Kojima talks about the current development state of Death Stranding, discusses partnership with Sony

At the Rooster Teeth Expo 2017 in Sydney, Kojima was interviewed by Greg Miller about his career and his current project, Death Stranding.

When Kojima went independent after parting ways with Konami, there were many offers from different fields, but in the end he went with PlayStation. “I chose a place that we have respect for each other, and we have a relationship with each other.” He continued: “I worked together with Sony for over 20 years, I know all the people from the top down, even people in their subsidiaries, advertising groups. […] I thought that if I teamed up with Sony there would be little chance that we could fail. That’s why I chose work with them.” Kojima added: “It was important for me that I was allowed to be very creative, and you know, again, working with people who I have a very trusting relationship which is key to letting me be creative, and I could say that it was without a doubt the correct choice to work with them.” PlayStation has been giving the studio a lot of freedom, Kojima explains. “They give me a 100% creative freedom to do what I need to do. They’ll be in charge of the large-scale promotional activities for the title, but I also like to be involved in that, and so they’ve been kind enough to work together in that. We discuss the best way to promote the title together.” Kojima feels Sony is the right choice as they are a company who dares to takes risks. “Last year we showed the promotion trailer with Norman Reedus naked, I think if it was a normal… any other company, they’d probably be against that. So in the trailer, basically, we have naked Norman Reedus lying on the ground, and then he’s holding a baby, and then the baby suddenly disappears, and it’s like ‘what is this game?’.” Kojima feels that the average company would be somewhat reserved in funding an outlandish concept like that, but Sony trusted them and allowed them the freedom to create this. “So that’s just an example of the kind of trust we have together.”

“[Sony] will be in charge of the large-scale promotional activities for the title, but I also like to be involved in that, and so they’ve been kind enough to work together in that.”

Kojima describes Death Stranding as an open world game with a large degree of freedom. “You can do almost whatever you want within that world.” he said. The game is about connections (‘ropes’) but there are also weapons (‘sticks’) that the player can use (Kojima mentioned a gun). There are also clues in the trailers that people haven’t found yet.

In terms of how far development is, Kojima said they had to adjust the Decima engine to fit the tone he was going for and to make it stand apart from Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn. “At this point the game is moving on the Decima engine, it is open world, you can see very far into the distance, and we’re working on the game logic as well.” He added: “We’re also doing the various tests of the different systems within the game, the game systems, and we’ve generally worked out the framework for the game. So this year is all about creating the game to go around that framework.” Jokingly, he told Greg: “If you come to Tokyo I could show you.”

“At this point the game is moving on the Decima engine, it is open world, you can see very far into the distance, and we’re working on the game logic as well.”

To those who are worried that Kojima will keep pushing back the release date of the game because he is a perfectionist, Kojima noted that most of his games are released on schedule, as he is not only the director of the game but also the producer. “The schedule is a positive pressure for me.” Showing the game in advance at various promotional events also helps him keep the end goal in sight. “We know where the end is, and we have a schedule and a plan to meet than end goal. […] We can’t run away, we can never stop, we need to complete it on time.”

Asked whether he plans to make a sequel to Death Stranding, Kojima responded: “If everyone likes Death Stranding and it’s popular and everyone wants a sequel, I’ll think about making a sequel at that time.” But while working on a game, he is always fully focused on that project and putting everything in there, and he isn’t thinking about sequels yet. He also feels that a sequel should bring sufficient change to the series. “So for the successor to a very successful game, if you made one that’s exactly like the first one, you might satisfy 100% of the audience, but there’s no progress being made there, and there is actually no progress for the audience as well. So when you create something that is different as a follow-up, you might lose half of your fans. Half of them will like it, half of them will not of you make something that’s kind of controversial. But in addition to that you might gain, for example, you lose half, you gain another 50% from a new audience outside of that. So if I had a choice between satisfying 100% of the fans and having no progress, or changing things and incorporating a new fanbase, that’s what I would choose.”

Kojima strongly believes in the possibilities of the medium. “Games have the power to surpass movies and novels in their dramatic representation. I like to incorporate the new technology in order to push the envelope, to get new types of emotions from the people who are playing the games.”

“We know where the end is, and we have a schedule and a plan to meet than end goal.”

To watch the full interview, follow this link to the recording of the Twitch stream (Kojima’s interview starts at 4:27:25).

Source: Rooster Teeth Twitch

  • “You can do almost whatever you want within that world.”
    Sounds good enough

  • Lex Radu

    “We’re also doing the various tests of the different systems within the game, the game systems, and we’ve generally worked out the framework for the game”

    Did Kojima just hint at DS being multiplatform!

    • No he meant gameplay systems (mechanics).

      • Duuuur

      • Mr.Pony

        From an article about this interview on Gamespot:
        “Someone asked Kojima if the game will be a PlayStation 5 game when it finally comes out; he said this won’t be the case. It will be a PS4 game. Sony has not announced a PS5, so that’s just speculation at this point.”

        • Not sure why anyone would think that to begin with. It was made clear this was a PS4 game from the beginning.

          • Mr.Pony

            Kojima said it would develop it next game for PS4 and PC, this was before the partnership with Playstation was announced if i remember correctly. Might have been one of the conditions by Sony for the partnership.

          • Mr.Pony

            If there is a Ps5 on the horizon i could see Death Stranding launching for both, like TPP.

          • Yeah that’s possible although we don’t know when Sony is planning to release the PS5. They just released the PS4 Pro, which will increase its lifespan.

          • Full Options

            LoL we just wrote the same thing, using the same words… xD

          • Full Options

            PS4 pro is just out, we can fairly guess we are half-way the overall PS4’s lifespan… They need to comfortably break even with all those investments, because after all, they designed almost 2 systems this time with this pro thing..
            Previous gens cycles were around 7-8 years. They are all guessing the console cycle should normally reduce, although I hardly see any PS5 before at least late 2020. The cycle is definitely shrunk if they include PS4 Pro, but then it is neither a real cycle anymore…

      • Lex Radu

        No, he clearly separated “systems withing the game” and “the game systems” with a ” , “, so it’s separate from the first part, like another component of DS’s development!

        • Keep in mind that he’s translating and forming sentences on the fly. In this case he’s repeating what he said before (game systems refers to the same thing as systems within the game). The topic discussed in that part was specifically the game development itself, the systems that make up the game.

