Japanese Metal Gear Online team will provide weekly updates in new ‘Designer’s Notes’ series, here’s the first one

With the closure of Konami’s Los Angeles studio, continued support for Metal Gear Online has now shifted to a specialized team in Japan. Player feedback is still being monitored and the team plans to give so called Designer Notes (updates) every week regarding incoming changes and additions. Check out the full message below.

Hello players enjoying Metal Gear Online and also greetings to those looking to begin playing.

Below represents a message from the development team in Japan supporting the continued update and maintenance of Metal Gear Online. Moving forward, we’re planning on releasing these updates known as “Designer’s Notes” about every week, Monday evening during the scheduled maintenance.

The development team continues to receive feedback from players on a daily basis. Thank you so much for your regular contributions. The support and updates for Metal Gear Online are now being developed by a specialized team located in our Japan studios. The team also continues to review all player feedback and is focusing on expanding and improving the multiplayer experience going forward.
Yesterday, Metal Gear Online Ver. 1.01 was released. This update contains various adjustments based on the feedback we’ve received from players as well as several key bug fixes. You can read the details of the update here.

In this first edition of the Designer’s Notes, we’d like to talk briefly about the balance adjustments arriving in Ver. 1.01 for the three MGO classes.
In Ver. 1.00, there were various balance issues between classes, primarily in that there were too few noticeable differences when playing one class compared to another. Additionally, there was too wide a gap between the specialized abilities of each class.


For example, the life and stamina between an Infiltrator and an Enforcer was too similar, so in this update, the Enforcer’s life and stamina has been adjusted to be approximately 1.5 times that of an Infiltrator.

This additional stamina boost results in greater stun resistance for the Enforcer.
We have also worked to differentiate which weapons each class is able to use. The sniper rifle is now exclusively usable by the Scout class, machine guns and launchers are specifically designated as Enforcer weapons, and shotguns are limited to the Infiltrator class.

As a result of these changes, the levels at which these weapons are earned have been adjusted.

More changes were made to the availability of fulton cannons, which can no longer be employed by Enforcers, and sleep grenades, which have been added to the Infiltrator class.

Some weapons have had their effectiveness adjusted to create a better balance between the classes. For example, we received a lot of feedback regarding the effectiveness of the “Isando RGL-220”. Upon hearing this repeated feedback we’ve reduced the effectiveness of this weapon and others.


For more updates and changes, please take a look through the patch notes and continue sending us feedback as you try out these changes for yourself in-game.

That’s it for our first Designer’s Notes. Thanks for reading this far, and we hope you enjoy the new update to Metal Gear Online. As additional thanks for keeping up with the latest updates, we have a sneak peek at one of our planned fixes for the next update, Ver. 1.02, which is currently in development!

Many players have inquired about how to continue playing a match if the host has dropped their connection. Players have also commented that dropped matches result in a loss of XP gained during the match.

For Ver. 1.02, we are working on a system that will restart the match and change the host to another existing player, thus allowing the remaining players to continue playing. Likewise, if the match ends prematurely due to a host disconnection, the remaining players will correctly earn their XP, except for the host who dropped.


We hope to release this along with other updates and fixes in December. Thank you again for supporting Metal Gear Online and see you on the battlefield!

As you can see from the text the next update is planned for December.

Source: MGSV Official site

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