Death Stranding info from TGS: casting still under way, release before 2019

During a stage event at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa sat down to answer some questions about their upcoming PS4 title, Death Stranding.


As was said a few days ago at Sony’s press conference, the game will feature some kind of co-op play, but the studio assures us it’s also going to be fully playable in single player. The online play will be different than anything we’ve seen before, according to Kojima.


It was also revealed that casting for the game is still underway. So far we know that Norman Reedus will play the main character, and there are rumors suggesting the involvement of Mads Mikkelsen en Kevin Durand, though nothing has been confirmed yet considering those two. A picture Kojima posted on Twitter just before the event has him wearing the same jacket the person believed to be Mikkelsen was wearing during the photogrammetry shoot, while also striking the same pose. However, according to Kojima, the man in the original photo is actually he himself, not Mads Mikkelsen.


At the TGS event, a female character was hinted at as well.



Furthermore, the game already has a release date, but it’s still too early to be detailed. It will come out before the Tokyo Olympics of 2020, and before the year in which the movie Akira is set, which is 2019.


Kojima, translated by IGN: “It will be out before the [2020] Olympics. To go a little further, there is a movie called Akira, and it will be out before the year in which Akira is set.”

At Sony’s press conference Kojima announced that the engine for the game has been chosen, and during this Q&A he said it was a well known third party engine.

During the event a couple of pictures were shown of the first office of the new Kojima Productions, when it was still only four people.

yoji-shinkawa-kojima-productions-office shinkawa-and-ayako-kojima-productions-office

“Humble beginnings…” – Kojima Productions Twitter


Source: Kojima Productions Twitter, Kojima Productions Twitter Japan, IGN, Gematsu, TGS Event, Yong


    We are the biggest community in existence! Thank You Kojima for Everything!

  • 2018 seems so far away but time flies by very fast :^)

    Still… it felt like an eternity waiting for TPP

    • Tom

      it was agony

  • LeGuy(CertifiedPIS)

    There was a power cut here since my the stream started and I don’t regret waiting

  • LeGuy(CertifiedPIS)

    Knowing Sony, they’ll probably delay it

    • Alex

      They prioritize the art over the schedule. But Kojima hit his MGSV date with no delay, and he’s skipping the engine-development phase.

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    Not bad news! new form of co-op? Hmm… finally we will be able to play on the same console like on ps2 not only through online? 🙂 All coop games have only mulit co-op.
    So finally this will be like a normal co-op game from psx-ps2 years.:)
    What Yoji is drawing? Is that Ocelot?
    “Will there be a heroine? Who should play her?” I think woman would be good choice! Hahaha! 🙂

  • Tong Ninja

    2018 – 2019 release date sounds good! 🙂

    As for the new female character being hinted, I’m still hoping Stefanie Joosten would be casted in Death Stranding. She had a special lunch meeting with Kojima back in February 2016 and she has been following Kojima Productions/Death Stranding news on twitter. She’s currently busy working on two indie films though. Whether Stefanie is involved or not, I’m glad they are starting to cast female characters now. 😀

  • So someone with eagle eyes noticed the TPP ps4 bundle in the PS bag

  • Icosikaidigon

    Well it’s definitely not coming out next year. And 2018 will probably be the gameplay reveal trailer, maybe. I can see it coming out in late 2019, that’s not a surprise.

    • LeGuy(CertifiedPIS)

      Tell me , what have you been smoking lately?

  • Jav

    I prefer a female enemy than a heroin. I’m tired of all this feminism in movies, games, tv shows. Please, don’t use stefanie again! She is such a bad actress.

    • Having a heroine has nothing to do with feminism. MGS has had heroines since the beginning, and Kojima already said he doesn’t let his design decisions be influenced by such trends.

    • No Place For Hayter

      I wouldn’t worry to much about it, Kojima himself said he couldn’t care less about agenda pushing with such things. If there is some sort of female main character it won’t be because of feminism.

      P.S. You might want to fix your Heroine typo, lol, unless we actually are talking about drugs, lol.

    • Lewis

      And I would love a great female playable character. Not in a “feminist” way great, but as a complete character. Right now Aloy from Horizon seems to be a perfect fit for me.

  • No Place For Hayter

    That’s about the release date I expected.

    New form of co-op? hope it keeps all players engaged.

    • Full Options

      Since they are likely precising late 2018 / before 2019, it is slightly faster than the window I was expecting, but there is still room for a very cool title (even so called “Open World”). Depending costs / Sony’s support, the production could be more expensive than what was allocated at Konami, it also helps to realize things faster. The latest Fox distro would have left him a lot of space in these 2 years left, but I guess a fresh start is always challenging and inspiring for him.
      If they are lucky, they’ll make it, but if not, Boss won’t hesitate to slightly delay the release which is actually cool for us, despite what some previous corporates and shareholders may think.
      I will steadily wait in all cases !

      • No Place For Hayter

        Though it is only a release window, and not a release date, so if it is pushed back it wouldn’t really be a delay.

        Speaking of delays I’m getting really sick the every game ever today getting 3 thousand delays before it is ever released, how hard can it possibly be to set a date that you know you can keep. I prefer what Kojima does, only announce a release when you know you can release on time, so if Death Stranding does get delayed I will be pissed as I’m sick of that. I can wait many many years, but all it takes is one delay and I’m pissed, not because I have to wait longer but simply because they should have known better, I guess you could say I get pissed off at peoples level of professionalism when it comes to dates, why set it if you can’t keep it?