          • Lex Radu

            But at the same time, platform optimization is a part of the game development too!

          • Full Options

            I am sure Koji-Pro definitely aim at multi-plat… Always did..
            Although for their first title in partnership with Sony, things remind a bit blurry.
            Judging by Decima’s game park, the engine feels a bit PS-tailored, but who knows..
            In all cases, I am sure Koji-Pro considers cross-deployment wherever they can.

          • Lex Radu

            I guess after all, time will tell!

  • deanbosnjak

    Open world with large degree of freedom. Sounds awful. Kojima is at his best when he makes linear levels. Too bad he doesn’t see that.

    • Full Options


      If you inspect it further, previous Kojima games were not really “linear” neither. For example in MGS3, the soviet jungle connected areas of the world are just smaller so they can fit individually in a low amount of memory.
      When game devs speak about open-world, they also mainly speak about the ability to stream the level out-of-core, rather than only the simulation aspect of the term “open-world”.
      Not having this ability to stream progressively his levels in the past was just limiting Kojima in his previous games rather than anything else. They were obliged to split their levels and it was painful in various areas of development, as well as breaking the rhythm of the player’s experience, while waiting for the levels to load in between areas.

      • I think that’s too deep in case of Kojima. Kojima spoke to his audience not as a developer, but as a director.
        If you really think about it, MGSV Afghanistan map is the same thing like in MGS3 but without loading. It’s not really a GTAV situation, but it is also a linear experience in the context of a game, except two things:

        1) You can choose your adventure how you want (pick any mission out of three)
        2) Maps are just hu-u-u-u-u-u-u-uge.

        But overall there is a giant road and it is open. You can’t technically go anyway you want because of the mountains. Road connects all the outposts and other military bases.

        • Full Options

          I think that’s too deep in case of Kojima. Kojima spoke to his audience not as a developer, but as a director.

          I hear ya, but the conventional way to use the term between them appear quite more esoteric than it seems.
          For example and sorry to bring back Julien again in the dance, but when he speaks GZ’s problem regarding no time for open-world when he arrived at KDE, he clearly stated “streaming not ready yet ? Shoot / Ok no streaming, let’s push whole GZ in ram..”

          If you really think about it, MGSV Afghanistan map is the same thing like in MGS3 but without loading. It’s not really a GTAV situation, but it is also a linear experience in the context of a game, except two things

          Exactely ! +1

          But overall there is a giant road and it is open. You can’t technically go anyway you want because of the mountains.

          Good point, so no need to even model what’s on top of the mountain a bit like any constrained MGS3 level. It is just the size that is different.

          • http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/434950296038665128/050B1A1121D5AC2164D80BB483DA1B8D7A88E4A2/

            I mean look, every road out there is blocked by a mountain. This is a design decision for many things. Basically each base is connected and have a road for reinforcements.
            For example you can reach Quiet with only one road.

          • Full Options

            No worries, you are really preaching a convinced here, Golg ! ;D
            I had our discussion in mind on and on while checking the map beating the game..
            It reminds me straight also this place where there is a chopper crashed that won’t let you climb a crack. Like a late decision or something.

    • He is also at his best when he makes a system out of his open world games. MGSV:TPP proved that you can make a true sandbox out of it. That sandbox can be improved at his next game.

    • No Place For Hayter

      I just want Kojima doing what Kojima wants to do. I’ll be damned if I don;t like what he does because it isn’t what I consider his best approach,always aiming for something new is wonderful, Kojima cares deeply about the GAME portion just as much as the story, I see his ideas of open world as a way to expand his gameplay but still have his story.

      I don’t think Kojima would judge what kind of he makes best and he shouldn’t, he should never shoe horn the game he wants to make into a format simply because he thinks it is what he does best, what he does best might be the worst option for him, as he wants to expand and do new things every time and push boundaries, Kojima would not be Kojima if he simply stuck with what he was “best” at.

  • I did not liked the interview about Death Stranding.
    Greg interviewed him like he did not knew NOTHING about this game. We already knew it is an open world game or quite open. But we don’t know how Open it is.

    He could be more specific in each of the question and it does not require Kojima to be a huge “spoiler” for us.

    For example he could ask, is it a Sandbox or an Open World game similar to GTA games? For me, I got that he makes the same thing like MGS3/MGS4/MGSV. Freedom with a sandbox thought in to it.

    • Full Options

      Agreed and bah, it is not clear if even Boss would not have been as evasive in his answers, as some others he gave. He has to be very careful about not spoiling or not even putting himself on a spoiling vector that could give us some clues he wanna keep top-secret.. hehe

      We need fresh meat ! D.mn !

      Besides, the guy cheated with Boss at this kind of outlaw / cow-boy duel game which is quite unacceptable… xD

    • Honestly, this seems to be the limit of what Kojima wants to reveal at this point. When you think about it, we barely know anything about the game at all. We haven’t seen any gameplay, haven’t heard any dialogue, haven’t heard the voices of Norman, Mads or Guillermo, we don’t even know the characters names… Kojima probably wouldn’t have shared much more information even if Greg would have asked.

      • Here is the thing though. I love Kojima and you know it.
        My issue that he had 2 hour interview and another comes around with Joshua Boggs and we are here at “””Ground Zeroes””” again.
        Missed opportunity for him to tell more about his future title. He does not need to show us something new (this will be for E3) but at least to give us some hints about it’s new title.

        2 hour interview. That’s a lot you can discuss.

        • Seems like it was more a Kojima interview than a Death Stranding interview. Still, some new details are always nice, though we did get at least some small stuff.

        • Full Options

          You know, they could probably have shared barely the questions list before. So HK does not get trapped. It feels like HK himself delimited the interview, a bit like previous ones, or something, impression… xD
          KOJIMAAAAAAA !!!!

    • Wanted to watch the interview today, but I honestly gave up after a couple of minutes… I just can’t stand that guy -_-

  • Not sure if he’s going to share any more details than he already has, but Kojima has another interview coming up, this one is described as a ‘fireside chat’.


    • This is a talk about Game development in general (indie to AAA), so I guess no more information about the game.

    • Full Options

      From the title, could be mistaken but feel like he may try to share more methodological concerns / advices for indy studios through his own experience. It does sound more technical and not really DS centered even if he may perhaps share details about his current workflow with Guerrilla.
      Can’t wait !

