Kojima further comments on removed ’80s filter’ for Metal Gear Solid V

A few days ago Kojima revealed on his Twitter that he was experimenting with a special ’80s filter’ for Metal Gear Solid V. Today he went into a little more detail.

So called “80’s filter” that I gave up on MGSV, another name I call is “Apocalypse Now filter”. It was removed but u can still see the effect on the screen like burnt film when player gets damaged. This idea is from this 80’s concept.

Back in MGS4, we tried to implement full screen effect that is one of the glare which strengthen shadow as we called “Munich filter”. Processing worked fine but it blacken all the fancy details in elements & character models. Our designer indeed was very against this implementation because of that. So again I had to give up.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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