listen kid, don’t embarrass yourself any further.

            Not only do you not have a single clue of what you are talking about, but you are also going into the shitty-fan-made-up crap.

          • Dr. Miles Manners

            Kid? Please!
            I’m 30! And I no longer care about apologetic nonsense. Devs are sellers after all. They offer a product that I buy with hard earned money. I have all right to complaint.

          • MinimalistGeek

            Yea, no.
            Nobody cares.

        • Full Options

          Given the gameplay quality reached with GZ and TPP I think Kojima Productions did right to take their time for the R&D and Konami should have understood that instead of ridiculously putting pressure on them.

          GZ revealed a struggle in developing the streaming mechanism, forcing them to load the whole Camp Omega in PS3’s and 360’s RAM (or newer gens but it was easier). The according correction enabling to stream sectors of TPP’s maps required to rewrite a lot of the FoxEngine libraries such as the whole enemies AI and assets schemes so all could properly fit with those changes…
          Those changes also implied discoveries such as new game-modeling tools, letting artists do another pass even after the compression step, for example… Of course investors don’t want to hear about that but all stays as complicated as science nevertheless. If you really want to improve game technos you need to few take risks but TPP proved that it was worth the move. I don’t see much dev teams with this philosophy nowadays so hats off for KP…
          How many devs can you count that do invest in R&D rather than poorly recycling their engines with barely only new and more detailed 3D assets, contenting themselves to follow the hardware performance curve?
          Research in any field is very unpredictable when it comes to schedule anything. Games are not free of this fact.

          I understand they panicked because non-techy Directors nor their investors can’t visualize the end and often take drastically wrong decision even if the worst is behind. That can be very frustrating because they may do it at moments were it is easy to implement many more things… It always happens to all of us.
          Although after 30 years, they could have trust him on this shot and extend his credit line (GTAV = 200 M$, TPP+GZ=80 M$…).
          He had way enough reputation to be fairly trusted but they acted cheap with him.

        • radun

          MGSV (the PP part) is a 50 hours game, that blends all his elements in various innovative ways, with tons of content, both online and offline…how much longer/bigger did you want it to be i wonder?

          It has two immense maps and tons of objectives from easy to very very difficult, progressively encouraging you to become more aware and more prepared each time you go on the field.

          It’s extremely amusing how some criticize it for not having something like 5 Chapters, when it is [almost] obvious that it’s separated in 2 acts (3 if we count the virtually unattainable last one) because it follows a thematic purpose, not a 101 story structure rule book.
          It is different, not ‘incomplete’.

          Witcher 3 is the same old formula done to death, not to mention one of the clunkiest combat engines in recent memory.
          GTAV (while the series never ‘clicked’ with me) is of course, a great game, just as every GTA game, but, again since the first 3D GTA, it is the same, just more. That’s not innovation, that’s just …more of everything.

          Botw i hear is criticised a lot by its fans, and i can not have an opinion as i haven’t played it, but [3D] Zelda’s are generally great games that always tend to innovate in one way or another.

          • Dr. Miles Manners

            There’s no complaining about the gameplay and presentation. It’s really well done and fun, same with the whole iDroid functionality and micro-management. It’s how they used, or lack of thereof, those assets.

            There’s 2 gigantic maps with barely anything to do in them but repetitive side-missions out of like 7 templates that add nothing but tedium. The story missions are the best out of those maps, but some felt like side missions with barely anything to do with the main story arc of this game.

            The pacing was awful after the first chapter. Suddenly there was a lot of filler, repeated missions just with an added difficulty (geez, even GZ and code in the game implied those were a thing you could do for every mission). Then all of a sudden you’re hit with story moments without warning or proper build-up and left alone just to wonder what the hell was all that about. And the game suddenly ends.

            Their more interesting maps that could’ve used more side missions (even if “non-canonical” extra-ops”) like Cyprus, Cuba, or the inside of Mother Base was relegated to only one mission, or in the case of Camp Omega, held hostage on a different disk were there’s nothing to collect to add to your overall resources. Wasted potential.

