Kojima talks about his method of game design

On Twitter, Kojima briefly talked about his method of game design, which means being involved with every aspect of production.

I often get asked how I construct game. Starts off from game system? Its world? The story? Characters? Today not only game but also movie industry, people work on their specialities (job dilution?) for the big budget title.

But in my case, it’s my speciality to work on everything at the same time by myself. To me that is my game design. There’s 4 necessary elements to create games. Understand the game. Understand the pic(visual/movie). Understand the sound(music/sound). Understand the story(construction/story telling). It’s very hard.

These comments echo what he said in one of the interviews at DICE last week, comparing a structure of delegated game design roles to a factory. Because of this, Kojima intends to keep the size of his new studio somewhat limited, so it remains possible to oversee everything.


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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