Check out the trailer for fan-made Metal Gear Solid remake ‘Shadow Moses’

A group of Metal Gear fans has been hard at work to recreate the original Metal Gear Solid in Unreal Engine 4. The result looks rather impressive, as you can see in the trailer the team released yesterday.

Created and directed by Airam Hernandez.
Music by Dan Meadowcroft.
Voice lines by Ryan Dessert.
Snake model by Alex G and Arthur Fredric.
Artwork by Sheraz Ali.

Here are some screenshots of the project.

MGS-Fan-Remake-Commanders-Office MGS-Fan-Remake-Corridor MGS-Fan-Remake-Elevator-Room MGS-Fan-Remake-REX-Battle MGS-Fan-Remake-Tank-Hangar

Only question is, will it ever come out or will it be taken down by Konami like the Metal Gear 1 remake from two years ago?

Update: On the subject of copyrights, the creator stated:

We just need to clarify something:

Konami owns the MGS copyright and therefore sooner or later
we will need their full permission.

We have therefore chosen to openly share this project from the beginning so that we can deal with any issues that may arise as they come.
We believe this is better than putting years of work into a project only
to get it shut down.

Please, respect this decision.

Thanks for your attention,


Update 2 (March 4th): unsurprisingly, the project has been cancelled. Today, the following message was posted on the Shadow Moses Facebook page:

Hi guys!

We have an important announcement to make today:

We have to cancel the Shadow Moses Project for reasons beyond our control.

We would like to thank everyone for the tremendous support we have received.

Shadow Moses team.

Source: Shadow Moses Unreal, 2

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