Metal Gear Online update will enhance Empty Magazine and add Titles and Medals

Some new information regarding the Metal Gear Online Ver. 1.02 update have been detailed via Volume 5 of Designer’s Notes. Changes have been made to the Empty Magazine item, and you will be able to obtain titles and medals in the online mode as well.


Okay, let’s get to it, time to talk about Empty Magazines in Vol. 5 of the Designer’s Notes.

Looking at how often players have used them, we’re assuming that many of you are not fully aware of the benefits using the Empty Magazines. Generally speaking, the primary benefit of using the Empty Magazine is to “fool an enemy player with the noise it makes”. Once an Empty Magazine hits the ground, the impact causes a distinct noise as it lands. The noise generated by an Empty Magazine has a wider effective range than other throwing weapons, such as Hand Grenades. The noise is also reflected on the radar for a number of enemies spread within that range. Advanced players, wisely, pay close attention to the radar looking out for sudden noises from oncoming enemies. Keeping this in mind, the Empty Magazine can play a huge role in fooling even advanced players.

Players also have a larger inventory of Empty Magazines than most alternatives in their loadout. Since this is more than most other throwing weapons, players can use them frequently without worrying too much of them running out. Since Ver. 1.01 the trajectory of the Empty Magazine has also been hidden from enemy players, whereas other throwing weapons retain their visible trajectory which may cause an enemy to detect your location.

Some of you might’ve already noticed, but hitting an enemy player in the head with any throwing weapon will cause a 1 hit stun! Because of that larger inventory pool for Empty Magazines, they present a good opportunity to test your skills out by practicing this unconventional tactic.

For Ver.1.02, we’re adding new scoring criteria for this particular action. When a player successfully performs a 1-hit stun with a throwing weapon, they’ll achieve an “AMAZING THROW” score. We’ve also added a unique sound effect that plays when you succeed; distinctly different from the iconic headshot sound. We would describe it more as a “wimpy” sound, and of course it can be heard from any player throughout the map.


We have a couple of new features for Ver. 1.02 that we’d also like to talk about; namely Titles and Medals.


If you’re familiar with older version of Metal Gear Online, you might also recognize the term “Titles”.
Players will earn different “Titles” as they play matches, and will receive a week worth of earned titles during the weekly scheduled maintenance. The title with the highest priority earned each week will then be displayed on your Scoreboard and the Briefing menu. Iconic titles such “FOX HOUND” or “EAGLE” from the previous series has been added, as well as a good number of exciting new titles for this latest iteration of Metal Gear Online.


A series of Medal icons are likewise collected with weekly maintenance and are earned with the overall progression of stats. These are similar in look to the single player campaign emblems. Likewise each Title and Medal reward also comes with added GP.

A player’s Title and Medal collection can be viewed under the iDROID menu under STATS < PERSONAL, which also includes information on how they’re earned.


We’re anxious to release Ver. 1.02, but there’s still more to come, and changes still not revealed regarding this month’s update! Thanks for checking out Designer’s Notes Vol.5, and for continuing to play Metal Gear Online!

Source: MGSV Official Site

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