            And then, there’s the whole cut material like Kingdom of the Flies, the return to camp omega, the fully customizable FOBs, the missions editor, underground section of OKB-Zero and many more that went to hell and not used due to them not committing to properly use their time.

          • MinimalistGeek

            >There’s 2 gigantic maps with barely anything to do in them but repetitive side-missions out of like 7 templates that add nothing but tedium. The story missions are the best out of those maps, but some felt like side missions with barely anything to do with the main story arc of this game.

            Because it’s a stealth simulator, and not whatever the fuck you are on about?

            Also who gives a shit about missions not connecting with the story? Do you need the game to provide hours of context in order for you to play the game?

            >Then all of a sudden you’re hit with story moments without warning or proper build-up and left alone just to wonder what the hell was all that about. And the game suddenly ends.

            ……..So? TPP’s main narrative ended with chapter 1. Chapter 2 is an epilogue not a full story content.

            >And then, there’s the whole cut material like Kingdom of the Flies, the return to camp omega, the fully customizable FOBs, the missions editor, underground section of OKB-Zero and many more that went to hell and not used due to them not committing to properly use their time.

            Mate, stop believing everything you read on the internet, and use some common-sense, and do your own research.

            Mission 51 is not canon. Anyone with two brains cells rubbed together can understand the level of inconsistency, and disconnect between the final product, and 51, showcasing why it was cut before any major work was done on it. It has a 30% completed sign for a reason ffs.

            Game-development is not a walk-in-the-park type situation. It’s an extremely elaborative/time-consuming process where things are being added, and removed even until the last second.

            MGS series has a history of plenty of things not making it into the final product. This isn’t anything new for the industry or the series.

          • Dr. Miles Manners

            “TPP’s main narrative ended with chapter 1. Chapter 2 is an epilogue not a full story content”

            What kind of narrative uses that structure?! Chapters are used when there’s 3 or more pieces to tell a whole story. Otherwise they would have been called “Prologue” “Story” “Epilogue”.

          • radun

            You mistake ‘art’ for something like a math equation.

            You have preconceived ideas and you obviously can not see beyond them (which is, of course, not an easy thing to do, seeing how we are conditioned to think in a certain way by the massive amount of copy/paste money grab ‘franchises’). Ideally, there are no rules in telling a story, or creating a painting, or writing a poem. It is all in the hands of the creator and the only ‘rule’ is to achieve it’s purpose. Seeing there are countless interesting discussions and critical analyses regarding MGSV’s narrative prowess, it certainly did exactly that.

            Can you believe that Citizen Kane was considered a bad movie when it came out, exactly because people didn’t understand it as it did not followed the rules that defined american cinematography in those times? Hard to believe.

          • MinimalistGeek

            Lol @ trying to use conventional story structure in an MGS game.

            Kid, go get educated.

          • Green & Yellow

            “Mission 51 is not canon. Anyone with two brains cells rubbed together can understand the level of inconsistency, and disconnect between the final product, and 51, showcasing why it was cut before any major work was done on it. It has a 30% completed sign for a reason ffs.”

            …What?! Not canon?! In the finished product itself they have a cutscene showing Eli stealing Sahelanthropus from Mother Base, and in the ending timeline it states “Eli establishes his own Kingdom of the Flies in Africa”. Why bother even including that cutscene or the thing about “Kingdom of the Flies” in the ending timeline in the first place? If Mission 51 wasn’t canon, wouldn’t it have made more sense to just put “Eli vanishes mysteriously from Mother Base” in the ending timeline to put a simple conclusion for his story? The Chapter 1 ending cutscene and various tapes in the game make it quite clear that “The Third Boy” was also present at Mother Base so you can easily put two and two together as to who broke him out. The fact is they started the “Eli steals Sahelanthropus”-sidestory in the finished product and the “Phantom Episode” concludes that part of the story in an unfinished form. How exactly is that non-canon or inconsistent? It’s part of the main story and should have been the final mission. But for whatever reason it wasn’t finished in a playable form. We can only take a guess as to why it ended up being like that. Was it done on purpose, did it perhaps have a deeper meaning to have the supposed final mission be an unplayable and unfinished “phantom episode” or was it simply a result of Konami not giving Kojima enough time to finish the game. Part of me wants to blame Konami, but part of me says that there are so many irrelevant missions in the game that it doesn’t make sense why Episode 51 wasn’t prioritized before them, so maybe it was even meant to be like that. The game’s title is “The Phantom Pain” afterall…

