Looks like the Diamond Dogs PS4 headset by Hori will be released in the UK as well

Remember that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PlayStation 4 headset by Hori that was announced a while ago? Well, today we have some new information regarding its features and European release. But first, a picture shared by Hideo Kojima himself.


“STEREO HEADSET HG by HORI collabo w/ MGSV TPP. Original inspired by Snake’s bionic arm. Available in this Sept.”

Additionally, UK gamestore GAME has listed the headset on their webpage, confirming it will release outside of Japan as well. It can be pre-ordered for a price of £49.99, and is sold exclusively at GAME, at least in the UK. The release dat listed is December 31st of this year, but that’s obviously a placeholder.

The full product description on GAME’s website is as follows:

Gaming ‘Flat-Sound-Pressure Driver’ is Hori’s proprietary driver which reproduces the full range of gaming sounds based on professional studio monitor headphones. Where typical headsets emphasize low bass-level sounds, this headset focuses on sound output with consistent sound pressure regardless of the frequency. The consistent sound pressure allows users to hear subtle footsteps and other sound effects which may typically be missed on other headsets.

• Designed by Kojima Productions
• Licensed by Konami
• Colours matching limited edition Metal Gear Solid V PlayStation 4 Console
• High quality stereo headset with ‘Flat-Sound-Pressure’ technology*
• Pin Jack connection with removable mic arm.
• Braided cable with inline volume, mic mute control.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, GAME, via Game Idealist

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