    • Full Options

      xD More humor, huh ?

  • Philanthropy

    Kojima interviews after he announced Death Stranding is so boring. He just repeat some keyword (rope, stick, open-world, freedom, action game, market is important etc.) These are just some useless info. Kojima need to stop this wasteful and repetitive interviews with every website (or event) and give us more important details about this unclear game. Btw, this verse is really disappointed me. “You can do almost whatever you want within that world.”

    I don’t hate open-world games, but I think he want create another repetitive gameplay just like MGSV: TPP. MGSV had a lot of options, toys, gadget, items, but almost every one of them is useless. You had a lot of options, but the west way to progress and upgrade the mother base is stun guard and fulton him. Items such decoys, some bombs, mine and a lot of weapons is very useless. thats why I said this interview is really disappointed me. MGS: Peace Walker with limit options have better gameplay, and this good interactive gameplay is because of some limits and challenge. But kojima want create a limitless and freedom gameplay, which in the end can be another clone for MGSV. By the way, I know is soon to judge Death Stranding gameplay. But Kojima want a new fanbase, and I think he’s careless to lose old fans and whom like linear games. *sigh*

    • NegaScott128

      Whoa, man, be careful with that edge! You might hurt yourself!

    • I agree about interviews, and I disagree about the MGSV. I used all of the gadgets for S ranking. Gadgets are IMPORTANT part of any Stealth game.
      Decoys is a good example why gadgets are not useless. There are some missions where you can stop a convoy with decoys and you can destroy iy or fulton it.

      And if Kojima is going to create another sandbox – That is GREAT.

      • Philanthropy

        I agree with you in “Gadgets are IMPORTANT part of any Stealth game.” But if a Stealth game gadgets is useless, then it’s not my game. Why when the best way for playing and easiest way to complete missions is use a stun gun and fulton guards (fastest way to upgrade Mother Base), I change my way for playing missions? that’s why I said MGSV gameplay is so boring for me.

        • They are not useless. The game is much harder in some missions without gadgets or even your AI partner.
          As I mentioned. Missions which has convoy in them are easier to do with decoys.

          That does not mean that you can’t complete the game without gadgets. You can complete the whole game in stealth mode without using tranq gun.

          Sandbox is about the choice. Game never tells you what to do and how to do it right. This is the beauty of it’s concept. Each player do what he wants and plays around this sandbox.

          So yeah, I can’t wait for Kojima’s new adventure.

          • Philanthropy

            Probably you’re right. We have two diffrent opinion for these games, but I like old mechanisms in previous MGS series. Peace Walker is similar to MGSV, but in my opinion had a better gameplay. Because the level design and other aspects force me to test and use some options. For example, you can’t start one mission without create C4 and use it. This game is challenging, and because of this you must switch between powerful weapons. But MGSV had a causal gameplay (for Market, maybe).

            I like these gameplays which force me in some ways to use gadgets, and I think a game with 2 usable weapons is better than a game have 1000000 weapons which dosen’t force me to use it (not developer, but level design).

            Older MGS games is same. you can’t pass a particular doorway without thermal goggle (MGS1). You can’t find Richard Ames without specefic item (MGS2). You can’t defeat The Fear without thermal goggle. (MGS3)

            As I said before, is very soon to talk about Death Stranding gameplay. I hope in upcoming E3 see first gameplay footage.

          • Older MGS games had tons of items and options that weren’t necessary to beat the game, but the point is to give you the choice to either use them or don’t, depending on your approach. MGSV is no different in that regard, but it adds the open world and buddy system as additional options to tailor the gameplay to your own preferences.

          • Full Options

            Even the very first MG. You can beat the game without using the cardboard box, mine detector or compass… Not sure / can’t remember for some other items like glove, light..


          • Philanthropy

            Whoa, all of you against me. *White flag* 😀

            Yes, MGS4 and MGSV had a lot of gadgets which doesn’t need to use its to beat the game. Unfortunately for me, I have serious problem with this.

            But in MGS1, MGS2, MGS3 and even Peace Walker, game force us to use some items. In fight with Vulcan Raven for the second time, the game designed to force you use Nikkita. You must use directional microphone to identify Richard Ames. You must use specific item to deactivate fatman’s bombs. You need cards to open the doors. you better use sniper against Vamp.

            Even if the game not force you to use specific weapon, but because of challenge in the game you sometime use that to progress faster than before. Just like the chaff grenade. But as I mentioned, MGSV is a easy game, and that’s why I don’t need to use all weapons. For me, there is no huge difference between a Grade 7 weapon and Grade 3 weapon. both of them can kill regular enemies with one shot in the head. so I haven’t any reason to switch between weapons when one specific weapon can help me to defeat all guards and finished the mission with S rank. I think FOB missions is a good example, which force me to use and switch between powerful weapons and upgrade the mother base. For what? because FOB Missions have huge challenge.

            Yes such items like cardboard box don’t need to use for beating the game. But according to my examples, older MGS games have a tons of items which force me to use it. It’s clear their limit in some ways, specially in comparison with MGSV.

            I hope this is not unclear comment. 😀

          • Full Options

            Relax, we are Diamond soldiers so slightly rugged but still happy to have you share your thoughts here. xD

            There was less choice in previous MGS games so you may had the feeling being more forced to use some items.
            In MGSV, there is a lot more choice so you are not obliged to choose between items but between whole groups of items this time.
            The solution become then slightly more naturally dissolved in groups of choices like in the real life. All this adds a very fair part of realism to the game in my opinion.

          • Well for example in MGS3 you can capture snakes and throw them at enemies as a way to distract them. Of course there are far easier ways to deal with them, so in a way this is a useless option. However you could argue that one of the interesting things about interactive entertainment is that you can experiment and interact with the game mechanics in various ways. In MGS4 you can obtain different face masks to scare the enemy, buy a rifle that shoots tornado’s if you collect enough DP, or use Emotive Ammo. None of these things are required in order to beat the game, but having them there can deepen the experience for those who like to experiment and just mess around. That’s the idea behind giving the player freedom to do these things. Metal Gear has always had that. Had they forced you to use all the equipment it wouldn’t really be a choice anymore, but a requirement. That said, some of the mission tasks or emblems in MGSV do require you to play in specific ways.

