New Metal Gear Survive video shows more of its gameplay and story

IGN has uploaded a video with nearly six minutes of Metal Gear Survive gameplay from the single player campaign. We get a look at some cinematics, traversing, crafting, base building and combat, including several different ways to get rid of large groups of enemies.

Get a look at base-building, crafting, and luring zombies off of cliffs in the upcoming Metal Gear release.

Metal Gear Survive will release on February 20th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. An open beta will be available starting January 18th for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: IGN

  • Robin030

    Can’t wait for the beta!!

  • New version of the Peace Walker theme in the first cutscene.

    • César H. Sandoval

      Gotta admit it gave me them feels

  • Mr.Pony


  • Cutscenes seems way better than I thought they were going to be. Cant wait to see more!

  • omar

    has more story than mgs v

    • César H. Sandoval

      Quality vs Quantity

      • Jack of All Trades

        The quality of the mgs v story was utter trash. Hideo Kojima totally dropped the ball, also to everyone complaining about zombies in metal gear survive… well guess what Kojima has had zombies or fantasy things in every mgs.

        mgs1 – cyborg ninja
        mgs2 – vampire “vamp”
        mgs3 – lightning guy colonel volgin
        mgs4 – soldiers get zombified by the nanomachines
        mgs5 – soldiers are zombified by the parasites

        • César H. Sandoval

          You’re in very heavy drugs if you actually believe SurVive will be of higher quality than Phantom Pain lol

          • Jack of All Trades

            I guess so. But you must admit that the story of mgs v was trash. They hyped up all this exploration into big boss’s story such as how he meet sniper wolf in Afghanistan, how he saved frank jaeger (cyborg ninja), how he trained liquid snake, how big boss descended into madness and became a villain. Instead what we got was a half baked story that was a total cop out. Big boss was a villain because of what? Seeking a nation where soldiers are not simply pawns? Thats not villainous at all. Simply, the story made no sense and did not add anything of substantive value to the overall story of big boss or metal gear.

          • radun

            The fact that you didn’t get what you expected doesn’t make it trash. And if the story didn’t make sense to you, play it again, this time pay more attention.

          • Jack of All Trades

            That’s the meta phantom pain we were supposed to feel as gamers, not getting what we wanted. That whole concept could have been executed much better. Im not saying the story made no sense to me, im saying the story makes no sense at all. In other words it had no logic behind it.

          • radun

            I invite you to give it another shot. It does make a lot of sense, though it requires a bit more involvement from the player than one might expect, due to the more subdued nature of the narrative.

            But of course, like any Kojima game, it is polarizing, though a certain value can be found regardless.

          • César H. Sandoval

            So, you just want more story and cutscenes just for the sake of it even if it’s worse than the past game?

            No thanks, I’ll stick to whatever MGSV gave.

          • Monsieur Miller

            Wait, there are people who still belive that Big Boss was a villain?! I’m in shock

  • proceeder

    Take the sophisticated AI out of MGS, take the iconic characters out of MGS…
    Not sure what we have here, but I’m sure it’s not Metal Gear.

    • SolidusSnek

      “take the iconic characters out”

      isn’t Ocelot talking in the trailer?

      • César H. Sandoval

        LOL no, not even close to Troy’s voice

    • Mr.Sixes

      I’d point out that we’re still seeing new enemy types and wouldn’t be surpised if there aren’t hostile human players.

      • proceeder

        That’s fine.
        The Fox Engine is an amazing piece of technology.
        You can build a whole new game using it and leave Easter Eggs hinting to MGS.
        But why cash on Metal Gear’s name and drag it through the mud?

        • Mr.Sixes

          It’s not really cashing in, it’s been 2 and half years since the last entry, it’s being made by a lot of the senior guys including the guy who was behind rising and Kojima has been saying since MGS2 he wants off the franchise, so to me this feels like a delayed start

          • proceeder

            Let me get this right:
            You suggest this is a late start to a sequel to MGS 2?!
            Besides, the main designer of MGS characters was Yoji Shinkawa. We all know with whom he’s working now.