          • radun

            Well, yeah, they could have had 3 times more of what is there, or 10 times, or…but you know the saying “Art is never finished, only abandoned”, so i guess as long as it carries the point across, it does the job it was set to do.

        • MinimalistGeek

          >Witcher 3, Breath of the Wild or GTAV

          Try comparing any of these games core-mechanics/controls with MGSV’s, and you will see precisely why MGSV took as long as it did.

          > What the hell was Kojima Production doing with their time and budget?! The only ones who sabotage MGSV was KP themselves.

          Well jeez I don’t know, how about:

          -Building an entire engine from ground-up
          -Building an open-world game that was carefully constructed with it’s locations, and geography to take every possible way of infiltration into account
          -Fleshing out the core-mechanics to provide limitless gameplay possibilities
          -Carefully researching cold-war material, and subtly introducing it to tie into the game’s overall thematic-discussion,
          -Carefully researching for tracking-shots, scenography and cinematography to implement in the game, which is the best seen in any game past, or present.
          -Building such smooth, and fluent controls, again best game controls of all time
          -Creating such memorable character visual identity with each-movement, and dialogue carefully written
          -Game’s general visual direction, and it’s identity that will contiune to impress in years to come.

          Quality takes time. MGSV is a technical, and a mechanical masterpiece that is the true definition of a next-gen game, and won’t be surpassed anytime soon.

          Try listing anything that The Witcher 3, and GTAV did in terms of design, mechanics or anything that comes EVEN close to what MGSV did.

          Kojima productions took a long time with the game, but they weren’t blowing smoke up their asses. They instead put careful thought, and level of polish/detail that isn’t/wasn’t seen in any game.

          • Full Options

            +1, without mentioning that they did GZ + TPP with a 80 M$ budget whereas GTAV is around 200…

    • Venom_Sina

      While I do agree this concept (cause I saw what happened with MGS2), I can’t quite believe that MGSV will turn into a fan favorite like 2 did. I got what V tried to tell and I can appreciate that, but imo there are some problems here that can’t allow V to get to a high point.

      Most of the problem comes from the second chapter and its -sorry for saying this- terrible ending. It’s hard to communicate with the ending, cause there’s absolutely no build-up to the big revelation. It just … happens with no good reason. Also the terrible pacing of the second chapter is nothing that we can pass. Some may say that Kojima wanted to show emptiness of revenge, but I can’t really accept that. Leaving the player wondering in between those replayed missions to show me the emptiness of revenge… so clever…
      On the other hand, 2 had almost everything in the right place. The story, the pacing, even the long cutscenes created carefully. All these things build the story to the final moment and that’s the reason why it’s remarkable.
      It’s just my personal opinion, but I think V can’t be THAT good. I just can’t see myself 5 years later praising MGSV…

      • Maybe not. There are also still people who really dislike MGS2 (a few years ago GameTrailers actually had it in their top 10 most disappointing sequels, and they criticized the story). People are always going to disagree on things and that’s fine.

      • MinimalistGeek

        > The story, the pacing, even the long cutscenes created carefully.

        Ughhh no.

        MGS2 works because of it’s medium, and form. Looking at the script, and trying to somehow claim that its somehow the “highlight” of the game is just dumb. MGS2’s script is above mediocre at best, and is *only* elevated by its form.

