English spoken Kojima Station not coming back in its current form

For a while, Kojima Station was available in both English and Japanese, with the English side being hosted by Sean Eyestone, Ken Mendoza, Chris Johns and Ludvig Forssell. However, we haven’t seen a new English spoken episode in quite a while, and now it seems like the show in its current state has been discontinued.


From an older Kojima Station episode: Mendoza, Preston, Eyestone, Forssell and Johns.

This was reported by MGN on Twitter, citing Konami employees @ToraShir0 and @InstallBase as sources. Yuichi (@InstallBase) clarified that the show isn’t gone completely:

“Clarification: Not coming back in the form as you have known it. We are working on it but have no news as to if or when.”

We will have to wait to find out what this means exactly.

Source: MGN Twitter, ToraShir0 Twitter, InstallBase Twitter

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