        And yeah, totally, all aboard the wait train, lol. I have to many games to play as is, lol.

        • Full Options

          Hi, No place !
          Ha, sorry, when I use the word “delay”, I always have in mind something at least 6 months – 1 year long.

          “how hard can it possibly be to set a date that you know you can keep. I prefer what Kojima does, only announce a release when you know you can release on time,”
          You are right, Kojima is really neat about his release dates announces which is awesome because it is an extremely difficult exercise.

          “it takes is one delay and I’m pissed, not because I have to wait longer but simply because they should have known better, I guess you could say I get pissed off at peoples level of professionalism when it comes to dates, why set it if you can’t keep it?”
          May I try to explain why it won’t piss me off so hopefully you’ll get less pissed in the future when hitting delays :
          In software product planning, the design of a road-map is a pretty strange exercise, you allocate some time to given milestones.
          The time allocated to those “sprints” may vary depending the difficulty. Say you allow 1 or 2 weeks for an expected easy task, 1 or 2 months for a more difficult ones, split the task in more sprints if they require more time, blah.

          When research is involved for example like when trying to stabilize innovative proof of concepts, before switching them to production, you happen to experience wrong estimates. You also may experience mistakes of such in all phase of the production (even late ones QA, packaging / deployment etc..)
          Sometimes you are lucky and end up with a solution within 3-4 days whereas a month was allocated. Unfortunately, sometimes it is the opposite and you end up suffering a whole month or two for a problem that was supposed to take a lot less to be addressed.
          So there are problems that even the best MIT researchers can not anticipate, specially when creating new gameplay features. So when Hideo (our beloved sniper) does his estimates, he may like anybody else allocate a bit more, compensate, just like when you aim at a laterally moving target to realize a head-shot.

          An example of serious caveat : the most painful bugs to address are the one for which the system is actually doing logically what he was asked for. For example, a crash is an easy one because the system can issue at least a point in the code where all went wrong, but in case the program runs “normally”, it is more difficult to predict when the problem will be isolated and when it will be solved.
          This does of course apply to any type of programming.

          “why set it if you can’t keep it?”
          When a developer gives a release window, it is often to let have a rough idea around when they should be able to put everything on orbit so that partners can start funding the project, but it is impossible to guaranty any delivery in early stages. Unfortunately, you can’t plan an innovative game the way you plan cooking a pizza.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Wow, very large awesome post 🙂 lol.

            Thanks, that is interesting and makes a lot of sense, lol. It is interesting to think about how the industry is currently changing and how that is adding to the difficulty in assigning a release date.

            And yeah, lol, I will now get far less annoyed by delays. I’m sure somebody involved would probably more far more annoyed anyway, lol. It is a weird knot of marketing and developing which cannot be untied, thus making it a really hard job, you learn something new everyday, I never really put much thought into the actual process, lol.

          • Full Options

            Hey buddy, thanks for the cool words. Glad it could help (I hope). I know it is neither fully restorative, it is still painful for me to experience delays, specially with titles I can’t wait for.
            But at least I am slowly on tracks in actually appreciating the delays to some extents, since they act as indicators that the devs are actually worried about the project so taking care of it.
            Depending on the game, studios are able to provide more accurate planning. For example RockSteady and thanks to the maturity / completeness of RAGE for their needs, leaving more modeling tasks than heavy R&D (it was far to be easy but they just nailed it, seeing how well they managed ported their engine on even more portable systems).
            Fox have also finally reached more or less such level of freedom for the devs (T___T) gonna a cry again.. So shameful that Hideo can not collect all the fruits of his efforts.

            And sorry for the long posts, I am so passionate about those subjects that I notice their length always too late, and feel to lazy to resume them. Thanks actually for reading them ! 😀

          • Maybe if Death Stranding is a success Kojima Productions will have the time and budget to create their own engine again. The Ludens Engine.

          • Full Options

            Yeah, the Ludens Engine would be so optimal.

            Could also perfectly be a strong derivation / customization of an existing one. Most devs are doing that and it is usually more than fine. Koji-Pro don’t even have to rewrite it from scratch. After all, it is Koji-Pro-Konami that wrote down the FoxEngine for / with him.
            If he choose an engine like ID-Tech, Unreal, CryEngine, SuckerPunch’s, etc… it would just be like if it was Carmak bro’s, Epic or Crytek,etc.. that would have invent this wheel instead of his former Koji-Pro colleagues… The most valuable is his own QA / vision of a game, explaining to his crew the exact type of tweaks he needs inside the given engine.
            Whatever the chosen one for DS, I bet tons of major transformations are ahead, hehehe ! xD

            Really curious to see all this materialize, to have an idea of his full potential, without the heavy Konami’s structure he was complaining about. 1000 % sure we won’t be disappointed.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Don’t worry, I’m king of huge posts, so I understand, lol.

          • Full Options

            Thanks, maybe we were influenced by some long and cool codec sequences… xD

  • By the way, isn’t this Ludvig Forssell?

    Maybe he is the ‘AI’ behind the English KojiPro Twitter.

    • Full Options

      In all case he really looks like Shago Platoon Commander ! xD

  • Gatsu

    Awesome info thanks Nyx :D. Im a bit late haha. Lets hope it indeed comes before 2019, the wait will be long enough ;O.

  • Ayako’s new profile pic on Twitter. Maybe this is the Kojima Productions office.

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