Day 3 of MGSV The Phantom Pain at E3 2015: awards, awards everywhere

And on the third day, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain continued to impress. More gameplay demonstrations were held by by Jackie and Sean at the MGSV booth, and again people gathered to watch. The game also won several awards by various outlets. Here are some more pictures!

MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Three-HelipadMGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Three-ScheduleMGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Three-CosplayMGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Three-Crowd-3 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Three-Crowd-2 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Three-Crowd-1

“Even on the last day E3 we’re drawing a great crowd–thanks again for all the support everyone!”

MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Three-Female-Soldier-VA-2 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Three-Female-Soldier-VA-1

“One of our voice actors came by! Meet official Diamond Dog (voice of female soldier)”

MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Three-Naked-SnakeMGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Three-Awards-3 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Three-Awards-1 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Three-Awards-2 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Three-Awards-5MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Three-Awards-JackieMGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Three-Sean-Eyestone-and-Tan-Ziang

If you’re curious about the demo, Konami published a 40 minute video showing the E3 demo of the game in action. Kojima said on Twitter that another video showing different kind of tactics and approaches will be added in the future.

Also, go here for pictures of the first day of E3, and here for those of the second day.

Source: Metal Gear Official Twitter, thabto UK Twitter, Konami Twitter, Jackie Twitter, Brad Welch Twitter, Konami Europe Twitter

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