Kojima: Everything in MGSV: TPP will connect to the cycle of revenge

Kojima has been talking about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on Twitter, elaborating on how he tried to implement the theme of the ‘cycle of revenge’ in every aspect of the game, not only the story and characters but the gameplay as well.

Good morning, check out MGSV TPP new gameplay demo focusing on FOB system!

In MGSVTPP, if you get shot/seriously injured you’ll get blood all over &stays out till it rains/go to MB for shower!


Of course, the condition of how much blood you’ll get covered depends on the level of injury, also reflects to following cut scenes.

As it’s difficult to make player feel “Anti war anti nuke” like a movie can do, what I’ve tried was to make something only game can do. In PW, player made military expansion for deterrence & to keep peace. In the end player acquire nuke that lead you loose everything in GZ. In TPP, you plan reuniting your organization to take a revenge to the world as to escape from Phantom Pain that you lost in GZ. I let player to experience the cycle of revenge thru gameplay. What’s waiting after this as a result?

Everything incl. characters, story, game system will connect to the “cycle of revenge”.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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