Hideo Kojima back in the 3D scanning studio, capturing a mysterious person

Hideo Kojima is currently in Toronto, Canada (at Quantum Capture, it seems), and he and his assistant Ayako shared some pictures of another 3D scanning session, which he previously used to capture the likeness of Norman Reedus and another person rumored to be Mads Mikkelsen. In this new photo Kojima is once again trying to conceal the identity of the person being scanned by obscuring part of his face behind the equipment.


“Hideo Kojima today.” – Ayako
“Adjusting” – Kojima
“On duty.” – Kojima
"Lunch. The paper bag doesn't speak thou."
“Lunch. The paper bag doesn’t speak thou.” – Kojima
"I'll keep coming." - Ayako
“I’ll keep coming.” – Ayako
"Sneaked out to greet Guillermo del Toro." - Ayako
“Sneaked out to greet Guillermo del Toro.” – Ayako
"Wrapping up." - Kojima
“Wrapping up.” – Kojima


It’s a fair assumption that this person will be another character in Kojima’s new game Death Stranding, whether it be Mads Mikkelsen again or another actor.


"Hideo Kojima today." - Ayako
“Hideo Kojima today.” – Ayako
"Work." - Quantum Capture
“Work.” – Quantum Capture


Source: Ayako Twitter, Hideo Kojima Twitter, Quantum Capture Twitter

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