Kojima Productions website updated with ‘making of Death Stranding’

The official Kojima Productions website has been updated, and it provides a glimpse behind the scenes of the creation of yesterday’s trailer for Death Stranding. The recording was done when Kojima visited Sony’s VASG studio in San Diego a few months ago. Below you’ll find the pictures and descriptions from the company’s website.


Recorded on March 22 and 23, 2016 at the Sony Interactive Entertainment Visual Arts Service Group (VASG) studio in San Diego.
The scan data to be used for the game’s 3D data was created through Photogrammetry, based on photos from all angles.
Hundreds of photos were taken to cover everything: the actor’s hands, facial expression, full body, etc.

The-Making-of-Death-Stranding-HQ-1 The-Making-of-Death-Stranding-HQ-2 The-Making-of-Death-Stranding-HQ-3 The-Making-of-Death-Stranding-HQ-4
The actor’s performance was recorded through performance capture, in order to simultaneously capture voice, expressions and movement. The baby was replaced with a doll. In addition, camera movements were simulated with the virtual camera, as reference material.

The-Making-of-Death-Stranding-5 The-Making-of-Death-Stranding-HQ-6 The-Making-of-Death-Stranding-7 The-Making-of-Death-Stranding-HQ-8 The-Making-of-Death-Stranding-9
The scan data as well as the animation data captured at VASG was then taken back to Japan, where it was recreated in the game engine to complete the final product.

The website also contains some high quality stills from the trailer.

And a very high resolution render of the character:


Source: Kojima Productions Website

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