Offscreen MGSV:TPP gameplay shown during Kojima Station

While Kojima is still in LA for E3, a new episode of Kojima Station was broadcasted from Kojima Productions in Tokyo. During this episode, a small segment of the gameplay demo was shown, recorded in the E3 demo theater where the demo is bing played. It shows some of the Fulton Recovery – and yes, the sheep as well.

Nearly the entire Metal Gear related part of the episode was dedicated to the E3, they played behind the scenes videos of the crew arriving in LA and the Konami booth, as well as a map of the booth.


Here are some stills from the behind the scenes video. To watch the whole thing, go here.

Konami-E3-2014-Arrival Kojima arriving in Los Angeles

Konami-E3-2014-Jackie-and-Eyestone-PreparingTan ‘Jackie’ Ziang and Sean Eyestone preparing for the gameplay demonstration

Konami-E3-2014-Booth-Waiting People waiting to see the demo

Source: Kojima Station Episode 12 (Japanese), MGN

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