Check out the goodies included in the Metal Gear Rising Party Pack

Konami and ComeRound offered gamers a chance to meet Kojima by organizing a party and sending in pictures while showing off the party and a collection of Metal Gear Rising merchandise that Konami would send out in advance. The contents of the party pack can be admired on the photos below.








Not too shabby for a free goodie pack. You can still sign up for the offer by going here, but hurry up, because there are only 250 packs available. Keep in mind you’ll have to pre-order the game at to participate.

  • How did you have to get on this again I should have just done it I know a guy that did it and he already has like 7 people living in his house and they had a little bash I should jumped on this I remember seeing this a month or two ago but I remember being turned off cause it had something to do with fb

  • Shalashaska

    that was some good stuff !

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