        MGS2 was a sequel who knew it was a sequel, and used the players past experience to bait the players in, and betray their expectations through it’s design. Not the script, or story, which exist to contextualize it’s ideas. But the heavy-lifting is done through its design.

        People who generally bring “story” into MGS2 discussion fail to grasp the game’s overall focal point.

        >It’s just my personal opinion, but I think V can’t be THAT good. I just can’t see myself 5 years later praising MGSV…

        You barely even understand MGS2 after a decade…….

        So yea, i don’t expect you to understand MGSV, which is even more subtle than 2 in its approach.

        Not sure why people have to make this “I don’t see it happening” when they don’t even understand much of anything beyond “HERP STORY NOT GOOD GAME NOT GOOD” mentality.

    • radun

      Compared to last year’s end, a lot more people are paying attention to the way MGSV is uniquely constructed in terms of narrative. Every week there are new topics on reddit with people genuinely interested in other’s interpretations of certain key scenes, which leads to amazing discussions dissecting the game and it’s intricacies.

      • Alex

        I should be on reddit more often then, as that is what I typically read the comments here for.

    • Xavior Nieves

      I doubt it, simply because MGSV is a poorly made game. I blame both Konami and Kojima. I’ve also played the game multiple times and quite frankly it doesn’t have the clever writing as 2 or even it’s well structured story.

      It’s meta narrative it buried under a huge pile of cassette tapes that are just handed to you instead of writien into the story and it’s in universe story is laughable handled. With missing cutscenes or concepts pulled out of nowhere and never elaborated on. As well as the game just not being finished. Don’t use that “phantom pain” trite on me. An unfinished game is still a sin even under the misguides of artistic flair.

      MGSV just doesn’t have the same infrastructure that made MGS2 a classic later on in life. That game’s meta narrative was both appealing and relavent for the times and even today. While also have a damn good in universe story. While liking MGSV is perfectly fine I do find it a bit silly to insist that people just need to give it more time and then it’ll be loved. Many people have and it’s still a mess as it was the day it released.

    • jsizzle.


  • Mr.Pony

    Betray your fans, make an actually good video-game movie

  • After this interview I want to give Jordan a chance for the Metal Gear movie.
    At first I was very negative about him, but now… Okay, let him do it.
    I’m not excited yet, but I’m happy to see Kojima and Jordan together in his interview so it helped.

    • Full Options

      YESSSSSS !!!!
      Glad you changed your opinion on this one !
      Not sure if he’ll manage to satisfy us but I sense good vibes from the man coming on stage in a bloody card-board box ! ;D

    • Gatsu

      That’s what I like to hear Golgari <3 :D!

  • BigBossMisko

    Yes, thats true, we were betrayed by Hideo. now he confirmed it, because the MGSV is not so good as other MGS games. And NO is it not Konami´s mistake, its only Kojima´s, because he was making V for something like 4-5 years, and the result ?? Everyone know here, 1 chapter + 1 chapter of level replays, and that´s the thing that i cant forgive to Hideo.

    • He was talking about MGS2, when he ditched Snake in favor of Raiden and got a lot of flak for it. But it probably applies to the other games as well.

      • Eugene Voldo

        Actually, he did it again in MGS3 where he ditched Solid Snake in favor of Naked Snake :'(

    • Johnno

      And you are basing this on what precisely? Especially concerning that during the final stages of development Kojima was locked in his office and prevented from actually working with or directly communicating with his staff for almost a year.

      4-5 years is normal for a AAA game. Even more impressive when you consider that Kojima was tasked with simultansouely developing a company-wide multiplatform in house engine called FOX. Something not even Square Enix or Capcom could pull off with Crystal Tools, Luminous and Phanta Rhei.

      Plus there are leaks and evidence that strongly suggest that MGSV did not end up the way Kojima intended, a missing 3rd chapter, a missing ending, likely also due to the limitations of last gen consoles which Kojima wanted to avoid.

      Kojima owns whatever flaws people want to attribute to the previous titles. But there is plenty to demonstrate that MGSV’s problems could be attributable to Konami’s meddling and own internal sabotage.

