Kojima confirms Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will have boss battles

Unlike Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, The Phantom Pain will have boss fights. Hideo Kojima confirmed this in an interview with Eurogamer Portugal. “In The Phantom Pain you’ll have many missions where there will be bosses at the end of a mission”, Kojima explained. But since it’s not a linear game, you don’t have to pass a specific part to proceed in the game. Wether you have to fight a boss or not depends on the path you decide to take.


So while the Ground Zeroes mission doesn’t have any bosses, certain missions in The Phantom Pain will have bosses at mid-point or at the end.

In the same interview, Kojima stated he originally wanted MGSV to be a launch game for PS4 and Xbox One, but because The Phantom Pain is such a huge game, he did not have enough time to complete development.

On the graphic scenes (such as Paz bomb extraction), Kojima explained he wanted to show this directly to the player, without hiding anything. With the new consoles he could show these kinds of scenes more faithfully, as they are in reality.


When asked about his involvement in future Metal Gear games, and always coming back to the series, Kojima said his friends call it ‘Miyazaki syndrome’, because he also always says it will be his last animation movie. Kojima said he may continue as a producer, but this will be the last time he is involved so heavily (he is responsible for about 80% of the game).

Answering to the question if he’d be interested in working on the Silent Hill franchise, Kojima said that if he can help with a reboot that would be good for the series, he would be delighted to do so.

To watch the whole interview, go here.

Source: Eurogamer Portugal

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