          • Mr.Sixes

            A lot of his understudies who were trained to draw in his style to help him finish and make designs may still be at Konami

          • proceeder

            Look man, your obviously excited for this game, I’m not gonna argue to desuade you from playing it.
            I’m just expressing my opinion.
            That said, you must admit, that’s a lot of wishful thinking for a company that has treated the MGS fans like dirt recently.
            I know what I want from a Metal Gear.
            I want Shinkawa’s art. I want the character writing that made Snake & Ocelot, the Boss and Meryl.
            And it’s clear to me, this game has no means of satisfying me.
            Konami wants to apologize & win gamers back? Patch mission 31 in the game, heck, sell it. Spend the money you spent on pachislots to make the MGSV tapes into cutscenes. Write a game about Ocelot, about the boss.
            I have always known, and I think it can be proven, that zombies are the dumbest AI there is. And it’s lazy to put them in the games. They have one reaction, they spot you and run towards you.
            To see Metal Gear reduced to this!…

          • Mr.Sixes

            Except your last two comments have been actively saying things to try and make me tthink negatively of the situation.
            And I am too, regarding expressing opinions.
            I don’t think they treated mgs fans poorly, some of us feel like “hey it happens” you’re talking to one of them .
            Okay that’s fine, I want something different from metal gear, I’d rather not have the same stuff.
            And since we haven’t seen artwork (not covers and stuff but actual concept art) it’s kind of hard to tell if they still have that or not with their current art team.
            You may still have that as Kojima wasn’t even the sole writer of mgs1 and his list of co-writers have only grown since mgs1 to nearly 5 people all of them unaccounted for.
            That’s fine
            Think you mean 51, also I’m fine without that mission, namely because it’s just another metal gear fight AGAINST THE SAME METAL GEAR just now in Africa. Not exactly pulse pounding stuff. Not even Kojima would do the tapes into cutscenes thing, so now you’re not even on the stuff Kojima would do. We know everything we need to about those characters and if either sucked everyone would blame Konami for it sucking.
            Except there aren’t only the runner type zombies and if the esrb description is to be believed, we’ll be fighting aliens as well.
            Metal gear had a card game, metal gear has had an ios shooting gallery game, metal gear has had a God damn game where in the first 20 minutes a character slices up a metal gear by himself. Metal gear wasn’t reduced to anything, you just were too smitten to realize it was never JUST what you wanted it to be.

          • proceeder

            Well, you misinterpret.
            I was expressing my opinion saying why I wouldn’t play it & why I think playing it would be a bad idea.
            You are free, act on your caprice. Do what you think is right.
            I’d be damned if I ever told anyone otherwise.

  • I will say that they did hell of a good job with cutscenes. They look really good in terms of MGSV standards, but they hired the cheapest voice actors on this planet. Gameplay trailer itself looks rather good in terms of editing and directing.

    But the gameplay… Imo, watching this… Just shows that past KojiPro devs at Konami really tried their best, but the MGSV engine is suited for tactical espionage combat, not the kind of Dead Rising action. It’s just feels a bit lame in the end and also behind the standards where you can see tons of zombies on the screen i.e. Dead Rising. Again, engine limitations and locations does not look very detailed.

    Also, weapons are not very detailed compared to MGSV. They lack tesselation and other techniques to make them look decent.

    • NegaScott128

      Also, and I know this is a minor thing, but having crafting materials just disappear when you collect them looks really bad. At least generate a smoke particle or something.

      • It looks fine. Just like in most of your crafting-type games like Minecraft. When in the middle of the battle, some smoke particle can distract the player, so it’s ok really. You have info on the screen that shows you info about resources you got. I think it is enough.

        Problems will start to show when stealth/tactical action core gameplay is not suited for zombie action game. Now that is a real problem.

