Taito MGSV goodies get more details and new pictures

The official Japanese Metal Gear Solid V site has been updated with the Taito arcade prizes related to the game.


These gadgets can be obtained from arcade machines (claw cranes) throughout Japan starting this month.

Cardboard boxes


These play one of four random sound clips when touched, like:

  • “Trust your instincts as a soldier, as a gamer.” (Kaz)
  • “This is Snake. Commencing infiltration mission”
  • “Remember, Kaz. It’s the future we’re fighting for”

Alarm Clock


Plays one of four random voice clips, like:

  • “This is Snake. Get up, time to start the mission”
  • “Boss, answer me! Boss! Booooss!” (Kaz)

Alert Lights


When someone approaches, they light up and make an alert sound. Also plays one of four random sound clips, like:

  • “Is someone there?”
  • “Just my imagination.”

All the voice clips are in Japanese. The ! and ? alert lights can be ordered here.

Source: MGSV Official Site, Junker HQ

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