Metal Gear Online will have a progression system, and more small pieces of info

The official Twitter account for Metal Gear Online has been answering some fan questions again, sparsely giving out little bits of information.

As you may know already, Ocelot and Snake will both be playable characters. The game will also have night and day options. This may be random but it seems still under consideration.

Someone suggested the game should support at least 30 players due to the map sizes. However, the MGO developers said that this probably won’t happen since the game isn’t designed for that many players.

The developers revealed that the game will have some sort of progression system, but they can’t say anything more about it at the moment.


When asked if the game would have more guns than MGO2, the developer stated that they can’t say that right now, but there will be more than just the one revealed in the trailer. The same goes for outfits.

As the team stated before, people shouldn’t expect the game to just be MGO2 with fancier graphics. “We made MGO3 from the ground up with ideas we feel work very well, we’ll show/discuss more about the class system. We aren’t against MGO2 game design. But we went our own way and we’re excited about it.”

Some of the fans of the previous installments seem to have a hard time accepting the changes MGO3 will bring, and are afraid they will lose something they loved, but the developer wants to assure that this is an evolution of the series that is in line with the changes presented in Metal Gear Solid V.

“Try to think of MGO3 as getting a new game you might really like vs preserving an old game you once loved. […] It’s different in the same way MGO1 was different from MGO2 and aligns with the aesthetic and innovations of MGSV.”

The studio said they have no concrete plans as to how long the servers will be open, but they want to keep them up for ‘as long as possible’.


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