This is what a Metal Gear inspired prosthetic arm looks like

Remember the Phantom Limb Project, the initiative by Konami to provide one amputee with a Metal Gear inspired prosthetic arm? During Body Hacking Con James Young (the man who received the arm) and Su-Yina Farmer of Konami showed off and talked about the impressive and futuristic looking artificial limb.


Picture via Angel Giuffria Twitter

The arm can connect to wifi and has a USB port near the hand so the wearer can charge his phone while holding it. It also features LED lights that can change color or be synchronized with the wearer’s heartbeat, a torch and a laser, as well as a miniature screen that is able to display his Twitter feed and email.


Picture via Motherboard Twitter

You can learn more about the project by watching the video below.


Picture via BodyHacking Twitter

Although both Venom Snake and James Young have a state-of-the-art prosthetic arm, there are some differences in both the look of the artificial limb and the wearer itself: “I don’t think I’m Snake. Pretty much everyone in his team has had some sort of terrible accident and they’re all very bitter about it and embarking on a big revenge spree. That’s definitely not me.” Good to know.

James is currently collecting donations for titanium implants, allowing him to attach the arm directly to his bone instead of strapped around his shoulder.

Source: Mic, Infowars, The Independent

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