            And if you have your own opinion that’s fine of course, no problem! 🙂

          • The game that forces a player to use specific gadget is casual as it can get because it tells you What oyu need to do to accomplish a task.

            MGSV never tells you what you need to do to complete a task.
            That is the difference, that it never tells you what you have to do to complete it.

            Also, you can defeat The Fear without thermal goggles. That’s the beauty of MGS3. It’s a sandbox. You can defeat him in many ways. You can defeat him without tranq weapons too.

        • Full Options

          Why when the best way for playing and easiest way to complete missions is use a stun gun and fulton guards (fastest way to upgrade Mother Base), I change my way for playing missions? that’s why I said MGSV gameplay is so boring for me.

          Because they designed it so we can experience playing almost another game by simply shifting approaches / items to a given level..
          For example, have you just simply tried restart missions and intentionally land on other landing-zones ? It changes so much things to just enter an outpost from another angle… Rounds are different, it completely modify your infiltration strategy, hereby giving you the sensation you are playing a totally other level.

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  • Hey, Metal Gear Informer community, food for thought. Kojima in the ol’ good days talked about the DLC for MGSV.

    Do you think that with his new adventure we can expect that for Death Stranding? (BTW, this question Greg could easily ask Kojima… What a disappointment. There are so many questions I want him to ask…)

    • Full Options

      DLC in the sense of mission disk rather than swimming suits, huh… xD
      Judging by how “episodic” he sees the future of gaming distribution in the other previous interview, I suppose he considers all options…

      • When I talk about DLC, I’m not talking about sexy Norman Reedus outfits, but something more serious. Not expecting Kojima to make Expansion packs…

        Episodic future of gaming is probably for another ip. I think Death Stranding is not the only IP we will see in the future. He is interested in it because games like Life Is Strange/Hitman/The Walking Dead tell tale are a success.

        Imagine this scenario. You get episodic game with Kojima+25 devs that are working on it while the next AAA title is getting prepared with the new engine/mechanics and stuff. That would be great.

        • Full Options

          What type of DLC you would have in mind, for example ?

          😀 As for your scenario, would be awesome but I guess a lot of work for him… :/
          Plus he said he want to make his games one by one..

          “I will play whatever the fuck he want me to play with” xD

    • Hmm I guess it would be nice to get expansions like The Witcher 3 got.
      Now I haven’t played Witcher 3, but I heard good things about it and the expansion (“Blood and Wine” was it called?)

      • These are Expansion packs. Not sure that Kojima will make these.
        Expansion packs are great for RPG games, not so sure about Third Person action games…
        I’m talking about DLC’s with more missions or maybe a new Story with a different character. Maybe playing as Mads Mikkelsen. That would be awesome.

        • Something like Metal Gear Rising got then?
          Sounds neat, we’ll see in the future

          • Yeah. MGR is a great example. That would be neat.

    • Mr.Pony

      I dont think he will do DLC. In that regard Kojima seems a bit traditionalist, as in, this is the game from beginning to end with nothing else to add.

  • No Place For Hayter

    Yeah, Kojima is awesome. can’t wait.

  • Full Options

    That’s Metal Gear related so… ehm… I post this here… ehm ehm… cough…


  • Punished Fox

    Why is Kojima at an Expo if he has nothing to show?

    Why is Kojima giving interviews about a game that apparently is not even 1/10 done?

    Why is Kojima repeating shit he has said before?

    Why is he giving interviews if he can’t say anything because the game is not even 1/10 done?

    How does that piece of shit Greg Miller still have a job as a journalist for the love of god.

    • Why are you in this article if it annoys you so much?

      • Punished Fox

        I was so very confused, hoped you could answer some questions, guess you can’t…

        • Because it’s his job to promote his game. And if you listened to the interview, he explains that you don’t start promoting the game after the game is finished, you start in advance while it’s in development. Aside from that, he was probably asked by the organizers of this event because he’s basically the biggest name in gaming.

          • Punished Fox

            What game? Oh! you mean them trailers? the game doesn’t exist yet. The guy built an office and instead of getting to work he went on to promote a “concept” and travel around the world (again), what exactly is there to promote here?, don’t be an hypocrite. Sure you don’t start promoting the game after it’s been completed but you would bloody hope you’d start promoting it after having done something more than a actor-introducing concept trailer.

          • Of course the game doesn’t exist yet, they are working on it. As he said in the interview, by the way. But of course you know better how all this works than Hideo Kojima. Of course.

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    • Full Options

      Just to turn you mad… More questions ?
      Why do you come here only to throw sh.t like that ?
      Does your dad beat the cr.p out of your .ss every night, or what ?
      In such case, I start to share some kind of empathy with the poor Daddy… xD

      • Punished Fox

        I love it how you let your inner child come out every time I show up, I was hoping you’d found a job by now. Pity.

        • Full Options

          Cmon my little puppet.. The child in love with video games simply does not understand why you live in pure free provocation… Try to behave like social in a social place.. Instead of telling me what you used to, in your previous comments… Start to respect people, instead of loving how they get sad at your poor interventions.. Come with at least something making us happy, if you can, darling…

          • Punished Fox

            Comment 1: “Does your dad beat the cr.p out of your .ss every night, or what ?”

            Comment 2: “Start to respect people, instead of loving how they get sad at your poor interventions”

            (Slow Clap)

          • And you didn’t come here to provoke people? Drop the holier-than-thou attitude please.

          • Punished Fox

            I came here to ask questions. You are undoubtedly the most self righteous Kojima fan base, I reckon there was nobody better to ask.

          • Not sure why the insults are necessary. But if you hate this place so much, you are welcome to leave.

          • Punished Fox

            Don’t hate it, I like to see the news, but some times you gotta ask yourself (and others) why is this on the news? you know, I gain nothing by insulting anyone, that other guy practically insults himself and his lineage with every word he writes, I just find the stupidity hilarious. He is dying for you to ban me because I piss him so much, it’s astonishingly funny. You gotta ask yourself now mate: why do you feel the need to answer to an opinion or a criticism (not an insult) to this length? I would imagine the only answer to that is: I am a fanboy and i cannot stand an opinion that is different than mine. Think about that before telling me I’m hateful and that I have a “holier-than-thou attitude”.

          • Why is this on the news?
            Because it is news. What were you expecting? Spoilers to the story ending?

