Kojima Productions: Ground Zeroes is a game in itself, will have several hours of gameplay

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, the prologue to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, will give players a good amount of gameplay, according to Kojima Productions. On their latest podcast, staff members of the title talked about the amount of content and length for their next game.

“Ground Zeroes is an integral part of the Metal Gear Solid V experience.” Eyestone (hosting the show) explained.

According to the staff, Ground Zeroes serves as a prologue that lets you get used to the new style of gameplay and the controls, it sets up the story and introduces you to the overal world.

Jorge Mendoza emphasized that Ground Zeroes is a game in itself: “It’s not just one mission.” Sean Eyestone added that it will feature ‘several hours of gameplay’.

“It’s a different product.” Eyestone explained. “The same stuff that’s in Ground Zeroes will not be in The Phantom Pain. You should definitely play it and get yourself ready for The Phantom Pain.”

A bit later on the podcast, the topic came up again, and the staff made some more comments about it.

“It’s not just one mission.” Eyestone assured once again. “There are several missions in Ground Zeroes, and we’ve shown a few of them so far.” However, he did not want to say how many missions there are going to be exactly.

“Rest assured that there’s a good amount of gameplay within the Ground Zeroes package, and it’s not something that you’ll get though in just a couple of hours. So you’ll be playing for a long time.” Eyestone continued. “If you want to really explore everything, there are a lot of side missions, side objectives, and if you want to do all that, then that of course multiplies the gameplay as well. So there’s a lot to do, bottom line.”

Metal Gear Solid V: Grond Zeroes will be released next spring for 30 dollars/euros.

Source: Kojima Productions Alert 007

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