      • Full Options

        Yeah, during almost a year they were apparently really nasty with the teams.
        It is really frustrating because it is at the end, when the major problems are solved that you really start to easily implement tons of features..
        It seems pretty obvious that they were obliged to wrap up all they had.
        The former Konami’s world-wide technology director even publicly confirmed it a little less than 2 years ago after being fired as well because of his friendship with Kojima.

        To me they were forced to drastically cut substantial content (51 but also probably Battle Gear), along with re-assembling the best they could the missions they already had, hereby serving a very odd Chapter 2 full of recycled Chapter 1 missions, and probably the reason why a fair amount of side-ops look superficial.

        • Battle Gear was cut because it was too powerful, at least that’s according to a note by Kojima found in the official guide. By the way the structure in MGSV is actually quite similar to PW, including having to do some cryptic stuff to unlock the true ending.

          • Full Options

            I saw this note, but on a pure game dev standpoint, I still can’t put this “too powerful” together by the way.
            That’s a too vague explanation, you do not craft weapons in games like in reality and suddenly realize that your beast is out of control like Frankenstein’s creature… ;D
            In simulations like games, you have full control over every single parameters. An explanation such as “too complicated to come up with a comfortable control / navigation” or stuff like that would have been a bit more convincing. But of course you’ll never see anything like that admited in any official guide.
            There are many ways you can address difficulty issues with your controllable entities unless you simply don’t have time for it. For example you may either lower weapons damage ratio or increase enemies hull / resistance… Sounds to me more like a time issue.
            They possibly did not have time to fine-tune all its controls as well as they did for Walkers and other vehicles.
            Not saying that because I specifically missed Battle Gear at all in the game, but the argument is not much convincing.
            I hardly see the official Konami’s guide state “it was removed because we fired Kojima in-between” (:D), nor see Kojima infirming the guide with an explanation that could cost him a trial.

            Regarding similarities with PW structure, I partially agree but TPP’s climax is not exactly raised to the same apotheosis like in PW. Instead of that, it is like the pace is running out of steam during chapter 2, whereas PW’s ending is a pure fireworks last bouquet, like any other Metal Gears.

          • Full Options

            To me with the say 35 truly different missions divided across 5 chapters cards ending with Quiet -> OKB Zero -> Sally, I would probably not have even thought about extrapolating any impact of the debacle. Even if they just stuck Kingdom of flies cut-scenes in the end without necessarily an interactive Boss fight with Sally would have fairly do, like all the previous endings with all the usual never ending cut-scenes.
            Because TPP is yet extremely massive, part of me even think it is probably more or less complete.
            But the way it was presented makes me almost feel like he wanted us to know what happened. Something like :
            “Guys, this is really how big I wanted it to be, but they did not let me do it”.

            OR / AND

            I know Boss said with Yano that 51 was rather more suitable for a possible DLC, but I don’t understand why they did not simply switched to the solution of making it the true long ending cut-scenes, instead of leaving the idea under a playable form then ? Maybe they thought Konami could indeed consider digging the DLC afterwards as they said ?
            But then why share / spoil the sketches if not sure it won’t be used later on ? Maybe they thought at this time there was some chances but finally released it once they realized that Konami won’t pursue anything on TPP.. In such case it would have been indeed too late to better package it in the final game than quickly putting it in the collector ed as is..
            This makes sense..

          • To some extent the game is probably supposed to be ‘open ended’, structured in a way that after the story missions you can keep playing (A War without End). It seems likely they were planning more DLC as well but the Kojima split prevented that.

          • Full Options

            Right I forgot this point, plus FOB + MGO …
            Prevent DLC simply to make a point with Kojima is a complete commercial nuts move, but we easily imagine they are unfortunately able to behave like that..

    • FoxTamerMGO

      MGSV was good, but I just have a feeling that it’s missing something.. I know that Kojima can do 100% better than the MGSV we have today..

  • Low Roar also performed at E3.

