Hideo Kojima receives Hall of Fame Award at DICE 19th Annual Awards

During the DICE 19th Annual Awards in Las Vegas, Kojima has received a Hall of Fame Award for his work in the industry. Guillermo del Toro took the stage to present the award. “The most salient aspects of Kojima-san are his absolute passion for perfection and his narrative ambition and scope.” del Toro said in his speech. In a pre-recorded video Kojima’s impressive career was summarized and commented by Mark Cerny and JJ Abrams. After the video, del Toro invited Kojima himself to the stage to accept the award.


Afterwards, Kojima held a short speech while receiving a standing ovation.

“When I was a kid there was no such profession as game designer. As a kid, my dreams were becoming an astronaut, becoming a safari ranger, becoming an inspector of LAPD, or becoming a movie director. At some point I had to give up on all of these dreams, but then, 30 years ago, I met videogames. Ever since I’ve been making games, and since then I believe this is my true calling. There’s no such thing so fun as making games. Thanks to games I’ve been able to meet all of you, and also been able to receive this award. And also, games make true your travel dreams. Whenever you turn on a game, you can go to space, you can protect wildlife, and you can investigate cases. And today, I was able to receive an award from a movie director that I love and respect. Thank you so much! From now on, I hope I can keep making games and dreaming of new dreams while making games. Thank you so much!”

"Well... He is here. In case you guys didn't know." - Ken Imaizumi
“Well… He is here. In case you guys didn’t know.” – Ken Imaizumi
"Received HALL OF FAME. Thank you."
“Received HALL OF FAME. Thank you.”

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain also won an award, for ‘Adventure Game of the Year’.

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