          • Punished Fox

            something substantial and you know… new?… Even the title is misleading “the current development of Death Stranding”?, ha! There is no such thing bro. If Kojima was developing his game he wouldn’t be traveling around every chance he gets, all that is discussed here is a concept, an idea, in other words he is wasting other people’s time and unfortunately, his own.

          • What is misleading about that? He said this about the development:

            “At this point the game is moving on the Decima engine, it is open world, you can see very far into the distance, and we’re working on the game logic as well. We’re also doing the various tests of the different systems within the game, the game systems, and we’ve generally worked out the framework for the game. So this year is all about creating the game to go around that framework.”

            Yes, it’s not much but that’s what we have right now.

            And how Kojima wants to spend his own Saturday (which isn’t even a working day to begin with), as well as the community here, that’s their choice. If you want to do something else instead that is fine as well, no one is stopping you.

          • I know, there is no point in arguing with you so I’ll just leave this

          • Punished Fox

            try not to hate yourself too much.

          • To some people this interview might be interesting, to others it may not, but they can always skip it. You posted a bunch of questions and wanted answers, and you were given them as well. In the mean time you insulted Kojima, Greg Miller and this community, using words like piece of shit, fanboy, self righteous, hypocrite… Look, no one forced you to be here. Everyone is welcome, including you, but can’t you see how it can be a bit disappointing having to read comments like that for… what, actually? An article about a laid-back interview held during a gaming convention.

          • Punished Fox

            I admit insulting Greg and I apologize for using that language here, I don’t regret it tho, the man is a pile of filth. Now I never insulted Hideo Kojima, and under no circumstance I would do so, I owe the man too much and as I said before, only a fanboy would see a criticism towards his work as an “insult”, you should really check the raw dictionary definition of both words if you think I was insulting him. So if I don’t like the fact that he goes around giving the same interview over and over, taking pictures of his office, and his meals, and his celebrity friends instead of you know… working on the game, I am insulting him? I would insult Miller and mock the idiocy of some people’s fanboyism here but I ain’t got nothing against Kojima beyond his working habits nowadays, I love the guy’s creative impulse, his imagination and that should be enough answer as for the question of why I still come here from time to time. Trust me mate, the problem here is taking criticism as personal offense, should read about that too.

          • Full Options

            Like all late comers even after DS7 you won’t get it. Stop doubting about him… 30 yrs… is it so futile ??

          • Punished Fox

            I am going to be as absolutely clear as I can so you understand the point I have been making all this time and I would really love it if you could just say something in the vain of: “I got you even if I hate your guts” at least because I really feel without the urge to insult like I’m talking with a bloody wall.
            Right, here I go: I do not hate Kojima, I do not hate Death Stranding or want it to fail, the fact that he has 30 years of experience has nothing to do with the criticism I’m giving here, what I have a problem with are work practices and ethics. I hate how he wastes his time with activities and people with little to no purpose, I hate it that he spoils money and effort in useless merchandise and I also hate it that everything he does is spoiled as in: making (VERY GOOD) trailers to tease people about a game that does not exist yet and will not come out in about 2 to 4 years, trailers that should be used to tease other actors or developers in private as a business strategy and maybe should be shown way later to an audience when you actually have GAME material to stand along with the trailer material. This is the point where you start whining about how I hate Kojima and where less intelligent people call me a troll. So I will repeat the most important part of this comment and make sure you have your eyes and mind open while READING this: I do not hate Hideo Kojima.
            If you still fail to understand that notion I would recommend to either go to a doctor or ignore my comments all together in the foreseeable future.

          • Full Options

            Sorry but you clearly don’t know what you are talking about.
            But keep going, a lot of fun here… Just avoid to qualify the best game developer on earth, in any means…

          • Punished Fox

            Oh but I do, just one question, since I can’t possibly qualify you as a Kojima fanboy, how would you qualify yourself? would you say you are the biggest one there is in the world? the second biggest? You surely believe to be bigger than me as a fan and at least you must think you are one of the biggest around here right? (even if you don’t tell that to your friends) but here, between you and me, how would you qualify yourself?

          • Full Options

            Fanboyism… I was born in 1973… When were ya ??? And don’t spend to much to answer kiddo…

          • Punished Fox

            That comment sure didn’t sound very 1973 if I might say so, ha ha.
            Still like to know the answer tho, I’m sure a 44 year old man has no problem answering questions that simple.

          • Full Options

            Actually 43 thanks.. 44 the 25th march…
            You have to stay a kid in your head if you want to embrace game development…

          • Punished Fox

            If you are a game developer sure, I don’t see how that wouldn’t help. I really hope Kojima thinks the same while he works on games and embraces his creative child. Now if I could just call him and ask him to ACTUALLY go to work, as a favor you know. Being a kid in your head while giving interviews and taking pictures of the places you visit, don’t know how productive that can be, for anyone… At least he’s having fun!

          • Full Options

            Glad you said this. The job is to have fun, specially with the career he had. JP is not paying much, that’s not fair after all he did, compare to any western equivalent. But trust me / us, he’ll stick to the best gaming experiences… Never saw that in any other game dev dude so far… That’s not fanboyism, he is truly unique…

          • Criticism is welcome here, always has been. But there has to be a bit of mutual respect, and your comments are written in a way, intentional or not, that at the very least seem insulting. If you could find a way to post criticism in a more respectful manner we could actually discuss the content of your concerns instead of it turning into a verbal fight.

            Your concern seems to be that Kojima isn’t working on his new game and perhaps you think it’s never going to come out at this rate? But ironically this very topic was discussed in this interview:

            “To those who are worried that Kojima will keep pushing back the release date of the game because he is a perfectionist, Kojima noted that most of his games are released on schedule, as he is not only the director of the game but also the producer. “The schedule is a positive pressure for me.” Showing the game in advance at various promotional events also helps him keep the end goal in sight. “We know where the end is, and we have a schedule and a plan to meet than end goal. […] We can’t run away, we can never stop, we need to complete it on time.”

            He also states that promotional events and fan response helps him with this.

          • Punished Fox

            No problem about Kojima being a perfectionist, there is no better trait to an artist, he cn push back a game as much as he wants for that reason, what pisses me off is if he pushes something back for reasons that have nothing to do with being a perfectionist in his creative process, or for personal reasons of course.

