Psycho Mantis coming to First 4 Figures

Following Solid Snake himself, next figure in the Metal Gear Solid line by First 4 Figures will be Psycho Mantis, most famous for his unique boss fight. This was announced a few weeks ago by the high end figure manufacturer on their website.

First 4 Figures writes:

“First up, we are happy to announce that PSYCHO MANTIS from Metal Gear Solid is coming to First 4 Figures! This particular boss fight was an iconic one for any video game series because of the mind-boggling aspect to it (at least for a player’s very first encounter with him). The antagonist seemingly interacts with the actual player behind the controller by making them think that he can read their mind, when in fact – SPOILER ALERT – the psychokinetic telepath was merely reading the player’s memory card all along.

This is definitely a must-have for any Metal Gear Solid and F4F fan alike.”

Solid Snake was up for pre-order last September, but if you missed him there will be another chance in Q1 of this year.

Source: First 4 Figures

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