Kojima Station webpage live, first video released

A little while ago Kojima announced Kojima Station, a Kojima Productions’ very own TV station they plan to use for providing updates to the community though videos and live streams. This is going to replace the podcasts the studio did earlier.

Now, the official webpage has gone live, and the first video is there to watch. Most of it is  in Japanese, but Sean Eyestone talks a bit in English from 3:48. He confirms an English version is coming as well.

This is just a pre-recorded announcement video, but Kojima will stream live at the day of the Japanese launch (March 20th, on 19:00) after he gets back to Japan. Aside from Kojima himself, other members of the staff are appearing in front of the camera as well, such as music composer Ludvig Forsell, Yuji Ze-kaku, Matsuhana KenKazu and Noriaki Okamura.


Source: Kojima Productions Japan, Game Watch

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