Team behind cancelled ‘Shadow Moses’ project is creating a virtual Metal Gear museum, David Hayter lends his voice

Remember ‘Shadow Moses’, the fanmade Metal Gear Solid remake that was cancelled not too long ago? Well, the team behind it didn’t just twiddle their thumbs after its cancellation, but instead turned the project into something else: a free first-person experience that pays homage to the series, like a virtual museum set in the Metal Gear universe. You will be able to admire fan art placed in familiar environments. You can check out the trailer for the project, to which none other than David Hayter lent his voice, in the video below.

Born from the ‘Shadow Moses’ project, The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid is a first-person experience allowing fans the opportunity to revisit some of the most emblematic MGS levels. There will be no need for stealth this time around.

The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid will feature many pieces of amazing fan art from devoted lovers of the series and our collaborators. As an unofficial, non-profit production, the project is a gift, from the fans, but also addressed to the fans; to share our affection for the seminal franchise.

We are delighted to announce that the project, available for PC, will feature VR support.

We can also reveal that non-other than the legendary David Hayter will be involved in the project, which we are overjoyed by! The project will be released for free download in May, and we truly hope that you will enjoy the experience.

Special thanks to Sheraz Ali for the amazing artwork!

Thank you all for your support,

The Fan Legacy team.

Source: Shadow Moses Facebook, Youtube

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