          • Full Options

            HO I am dyin.. I am dead already… Heart disease… You are just an ass and a tiny one… Stop trying to exist like that, it is the wrong way…

          • Full Options

            Like when you said my fucking head was full of a pile or cr.p or something… How does it feels now ??

          • Punished Fox

            I had substantial evidence mate, you have always given me hilarious, substantial evidence.

          • Full Options

            1… @Nyxus:disqus would you… I know you hate that..

          • Full Options

            You don’t really get don’t ya !!? You young… Enjoy life instead of wasting your time fuckin others for no benefit…

          • Venom_Sina

            Let it go, Kaveh.
            He’s into some Kos-Khol-Bazi, man 😛

          • Full Options

            I know but he is insulting me for some time now… I removed my previous comments just not to change all this into a mess but he is insulting people a way I just can’t tolerate Janam…

          • Venom_Sina

            Yeah, I know. I can see that in his comments.
            but you’re a good person. Everybody knows you here. Don’t even look at his comments. He will get tired and he will leave. He’s a troll and trolls have lived lived with us humans for a long time 🙂
            Okay, I hate my comment now. I’m gonna stop 😛

          • Full Options

            Ok, but I just don’t want Boss read those fucking lines after all he went through.. As simple…

          • Punished Fox

            I loved everything you just said, reminds me of something I read from a book about cult mentality. I also love it how you call me a troll just because I don’t come here to kiss people’s feet like you, I’d like to hear your arguments beyond that notion regarding “trolling”.

          • Venom_Sina

            You see, I know almost everyone in this community and they know me well, too. They know I have a lot of problems with MGSV. But there’s a difference between you and me. I try to post something without insulting other people. Your first comment is full of insult and in my book that’s what a troll does. So try to behave like a modern man.
            Also all these guys are my friends. What you call kissing foots, it’s called respect. We try to respect each other’s opinions and there’s no place better than here for this. Like I said, I didn’t like MGSV, but I didn’t insult anyone and the y were kind to me, too. This community is the most peaceful place I’ve ever been.

          • Punished Fox

            Or maybe a counterproductive criticism that defies the fanboyism of your “community” simply shuts your brain down, you feel so offended that you need to see my public comment history to find something to attack me with and where I only just insulted Greg Miller (and admit it) you choose to see everything as a hostile attack and as an insult, I’m guessing you didn’t even bother to read the stuff about you know… Hideo Kojima and Death Stranding where I actually use criticism, opinion and yes even cynicism and sarcasm but never insults. Trust me mate, trolls ain’t that interesting, they don’t care about the topic, they don’t last this long and they don’t get as much attention as I’m getting from people like you. Well maybe I’m wrong about the last one but trolls don’t reply to this level of detail.

          • Venom_Sina

            Surely You don’t know me. I was one of the first guys who questioned Kojima and his game and criticized him. Hell, I even criticized MGS4. Even after breaking up with Konami, I was still busy questioning him. Fun fact is I even defended Konami in those dark days. True story, you can check my previous comments 😛
            Please don’t try to tell me the difference between criticism and insult. I don’t know about you, but I questioned Kojima’s works in the last 8 years, and maybe, waaaay more than you.
            I know what you’re saying. To be honest, I’m not really a big fan of these interviews, too. Most of them has the same content and that’s not really surprising, cause the game is in early stages of development. Honestly, I want him to disappear for a short time and then come back with a BANG.
            Advertising a game is a part of the game development. Since Kojima is the producer, he needs to take care of that himself, just like previous games. It’s a normal process. I don’t know why you’re so pissed off about this. He’s not playing games or having fun, he’s doing his job. He doesn’t have to sit in a dark room, behind a desk full of computers in order to actually WORK. Like I said above, these things are parts of the work, too.

            Let me tell you this: He and his team surely have a plan and they will get to the destination. We just need to wait for it.

          • Punished Fox

            Dude, I am honestly kinda baffled by what you just said in the sense that… you have criticized MGS4 and MGSV and the Konami feud and you really don’t get why I am pissed by what he does right now? Something that is actually more simple, obvious and you would think less worth having a thousand comment discussion about.
            When you talk about the games I would assume you were criticizing Kojima about his creative process and decisions, and about Konami maybe you were one of the guys who said: hey, maybe it wasn’t just Konami’s fault but also Kojima’s (I don’t know) whatever, in the case of Konami I simply don’t give a damn, what’s done is done and I am actually glad the guy can do something other than MG games. I love MGS4 and MGSV was quite enjoyable beyond the obvious lost opportunities.
            Now, about my thing, I agree with you about advertising being a part of game development, but the guy is just abusing the term and the system and it seems to me like kind of a self-centered, useless conduct some times, you should know this goes ways back to MGSV. By the time that game came out there were like what… 7 trailers?, extensive gameplays and promotional material that spoiled every mayor zone, character and game mechanic?. Dude, what he did with that first teaser (and what he is doing with DS first teasers) is great, it gets you hooked and intrigued, it’s creative and looks awesome but it is getting worse in terms of HOW they are advertising the game. 2 trailers released before the actual game development began, I’m assuming by 2018 there will be another 4 to 6, do you want another instance where the thing that is left as a surprise for the audience is the most disappointing thing?, do you want people to say the bloody trailers are better than the game? We get Kojima news quite regularly in times where this simply shouldn’t happen, do you see many other developers show off their business card holders and gigantic mascot toys?. Fine, he built his dream office space, what does he do next? He invites journalists to take pictures and NOT talk about the thing he is working on really, then he goes on a trip to expos or conventions to NOT talk about the thing he is working on, sure he talks about game philosophy and all but come on, by now who doesn’t know Kojima’s philosophy on gaming? It seemed to me like a waste of his own time. I simply want the man to remember that art is about “show don’t tell” I want him to be less focused on all the artificial shit he loves to show off to his journalist friends and on twitter and focus on creating interactive experiences, I want to be able to get something out of the game for myself and not just say: Oh yeah, Kojima said this was the idea and the theme of the game, or the character trait in that interview a year ago. I want to be surprised you know, I don’t want him to tell me shit like: in the beginning it’s going to be a familiar action game and then it’s going to turn into something different… This kind of teasing doesn’t help anyone because it is the kind of thing you want to *experience*. If the game is so unique why not discover it for ourselves? does he really need to tell us all that stuff every 2 weeks, show us pictures of his desktop every day, make giant expensive toys that don´t mean anything to us yet and make 7 trailers to prove his point?…

            (sorry about the long comment)

          • Full Options

            You have a sense of humor I daily miss a lot.. All my cousins have the same. I am supposed to be the top-notch Kos-Khol-Bazist of the family (as you saw) but the culture where I leave is different, making me rusty / late… But some here in my country love /understand and laugh a lot… Like rash-rash-rash… I had to integrate what you said (was really mad at this time) and laughed so hard after reading the tone of what you actually wrote…

    • Because he is a legendary game developer. He is in a business trip and he is famous enough to be interviewed again and again.
      This Expo is for Australia and it’s fans. This is RTX where game developers join in the gaming discussion.

