New MGSV: TPP info – buddy system, protheses, and you may never meet Quiet

The gameplay demo for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain shown during TGS has revealed some new information. Here are the translations of the most important bits, and gameplay elements.

  • Kojima can finally do the things he wanted to, now that the hardware has evolved
  • Snake has lost weight, they say
  • You can choose your own routes during the missions
  • Quiet can assist you during gameplay with the buddy system
  • You can choose where the helicopter sets you down
  • Riding your horse is hard in the jungle environment
  • Snake is ‘naked’, Miller tells him they are making a new suit at Mother Base
  • The new suit is delivered to Snake
  • You can climb walls with cracks
  • The climbing section seen in the demo is a shortcut, you can also go around through the jungle
  • Snake is wearing a different arm prothesis in the demo
  • You’ll be able to use different protheses with different functions
  • There will be a lot of different protheses according to Kojima
  • You can set up a talking decoy. He has a lot of lines, including ‘Kept you waiting, huh?’ and ‘You’re pretty good!’
  • Snake calls in Quiet and orders her to scout up ahead
  • Quiet can also provide cover fire
  • When she is in position, she hums
  • She marks enemies during reconnaissance
  • If you speed up the time too much, the POW target dies
  • By hovering the reticle, you can select Quiet’s target
  • Snake throws a grenade and orders Quiet to shoot it
  • Quiet has a weakness that will tie into the story, and also into the way she is dressed
  • Quiet’s abilities depend on the degree of her bond with Snake
  • In the demo, the attacks commands were: shoot, target and wait for my signal, shoot this, and provide/cease cover fire
  • However, a lot has to happen for all these options to be available (bond degree)
  • If the bond isn’t high enough, Quiet won’t come with you
  • When Snake uses the ‘pin radar’, all the icons represent animals, but it reacts to people as well
  • You can analyze soldiers to see their statistics, like in Peace Walker
  • The binoculars can be upgraded by through R&D
  • Another interrogation option is asking: ‘Where are your friends?’
  • Snake’s can stun enemies with his arm, it packs 1.2 million volts
  • According to Kojima, you may never meet Quiet. It depends on how you play through the game.
  • Snake can also jump out of the chopper while it’s in the air… but it would kill him


To watch the gameplay demo, go here. To see 30 new screens, go here.

Source: JunkerHQ, The Nasian

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