        • NegaScott128

          I’m not asking for an explosion or anything, but even MGSV had a little particle effect when you obtained resources. Even if it’s standard for the genre for materials to pop out of reality like that, MGS has traditionally placed a lot of emphasis on polish, and having chairs and bottles just disappear like that looks really unpolished and lazy. This is a series that once let you shoot an ice bucket and watch the ice melt in real time, but having a particle effect when you collect a crafting material is too much?

          Most survival games are made by small indie studios, so it’s understandable that some elements look kinda rough. Konami is by no means an indie developer (even if they’re not quite a AAA publisher anymore), and considering the presumably low cost of the game’s development, there’s not really much of an excuse for them to cut corners like this.

          • Davasouraus

            It’s also a not even to beta yet. I’m sure there are still many changes and improvements to be made before release and that may be one of them.

          • Mr.Sixes

            Davasour it’s in Beta, the Upcoming beta is more to stress test servers and see how they handle varying connection speeds.

      • Mr.Sixes

        MGSV did this exact same thing.

  • Tom


  • Can anyone make out what they’re saying when they’re talking about the name of this world? It’s said twice, at 1:18 and at 2:53.

    • NegaScott128

      The first time it sounds like “D-Tank,” but the second time it sounds like “Deep Tank” or maybe “Deep Day.”

    • Lex Radu

      I think is “Deep Tank” as we say, they put them in coffins underwater.

    • Full Options

      The interface often refers to “Defense Target” as the Base Camp…
      Not sure at all, but maybe they contracted “Defense Target” to “D-Ta” or something..

    • Mr.Sixes

      Dite, the italian word for the “City of Dis” from the Divine Comedy aka the 6th-9th circles of hell

      • So they are basically in the afterlife. Pretty interesting theory.

        • Mr.Sixes

          I have a few theories based on the information given but with how much they’re keeping to their chest, much like a normal metal gear game, we won’t truly know until we get hands on with it.

  • kirtanloorii

    I actually really like what I’m seeing.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      Actually, dem parasites inside you are speaking. You did not say that! 😛

  • César H. Sandoval

    Why are they using crazy hack and slash combos for the melee weapons? it looks so out of place lol

    • Because “Japanese developers” and the whole concept is so out of the place.

      These hack and slash combos remind me of Dead Rising.

      • Lex Radu

        I thoight it looked more like “Metal Gear Rising”

    • Lex Radu

      Because it’s more focused on word Gameplay than shooting. It’s an interesting game.

      • César H. Sandoval

        an MSF soldier moving like that looks ridiculous to me.

    • NegaScott128

      Because most survival games use melee weapons, and if Konami is creatively bankrupt enough to copy everything that every other game in the genre is doing, they might as well do that too.

  • NegaScott128

    Already talked about in the last post, but Guillermo del Toro won the Golden Globe for Best Director last night. Here’s his acceptance speech:

    • BurntFM

      wow, that made me emotional. Guillermo is a true auteur who deserved this recognition.

    • Gatsu

      Speech was amazing <3… he totally deserved it. I wanna see Shape of Water ^_^.

  • 警察 クソ

    Sorry, fangirls, but this will still be less convoluted and shit than MGS4

  • Richard Gruber

    This made my soul hurt… I really want to play this… said no MGS fan ever! #FuckingHotGrabageDumpsterFire…

  • AeroGre

    I dont get why people are treating this as if its a main entry in the series. Its been said a bunch that its another spinoff. Konami said they still have plans for a main game. Save the criticisms for then.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      This “criticism” doesn’t come only because of the game itself, but also because of the dirty scumbags at Konami who treated people like shit and continue to do. We are talking about 3rd Reich working conditions. Even if the game was pure brilliance, I wouldn’t want to be a part of this by supporting them. You know what I mean? It goes beyond Survive, the hate just skyrocketed with Survive.

