MGSV: The Phantom Pain made $179 million globally on its opening day

Website VentureBeat reports that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain made $179 million globally on its opening day. This information comes from Adobe Digital Index’s new report on gaming trends.


From what we know the budget for the game was over $80 million, although it isn’t entirely clear what the exact number is. Either way, the day one sales are quite impressive, especially considering the game is currently still in the charts of various regions.

Tamara Gaffney (principal analyst and director at Adobe) had this to say in the report:

“The gaming industry is a lot bigger than most marketers realize. These games get more social buzz on opening day than most movies do, and the revenue for one of the top games this year outdid the highest-grossing movie start by nearly double.”


Source: VentureBeat, Adobe Gaming Trends Report

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