    • Gatsu

      OMG :O……..

    • Lex Radu

      This is good…isn’t it?

  • Venom_Sina

    I don’t know what exactly Kojima means by “Betraying the fans”, but I have a theory for that 😛
    This betrayal can be the different ideas that Kojima tried in his games. When you look at MGS2, he changed a lot of things. Yeah, nobody liked it, but those ideas helped to keep the game fresh. Same goes with MGS3. Different equipments, different settings and in general a different game. It’s still MGS, but in a different way.
    He did it again for MGSV. Going for more gameplay rather than cutscenes, open-world enviroments, etc. I wasn’t a fan of gameplay in MGSV, cause I’m not a big fan of open-world games, but I can’t deny that Kojima tried to do something different with this one. Not just V, but every damn sequel 😛
    I like what Kojima did for this franchise. Every installment feels different, but in the core it’s still the same MGS that we love. If it wasn’t for Kojima and his ideas, we would’ve got a lot of repetitive sequels like games these days…
    For that, I thank Kojima for what he did and I salute him. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/20b6483533d1165cbf5aaeb0d3c6eeac859cc235d894e2c2dfc1dc25dfc94d17.jpg

    • True! The franchise managed to remain exciting all these years because Kojima never did easy sequels.

  • Gatsu

    Jordan: “When you met with Miller, were you able to play it cool?”
    Kojima: “I couldn’t even breathe”
    Such a fantastic interview so far :D, thanks for sharing Nyx <3. Jordan is cool.

  • Reaping

    I am excited about this movie. I do hope they avoid the pitfalls of video game movies. But hearing Kojima tell it like it is always worked out for me….I mean, I like MGS2. Not my favorite, but its damned good too.

  • Lex Radu

    To those who got triggered about “betraying your audience” calm down, it’s just a translation error.

    What he meant to say was “Subverting your audience’s expectations”

    • Yeah, betray their expectations. He used that word before: http://www.metalgearinformer.com/?p=9841

      • Lex Radu

        Thank you, finally, someone with a brain around here! :))))))

        • Lots of brains inhabit this place. 😛

          • Lex Radu

            Yeah, now i realized how much of a douchebag i sound like.

          • It’s okay. 🙂

          • Lex Radu

            I just facepalmed when i saw someone take it in a literal way, ignoring the fact that it’s translated from Japanese to English!

          • Lex Radu

            Those things are bound to happen, so yeah!

          • Full Options

            You are not a douchebag at all, you are the MoBa’s S++ theorist. xD

          • Lex Radu

            Oh yeah, i forgot that! :)))

    • Full Options

      I took it as an on purpose joke. I am perhaps mistaken, but I think the translation is more accurate than it seems. Betray in the sense of “ultimate surprise” even if the term can look pejorative at first glance.

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  • Alex

    We also learned that they have been talking and getting to know each other, possibly with some collaboration, for 3 years now, since before the Konami drama started. Their friendship is not as recent as we may have assumed.

    Since it has been going this long it makes me feel that much more reassured in the movie. As for how the movie can betray, I think it should just do what 2 and V did, which is have misleading trailers for a movie that you’re glad misled you. The fact that Kojima has the confidence in him being able to do that risky advice is very telling. He thinks he can preserve the Metal Gear legacy or otherwise he would’ve preferred he play it safe.

  • Matthiu Ryin

    this movie needs to be the greatest movie of all time.. this movie sucking is not an option.. if it sucks you have to scrap everything and try again… bad fortune for you…

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    What Kojima is saying might be true. I remember reading somewhere, that director of new Zelda said that if team behind zelda game, would make things only fans wants, the game wont have any surprises.
    So therm betray Your audiance and put things only You want is probably the best way to create something cool and refreshing. I think! XD

    Btw. Too bad Kojima didnt show anything at E3 from Deah Stranding. But lets hope this way he isnt under pressure and can work freely on his next masterpiece!

  • FoxTamerMGO

    Will Death Stranding be released in late 2018? 🙁

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