    • NegaScott128

      If this is what they decided to put out immediately following the infamous Kojima split, then it doesn’t exactly instill a lot of confidence in Konami’s decision-making abilities. Let’s also keep in mind that Konami has a history of letting franchises rot after the original creators leave the company (i.e. Silent Hill).

  • SholidOnline

    Honestly, if this didn’t have the name Metal Gear, it’s partial story, and sound effects, the game would look pretty good. Zombies + little bit of stealth + base building = pretty nice looking. If it wasn’t for dumb waves, usage of previously designed areas, usage of Mother Base and Peace Walker’s AI, and the combination of that with “wormholes”, I might have some urge to buy it (although it’s still Konami, and they can go screw themselves until they give an apology). I don’t even mind the usage of FOX engine.

    • Mr.Sixes

      It’s not Peace Walker’s AI Pod, or at least the AI pod we know from “our” peace walker.

      • SholidOnline

        I meant the game. From what it looks like, the pod from MB is brought to the Survive universe because of this wormhole BS.

        • Mr.Sixes

          Yeah and I’m telling you it’s most like not the one You’re thinking of/version of it.

  • NegaScott128
    • Mr.Sixes


  • NegaScott128

    David Hayter appears on the latest Factory Sealed podcast, talking about his experience working on MGS2.

  • Nekkedsnake

    Still not entirely sure about this game. I can’t help but feel that this should have been DLC instead. The only thing I’m curious about is the cast of voice actors. Like who is voicing the Codec guy.

  • PrinceHeir

    Thanks for still covering this. I’m still interested to see some new gameplay elements and tweaks of the Fox Engine.

    Shame it does feel very cheap and generic in terms of presentation.

    I do love the new OST remixes!

  • TitanicTread

    You know, it’s a bit weird … but I get a sense of Kojima within this trailer. I mean, the portals opening up and dropping zombie-like (dead) beings from another realm. And then, our player seems “stranded” on this world … Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but are WWII weapons making an appearance? IDK guys… I think Kojima, before his departure, had this planned out. I see similarities. Even the foggy-look that Survive has looks very similar to Death Stranding’s latest trailer. I guess I’m pointing it out because there’s a lot of people in their hatred against MGSurvive, but it doesn’t seem to far off to Death Stranding’s concept in “thought” … Yet they praise the hell out of DS …

    • Kojima already confirmed Survive isn’t something he came up with, he was already gone by then.

      • TitanicTread

        I’ve seen this already. I think, maybe they just meant they didn’t do the “zombie-like creatures” or had anything to do with them specifically (imagine if that were the reason for the fallout lol). However, if they meant they have absolutely nothing, nothing whatsoever, not an iota of an atom to do with Survive – that no ideas or concepts derived from them in any way, shape, or form… then, damn … I have to give it to those who came up with that concept (outside the zombies), and if true, then I definitely have some hope for the next Metal Gear (if they decide to do one). Only because, like I said, those similarities are just … very homogeneous.

        -A portal into an alternate reality (isn’t Death Stranding hinting at this?)
        -Stranded on a what seems like a dead world (Seems like in the 1st trailer that’s what DS was all about)
        -WWII weapons making an appearance (We see WWII weaponry in DS’ 2nd trailer)

        …Or it all could be a big coincidence. But come on, what are the chances? I mean, in the end, obviously, there’s gonna be different things, and at least now that Kojima has no strings tying him down; he could go nuts with what/e. But those concepts (which seems to be big for both games, from what I’ve gathered) is just so homologous to me.

        • Yeah there are some similarities, but then again, there are also similarities between Survive and Dead Rising, or even Call of Duty’s zombie mode. It doesn’t share those similarities with DS (zombie-like creatures, base building, defending from waves of these creatures).

          Meanwhile one of the most important things about DS seems to be the thing with death and rebirth. When you die you can return to the world and everything that has happened has still happened. From the latest trailer and interviews it seems that this will play a huge role in the story and gameplay as well. In that aspect it sounds quite different from Survive.

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