Mega House D-SPEC Metal Gear REX model releases January 2016

On Twitter, Kojima shared some new pictures of the D-SPEC Metal Gear REX by Mega House. A Liquid Snake and a Solid Snake figure are included, and the release date is January of next year, for a price of ¥9000 (about 75 USD or €66).

Mega-House-REX-D-SPEC-Kojima-2 Mega-House-REX-D-SPEC-Kojima-1

“Mega House’s REX, D-SPEC series. It comes with Solid & Liquid. This one is final color prototype. Available 2016/1.”

Also, here are some product pictures from the official Mega House website:


For some more photos and info, go here, or to the official product page.

Buy from Play-Asia (affiliate link): Variable Action D-Spec Metal Gear Solid: Metal Gear REX

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Mega House

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