More on the JF Rey x MGSV Eyewear: collectible Kojima glasses and new pics

Last week we learned about a collaboration between Hideo Kojima and Jean François Rey, for a line of dedicated Metal Gear Solid V and Hideo Kojima eyewear. Here are some new pictures of the various models.

Ocelot Gear



Kaz Gear


DD Gear


Razor Gear Solid


Hideo Gear


And for the true Metal Gear fanatics, there’s this fancy collector’s box, limited to 200 copies. It contains a pair of White Metal framed Hideo Gear, and a case.


Kojima took some pictures with Kaz’ Japanese voice actor (who was back in the recording studio to do some narration lines for the E3 demo).

JF-REY-Kaz-Gear-Tomokazu JF-REY-Kaz-Gear-Tomokazu-2

“Shooting for Japanese dub for MGSV TPP E3 2015 play demo. Here’s Kaz wearing KAZ GEAR (J.F. RAY collaboration)”


“Ocelot Gear on.”


“OK, as requested, here’s musterbrand’s Snake Leather (XS)& J.F. RAY’s Ocelot Gear on myself.”


“Here’s Kaz Gear.”

Source: MGSV Official Site, JF REY, Hideo Kojima Twitter, JF REY Boutique Twitter

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