This Metal Gear REX by Mega House comes with an adorable Liquid and Solid Snake

Mega House Corporation, a ‘Strategic Business Unit’ of Namco Bandai Holdings, is producing an action figure of Metal Gear REX from the first MGS as part of their Variable Action D-SPEC series. It’s still a prototype as it hasn’t been painted yet. As you can see it also comes with a rather cute Liquid Snake and Solid Snake figure, which can be placed inside the cockpit.

Metal-Gear-REX-Mega-House-1 Metal-Gear-REX-Mega-House-5 Metal-Gear-REX-Mega-House-4 Metal-Gear-REX-Mega-House-3 Metal-Gear-REX-Mega-House-2

The official specifications:

Variable Action D-SPEC Metal Gear REX
■ PVC action figure
■ Height: 14 cm
■ Release Date TBD
■ price TBD
■ Publisher: Megahouse

Kojima also tweeted about this merchandise, showing what it will look like when it has been painted.

Metal-Gear-REX-Mega-House-Kojima-4 Metal-Gear-REX-Mega-House-Kojima-3 Metal-Gear-REX-Mega-House-Kojima-2 Metal-Gear-REX-Mega-House-Kojima-1

“Checking the paint of déformer REX releasing from Mega House. Will be shown at MegaHobby EXPO 2015 Spring.”

The MegaHobby EXPO will be held on May 30th.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Dengeki Hobby

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