Check out the MGSV E3 2015 booth where the audience can watch gameplay demonstrations

E3 has begun, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has its very own booth on the show floor designed to resemble Mother Base. At set times, Sean Eyestone and Jackie will be giving live gameplay demonstrations for the audience to watch. It will be available online later, but in the meantime here are a bunch of photos of the booth and the crowd that has gathered to look at the game.



MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-23 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-21 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-18 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-17 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-16MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-30 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-15 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-13 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-9 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-8 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-7 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-6 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-5 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-4 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-3 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-2 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-1MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-31MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Mother-Base-CustomizationMGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Weapon-CustomizationMGSV-Booth-E3-2015-27

FYI the demo we’re holding on the show floor will be available online at a later date–details coming soon! – Metal Gear Official

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