Metal Gear ? & ! lights, alarm clock and talking boxes claw crane prizes shown at Japan Amusement Expo

At JAEPO (Japan Amusement Expo) 2015, an event taking place in Makuhari Messe that focuses on arcade products, a new line of Metal Gear Solid V catcher prizes has been unveiled. Shown at the Taito booth, these items are meant to be prizes for so called ‘UFO catchers’, also known as a claw crane or crane game.


You can see the various items displayed. The item on the far right is a cardboard box that emits sounds: you’ll hear characters like Kaz and Snake talk when you touch it.

These ! and ? light up and make a sound when they detect movement.


The last item is an alarm clock with Metal Gear Solid radio noises.


Source: Kojima Productions Twitter, JunkerHQ

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