Guillermo del Toro expects to see Death Stranding gameplay soon

In an interview with IGN, Guillermo del Toro talked a bit about Death Stranding. The filmmaker expects Kojima to show him gameplay soon.

“In Death Stranding I’m just a puppet. I don’t know what he’s gonna make me do. He’s supposedly going to show me the gameplay at some point in the next couple of weeks.”

During last year’s Game Awards, a new trailer revealed Del Toro as a character in the game, carrying a baby in some kind of tube. Aside from lending his appearance to the character, del Toro will not be playing the role, as he doesn’t have the time for that, so he has no idea what his character is going to be doing in the game.

As for a public gameplay reveal, many are expecting the first gameplay footage to debut at either PlayStation Experience or The Game Awards 2017, both of which will take place early next month. Nothing has been confirmed so far though.

Source: IGN

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    Mmmmmh… A couple of weeks !!!?? Smells good !!! Mates, I hope it means also gameplay footage perhaps for TGA + PSX !!!

    • I want first of all an explanation about everything. Kojima need to make sense out of all of this.
      It is still confusing to most of us what the game is about. Fans are excited but I hope to hear more this time around.

      The most ideal situation for me if Kojima can show a long trailer, just like the first reveal of Ground Zeroes.

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        I agree. Although in-game elements such as UI’s could also leave us some rich clues about what we are heading towards.. Ropes & sticks & co…
        He will for sure leave our heads scratch for a while even if he drops small bombs here and there..
        Can’t wait !!! ;D

      • Yep, it’s still very vague both in the gameplay and story department. If you think about it, we haven’t heard any dialogue from the game yet whatsoever. All we’ve had are two teaser trailers that help to set the tone and show some of the world and characters. And of course in regards to gameplay we haven’t seen anything.

        • I agree. Kojima need to start making sense out of all of this and this is very important. We need to understand the rules of the new universe. It does not need a lot of explanation ofc. but we need to understand how it works in the most basic way.

          I still remember Ground Zeroes first big trailer. With that trailer we got out most of the info about the setting, characters and future events. We understood basically how the game is going to work.
          With Death Stranding we have two trailers and it is confusing as hell and almost no info for a year.

          • It’ll probably fall into place once we get a ‘real’ trailer. At least it sounds that way from what we’ve heard from the people who saw the game running, like Mark Cerny and Shawn Layden.

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            Yes and we need also more in-depths about game mechanics..
            At least with MGS trailers, we had solid guesses about the stealth nature and controls of the up-coming title, but here we are in a deep fog, lost in some kind of Star Trek’s final frontier outer space.. ;D

          • NegaScott128

            I don’t think we need to know everything about the game’s setting and world before release, certainly when it’s not coming out for at least a couple more years. I have faith that Kojima has figured out how this world and the game are going to work, and I enjoy getting these small glimpses rather than knowing everything before going in *cough*MGSV*cough*.

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          We also had through those trailers barely an idea about the near to real quality of the cut-scenes we will have in the game… Yumm !
          Rewatched the second one yesterday, and my mind is still litterally blasted at the quality of soldiers troups on the bridge, or how the bricks are well shaded in the tunnel… ^ ^

        • Gatsu

          I’m kinda glad Kojima hasnt been sharing much info of it too soon :).

        • Johnno

          The traditional cycle for Metal Gear trailers would go –
          -More Story with minimal gameplay hints
          -Emphasized Gameplay with minimal story

          Then separate demos every now and then.

          Most likely Kojima will follow the MGSV demo model where you get one gameplay location and he shows you multiple approaches with different tactics/weapons and voiceover.

          I don’t know if a gameplay vertical slice is ready yet.

          So far we’ve had two conceptual teasers for Death Stranding that served as engine tests.

          I feel the next time we see it, there’ll still be more emphasis on story judging from how Kojima did things before with teases of gameplay – Think something like the Ghost of Tsushima reveal trailer.

          But it depends on how Kojima is approaching things. We haven’t heard anything about him shooting cutscenes with Norman Redus or Mads yet, so maybe he’s approaching this from the other direction, finishing gameplay and scenario first and then filming cutscenes/story portion and mo-cap later.

          Kojima Productions doesn’t have to build an engine again and are using Decima, so the groundwork is already done and they could get gameplay up and running to a good state now.

          Chances are good Kojima could tease stuff from a vertical slice sandbox area and give Keighley something for the Game Awards. Whether this will be at PSX, I’m not certain because it seems Sony might want to put the focus on Dreams and Ghost of Tsushima, and then for E3 we’ll get a new story trailer and a demo to either open or close the show. Plus PSX is supposed to be a smaller event this year compared to last year, so we don’t know if there’s a streamed conference yet.

  • Gatsu

    Awesome! I hope we will also see something that blow our minds <3.

  • Nekkedsnake

    Give us a new 5-10 minute trailer with some more weird shit, perhaps a short phrase instead of dialog something along the lines of “…what is this?”, and at least a slice of minimal gameplay and I’ll be excited for DS again. Because all this waiting is really making me forget about DS altogether. My excitement has died down for a while. At least with MGS every little bit of information got me hyped. DS, while I still think is an awesome first game from Kojima after the kocknami departure, has had me “meh” a little bit. It’s kinda like when waiting a whole fucking year for the next season of Walking Dead. I just sorta stop giving a fuck if it takes too long.

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      If you think about it, 60 – 80 hours playthroughs represent like ~6 – 8 seasons of a TV show in a single row, though, not to mention that all the “episodes” are fully 3D interactive… Unfortunately no magic else than waiting if you want such massive quantities of entertainment at once.
      It is sometimes better to forget a little about DS so time flies faster, I think Kojima knows it and don’t pump up the hype higher on purpose because there is precisely a quite long remaining way to go.
      What’s sure is that he is always more talkative when things start to become stable enough to be presented to the public.

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