Memorable Metal Gear Moments – Entering REX’s Lair

To many people, Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation is one of the most memorable gaming experiences they’ve had. It’s full of surprising, touching and crazy moments. One of those is when the player, near the end of the game, finally meets the main threat: Metal Gear REX.

Throughout the entire game we have heard of this mysterious and deadly weapon. We have met the financiers, the designer, the hijackers. But aside from a few glimpses, we haven’t seen it yet in the flesh. Until now.


After passing a hall filled with armored cameras, Snake finally reaches his destination. There it is: a towering giant, looming over him. It’s like a prehistoric beast, made of steel and circuits, surrounded by walkways and surveillance cameras. Still sleeping. Its design is both monstrous and awe inspiring. It looks like a diabolical fusion of raw, primitive power and advanced technical mastery. The rail gun and radome also make it look like a knight wielding a sword and shield.


Ominous music plays while Snake makes his way up to the control room. He climbs the ladders and crosses the iron walkways that surround the immense machine, allowing Snake to finally see it up close and from all sides. Its presence fills the looming darkness of the room, literally. Ever higher Snake goes, until he reaches the beast’s head, which he uses to cross to the other side. It’s big enough for a man to walk around on.

MGS1-REX-Lair-2    MGS1-REX-Lair-3

The whole time Otacon, who is trying to break into the security system, keeps checking in with updates and information he has found, revealing the true threat this weapon offers. Until Snake finally arrives at the control room, where Liquid and Ocelot are making preparations. Snake hides behind the doorway and listens in on their conversation. But little does he know, their plan has been set into motion and he will soon have to face off against this mighty beast himself.

MGS1-REX-Lair-1    MGS1-REX-Lair-4

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