      Kojima can do whatever he wants. Death Stranding trailer we will see At E3 2017.

      • Punished Fox

        So when you get the “Legendary game developer” status you should just stop “making” games right? awesome, got it.

        • No, you don’t get it at all. He is making a game, so your comment makes no sense whatsoever.

          • Punished Fox

            he is explicitly traveling, and talking to Greg Miller, which is a waste of time, I mean you can arguably be “building a house”, and it can take you one year or 50 years depending on how much you explicitly work on building your house, if you know what I mean… Activities such as eating and sleeping are biologically necessary to survive and you should step away from working on something because of these activities, socially you should also be with your loved ones from time to time to be psychologically healthy, which is also necessary, can you say the same about goofing around with Greggy for no goddamn reason? lol

          • But it’s Saturday, he could’ve also gone to the zoo. But instead he did something that is at least related to his work.

          • Punished Fox

            Really dude? you are telling me going to a zoo is less productive to his work than giving an interview about stuff he’s said before to Greg Miller? you and me both know that is simply not true. You could have said going to the supermarket to which I would say both activities are equally unproductive but going to a Zoo? not related? Death Stranding? the game with whales and crabs? and babies? you’ve gotta give it to me this time mate, you just gotta.

          • These Expo’s are for fans and gaming companies to interact. Kojima was invited to attend. You will get the game when it is ready. He doesn’t do 100% of the work all the time. He has a team of people working under him getting things done. Him being there is both promotion and a chance for him to meet fans of his games from another country. If you can’t understand that, I don’t know what else can be said.

          • Punished Fox

            Well you can say most people around here are getting too familiar with the notion that these days, Kojima is more a face than a brain, I’m incredibly uncomfortable with that, I think we both understand our points, there is nothing to understand here, your comment describes exactly what I have been criticizing.

        • Who said that? He is on a business trip and he makes games when he is not even in the office via laptop and other communication methods. He makes games and he will continue to do so.
          Business trip is not just for interview, he meets guys from Sony (PR guys) and maybe other actors.

          • Punished Fox

            you seem to be pretty comfortable justifying all the stuff he does with that rhetoric, we got nothing new in terms of the game he’s making so I just assumed you just loved his business side as he is literally not working on games while he wastes time.

        • He said he’ll create games until the day he dies…
          He doesn’t care about all that “Legend” and “Celebrity” stuff

          • Punished Fox

            but you do.

          • I thought this was about Kojima, not me?

          • Punished Fox

            You are absolutely right Starman. So remember to separate your personal beliefs from actual facts. The fact that you believe he is a “legend” has no place in this discussion. Thought I remind you that. Simple as that.

          • “So when you get the “Legendary game developer” status you should just stop “making” games right? awesome, got it.”

            You said this

            Kojima and his team are working on Death Stranding.
            We will get more information on the game and trailers.
            It’s gon’ be good.
            Everyone is going to profit.

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

      “Why is Kojima at an Expo if he has nothing to show?”

      “Why is Kojima giving interviews about a game that apparently is not even 1/10 done?”

      “Why is Kojima repeating shit he has said before?”

      “Why is he giving interviews if he can’t say anything because the game is not even 1/10 done?”

      “Why are we still here? Just to suffer?”

      “How does that piece of shit Greg Miller still have a job as a journalist for the love of god.”

      “How do we dance when our earth is turning?”

      “How do we sleep when our beds are burning?”



    • Gatsu

      Will you stop being so goddamn salty already, I’ll gladly ban you if you
      continue, your replies to others aren’t polite either and I won’t
      tolerate that here. I came to the article late and read most of the long
      rant and I’ve had enough of it. Every developers does stuff like Kojima,
      but Kojima tweets about them a lot, others don’t. So stop acting like
      Kojima is the only one doing this kind of trips to expos and other places. No developer focuses on
      games 24/7 through the year.

      • Punished Fox

        As much as I enjoy watching an actual rant (your comment) I would love it if you could show me where I imply Kojima is the only one who behaves like that and if you could be so kind as to also show me the part where I said I want him to work 24/7. I am showing criticism towards him, and when people discredit my questions and comments as attacks to their cultish fanboyism I can’t help it but respond. Think deep and read well through the things I actually said before behaving like someone who should be anything but a moderator, sir.

        • Full Options

          Now here is one of your quotes (not the worst tho):

          Now if I could just call him and ask him to ACTUALLY go to work, as a favor you know.

          Who the fuck do you think you are ? Some kind of jail guard checking if your slave is working for you in a guentanamo cell ?
          I mean wake up man ?

          You are visibly unable to broadcast a single sentence without hatred or insults and don’t have the guts to assume afterwards…

          Fanboyism here … Fanboyism here … and still always in pure denial of your own bull shit once done. Try to behave like a normal person once for all.

          • Punished Fox

            I don’t see how that quote reflects what you say afterwards? lol, I admire his work, I would like him to get to work, there is really no more depth to that comment. If I say something like: you show fanboy behaviour, it is because you notoriously do, you are even doing it right now, again. Everything I say, no matter what, is offensive, or hateful, or even has a made up insulting meaning, all because I simply don’t follow your narrative and your distortion of reality where Kojima is an almighty god that can do no wrong. You simply cannot take any sort of criticism because you have a cult mentality. You are so predictable I already know you are gonna see this comment as another “hateful” and “disrespectful” attack even when it’s a simple clarification of facts, even when I have constantly clarified I don’t hate Kojima (something you have utterly ignored).

            As I said before, the easiest thing you can do mate is what every fully indoctrinated cult member does when his principles are seemingly “attacked” by reality. Close your eyes, cover your ears and ignore it. Take that as you will.

