Metal Gear Solid V: Jay Tavare will play Code Talker

Actor Jay Tavare will be playing the role of Code Talker in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. On Facebook he wrote:

“We are still working on the game. In fact I am back in the studio next month but almost there. Code Talker is an awesome character, he speaks Navajo and English and the challenge for me was to get the Dine language correct and I had to get help from my Navajo Elders.”



He also wrote:

“See all the cameras and sensors behind me… they pick up and capture every little motion of my face as I act out each scene for my character.”

“The cameras capture every facial expression as I act out the scenes and later the CGI animators create the Code Talker character that is ancient but has all my performance.”

Code Talker’s face was created by 3D scanning a head sculpt.




Code Talker is supposedly a 100 year old man who was, according to the E3 trailer, ‘deprived from his homeland’.

Source: GamingBolt, Jay Tavare’s Facebook

  • PrinceHeir

    interesting, i do hope will see more of the character voice actors soon(both JPN and ENG)

  • Susan Cumming

    If Jay Tavare was raised on the Navajo Reservation and is also White Mountain Apache, then why can’t he already speak the Dine language? He also claimed to be the voice coach for the Navajo Code talkers on Windtalker. I know for a fact a very respected and well known actor spoke to Jay and Dine and instead of responding he threw a hissy fit. Too bad this great game hired this fraud!

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