          • Full Options

            Ho you don’t see now… Hehe, who is predictable now ? You keep denying things that are clearly written by yourself all over this page… Who are you trying to fool ? Stop trying to put yourself on a pedestal, giving notes to others with your 2 cent psychology.

            I bet you do not predict the following but fasten your seat-belt :

            You act as a spoiled kid, mad at the fact that you have too much to wait for playing the next Kojima game.
            As a result, you come here to evacuate all this shit on this community.

            You can post comments with negative and positive critics, no problem. Our point is that you have to do it in a polite and respectful manner, instead of insulting and poorly trying afterwards to elude your previous mistakes on other’s pretended mental health issues, keeping insulting the intelligence of your interlocutors.

            Why don’t you correct or erase your first comment, insulting Kojima and Greg Miller, in first place ?
            You don’t do it because it procures you a way to exist.
            But you don’t understand that expressing yourself this way takes indirectly the community hostage of your talking. You make this place look coarse to anybody who would discover this site and read your lines, whereas this comment section is the exact opposite.

            I am not a Miller fan neither, but that’s not a reason to insult people.

            Just try to stick this in the little piece of rotten ravioli you barely try to use as a brain, and it will be a giant step for all of us… If not the whole man kind…

            See ? This is not even psychology, so don’t worry, I won’t charge you for the seance… xD

          • RapeHorseRises

            Hey this is Punished Fox from another account, thanks for having me banned proving everything I said was right.

            Once again you had no grounds to even explain anything you complained about, you ignore reality for the sake of defending your narrative but since you are asking questions and giving accusations I might as well respond before you get me banned again.

            “Why don’t you correct or erase your first comment, insulting Kojima and Greg Miller, in first place?”

            I didn’t insult Kojima and I don’t regret insulting Greg Miller.

            “You can post comments with negative and positive critics, no problem. Our point is that you have to do it in a polite and respectful manner”

            *3 paragraphs later*:

            “Just try to stick this in the little piece of rotten ravioli you barely try to use as a brain”

            (and I got banned lol)

            You are a joke…

            “As a result, you come here to evacuate all this shit on this community.”

            Give me a reason why I should give a damn about your “community”? wake up, understand it is supposed to be an open comment section where anyone has the right to give an opinion or criticism. The fact that you believe this comment section is some sort of Kojima worshipping church is irrelevant, the fact that you dedicate every hour of the day to be here and that it probably constitutes the entirety of your life DOESN’T mean this place is what you say it is.

            Well actually, since you got a mod to ban me I might not have a reason to come back here ever again! your dream comes true!

            I have given specific examples as why you behave like an actual cult member and you discredit it by calling it a 2 cent psychology without explaining why it is a “2 cent psychology” OK?, again, let me break it down for you, all the characteristics you have demonstrated in your way of behaving and acting: Submission to a leader, exclusivity, Indoctrination, persecution complex, isolation caused by the negation of reality are ALL signs of a mindless cult member, you cannot say it is a 2 cent psychology because it is backed by years of actual social studies, it is reality hitting you in the face, so don’t tell me what I say “procures” my way to exist when this is just a website I visit once a month and for you it has become a life style.

            If you care that much about defending what you call “community” I would advise you to find a closed forum where ONLY people like you have the right to talk, because that is all you want, you have proven this many times and understand that a disqus section is NOT that kind of place. This is supposed to be an open comment section and you are not a person that is interested in exchanging ideas, you are a person who only cares about reinforcing your own view of the world making you the actual detriment to the idea. Understand it is not my job or responsibility to care about whatever you think you have built here and that is just another reason why I will never erase my comments as long as they constitute my honest opinion. I simply don’t have to.

            I sincerely hope that one day you can overcome your sad reality and wake up, it is never too late.


          • Full Options

            “Young fool, only now at the end do you understand….” xD


          • Gatsu

            It wasn’t him that got you banned. It was my choice, he had nothing to do with it. I admit I wasn’t acting normal yesterday, I hate mondays and I had a shitty day, I don’t usually post like that. The reason why I banned you, is because you’re insulting and provoking others. We don’t need that here. Sure some people can get provoked easily, but we should think what to write to others.

            Tbh I don’t mind if you criticize Kojima or Greg, but I want MGI to be a peaceful place, always. I don’t want members to say shit to each other, I want members to have mutual respect and that goes to everyone here. We have rules here. I’ve seen your comment history and you’ve been calling some members here fucktards and retards. It kinda pisses me off, even if I’m a mod and need to behave like one, sometimes stuff like this gets to me.

            Yeah this is an open comment section for fans, always has been. But there are limits. I know you don’t visit here every day, but you could do conversations normally. We’re not a cult, but just a fan community.

  • Frederick Guese

    Glad he’s on schedule.

  • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

    So I just scrolled and ..
    No way I’m involving myself in such skirmishes started by idiots who don’t know the difference between criticism and insult? (I know that sounds hypocritical) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0efc283e0ef59f9623f529a7027d052f067453869aaa2816553056b3a4f4170a.jpg

    • Lex Radu

      I’m with you here!

      • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

        Well only one guy did the same stupid shit as I described but that doesn’t mean he’s the first one to do it either
        We don’t have to waste time with children

  • Full Options

    Watching Indy to Icon, right now… 😀
    + Some more humor, huh…


    • Full Options

      A little generic but pretty cool… Not much crispy stuff, though..
      This translator is at least as impressive as Mendoza !
      He really rocked the 2 interviews over the week-end…

      Direction : Monaco now..
      As it will be more a manga conference, do you mates believe we stand a chance to see more Yoji’s DS artwork / characters such as the evil robot ?? 😀

      • We don’t really know if there will be Yoji Shinkawa.
        That translator is James Vance, KojiPro producer.

        • Full Options

          Thx, I did not know he was Koji-staff member…
          The second edition of the “art of anime” expo will be hosted there as well… fingers crossed…
          Boss : “Cmon, Yoji-kun you need some sun, let’s head côte d’azur for the week-end !”

          Still no further news about the event…
          What’s cool is that it is over the week-end so I don’t need to spend a day off for the event… :3

  • Mago Som

    I will always be a fan, and I’m sure I will not be disappointed with death stranding..

  • SholidOnline

    I’m so psyched. Can’t wait for this to come out… someday. Too bad he can’t use his own engine. Kojima deserves Fox, not Konami.

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